Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lots to do!

I am super excited for the first LIVE video in my private wreath making group. It will be just me and the wonderful ladies who have joined our group. It gives me the opportunity to work with them more intimately, they get to ask more questions while we go through the process to make an adorable spring or Easter Wreath.

This will also be my first time, setting up my video lights and setting the stage without help from my husband who is still traveling. It will be fun to figure things out on a smaller scale before I open thing up on a bigger scale for my public LIVE on Friday at 5pm PST. If you haven't seen my videos, I have included a sample below for you to see what I have been doing in my small business.

I usually have Steve's help setting everything up to ensure it goes smoothly from light set up to working the camera, answering the questions we get and reading everyone's comments so I can simply work on showing people how to make a beautiful wreath.

Until that time tonight, I will be working on how I want tonight's wreath to come together, and get all my supplies cut and ready so when I click on the "Go Live" button, I'm ready to go. It should be interesting. Have any of you, used the "Go Live" option on your Facebook page? If you are operating a small business you are missing out on some FREE marketing through the largest social media outlet there is.

Facebook knows that almost everyone has a smart phone and spends time streaming videos. I mean think about it, if you at the doctor's office waiting, what are you doing? Where do you go? Think of all the people that can be attracted to what you are doing, simply by 'showing' them how to do it. I have grown my business by 200% simply by doing just that. I hope you will join me and my Facebook page at Kat's Creations! I would LOVE to have you come watch what we make each week, that my viewers vote on, so even I won't know until tomorrow night at 5pm when the poll closes. Hope to see you on Friday!

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