Friday, March 13, 2020

In the Meantime...

Remember when at the end of the night, our television sets would all end programming with the same image and then you got the color bars on all channels until the morning? 

So what do you do when it seems like chaos is overcoming virtually every sector in the world? I believe the best plan is not to buy into the panic and realize that things will go back to normal very soon. As soon as the temperatures begin to warm up, it will be a miracle as many will claim it is due to their efforts, that they now have the CoVid-19 under control. Who knows someone may even claim to have discovered a vaccine and now its due to those efforts, that we are over the worst and back to better days ahead.

Meanwhile people continue to spiral out of control as Disney parks around the world, close their doors til the end of March. You see schools, churches, malls and more slowly closing down in hopes of waiting this issue out. Stockpiling is still out of control as people hoard more products than they can possibly use in months to come. It just shows where greed has gotten out of control. Some cities are even closing down and it makes you wonder, just how prepared were we, IF this had been something more serious.

Was this just a test to see how prepared any of us really are?

Was this a global scenario to see how anyone could and would respond?

What if they had more devastating results and the contagion spread faster than anyone could control?

These were the very questions I ran by my husband last night. What if this was simply a test before something more lethal could be released? Are any of us truly prepared like we should have been?

What I think this will do, is show the areas of weakness that can be shored up. Not like stock piling a years worth of toilet paper. This shows how even weak Amazon is, in supplying products to buyers when we believed in them to always have a surplus of supplies at the ready. But making sure you have all the emergency supplies on hand like we all tell ourselves we either have or should get soon.

Until then, for me and my family, we will take normal precautions for now, and respond to the things our local leaders are asking for. We will still continue to do what we do every day. Nothing is going to change that much for us, because we know that this will be over, before anyone knows it will.

I will continue to laugh at the funny meme's people are posting in an effort to find something hopeful and makes you laugh in the midst of the unknown. Life must go on, and it will. We will find joy in our morning devotions, watching BBC series that take our minds off of what the media is spewing, and try to remember to enjoy time with our neighbors a bit more. Let's make sure that we take care of those around us, that might not understand what is happening. Let's think about others while we wait for the world to press the reset button and we wake up from a time that no one thought was possible.

It makes you wonder, if the world panics like this, what will happen when the church is raptured?

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