Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Sale!

Just wanted to let my most faithful of readers to know that all my Valentine's Day Wreaths are on sale today! Each of these is handmade, and unique in that I will never replicate the same exact design. That is what I am doing that sets me apart from all the other wreath makers you can find everywhere you look.

I design each piece as I feel led by God to inspire a real love for the use of materials and craftsmanship. Sure you can find handmade wreaths for a whole lot less, but I personally decide not to skimp on materials or quality to ensure that these will last for awhile.

These are the final 2 that I have left in my inventory and each are quite different in their details. You can buy them from me directly by simply contacting me at or you can go directly to my Etsy page and purchase them there as well. I accept all payment types and offer shipping anywhere in the US based on USPS ground shipping rates.