Monday, February 26, 2018

Super Busy Weekend!

WOW! I don't know how I let Friday slip by without posting, but somehow I managed that. I guess I had way too many things to get done in the time I have in my day. So now I have time, to catch my breath and tell you what's been going on.

Steve finally arrived home, beat tired from his long work week in Cary, North Carolina. He was there from early morning on Monday to late Friday night. In fact, I almost had to fly solo again with my Facebook LIVE but reached out to my awesome neighbor Tammy and she agreed to come sit with me and simply read all my comments. Bonus!!!

We even got a chance to say H and G to Steve as he popped in quick enough to say Hi and Goodbye as he was making his connecting flight from Dallas, Texas on his last leg home Friday night.

My oldest daughter is moving from her rental home in Modesto which is too big for her and her husband, Steven and downsizing a bit to something more affordable and one that the property owner is willing to let them do things like paint and landscape. That is always a plus all the way around because it will make the home more desirable when they move on and increases the value of the home. It also makes it a home worth coming home to for them.

I did manage to make three very different wreaths that are included in this post, the first was what I made during my public group's Friday night LIVE at 5pm which was a Vintage inspired Easter Bunny Blessings wreath which our group voted on, and took me back to the times of The Velveteen Rabbit and Beautrix Potter characters so I could finally find a use for my vintage eggs I found on a shopping trip to Michaels one day.

Next I worked on another vineyard inspired wreath to add to my shop since every single one of the previous 3 variations have SOLD out and this one is more plums and grape colors. It is so fun to make things that truly exemplify what my business is all about. One of a kind creations, unique and using on the highest quality products.

Lastly, my public group challenged me to make something a bit patriotic, so I threw them a curve ball and took a star wreath form I had since the beginning of the year and we made a patriotic themed star wreath. It is nice because the price point is lower, and it has so many multi-purposes besides hanging it on your door or in your home. You can also use it as a centerpiece or candle holder and would even make for a great all-weather piece for a memorial headstone!

I LOVE creating things as I guess God has blessed me to take some of my talents and let loose in the home decor field for now! I just have to remember to thank Him and continue to serve Him and those who watch me to the best of my abilities. You can find all of these wreaths for sale at my Etsy store or simply contact me through my Facebook page Kat's Creations or email at I accept all payment types and ship within the US.

Lastly, I received an unexpected recognition for being one of the top 50 blogs for Christian Books today. You can check it out by clicking here. I've been reviewing books since 2009 and this really made my day.

So how did your weekend go?

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is so hard when our husbands travel. Wishing your daughter and her husband happiness in their new place. Your wreaths are all very pretty. Congratulations on getting recognition for being one of the top 50 blogs for Christian Books.