Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Son Has Risen!

Allelujia! He is RiSon! I love that play on words. Today is the most incredible day to a believer in Christ. Today marks the day that Jesus Christ took back the power of death from Satan and now the power lies within His hands. He has risen!
Death, Oh where is your victory?

In spending some time reading the different gospel accounts of the resurrection it was interesting to read what different things were happening within the ones who knew Jesus.

One interesting thing was that after witnessing all that Jesus had to show them, after Mary claiming to have been told by angels that Jesus was alive, and others claiming to have the same story of the empty tomb, two disciples were heading out of town despite what Jesus had told them. He reminded the disciples to stay in Jerusalem, when they heard and witnessed his resurrection. However, some still had their doubts. Some still didn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah the prophecy had foretold, they thought somehow that Jesus would change their current circumstances and probably fix all their problems in Rome. So after feeling yet even more discouraged they left.

They were joined, later after some grumbling about how let down they felt that Jesus didn't fix things, by Jesus himself, although He prevented them from knowing who He really was. Imagine that, complaining about Jesus to Jesus, Himself. Amazing! Then the two disciples share their story with Jesus, their expectations and let down and Jesus reminds them of all the things fulfilled based on Jesus' presence all this time.

After a time, the disciples arrive at their location for the evening and Jesus bids them farewell, only they insist He must stay with them, it's night after all. Jesus agrees and after breaking bread and offering thanks with them, He reveals who He really is to them and then disappears. Wonder what they were thinking? I know for me, I would feel so ashamed about my grumbling and complaining, I would lose it.

In that moment, they immediately left and headed back to Jerusalem, in a hurry to share the good news with everyone. It's at that moment in time, we find ourselves with the remainder of the disciples in the Upper Room when Jesus returns again to share His resurrection with the rest. I often wonder what transpired in both heaven and hell that day.

You know that when Jesus uttered those words, "It is finished!" that Satan panicked big time, and all of heaven fell silent! I couldn't imagine as a parent watching my only child die for someone else.

Yet even death could not contain Him, and it never will again! He is Alive and He has come to save us all from certain and everlasting death. He is preparing a place in heaven for each of us, where there will be no more pain, no more tears, no more death, just an eternal celebration where I will spend my entire eternity thanking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for all He did for me that day!

I must tell you that I would feel as the disciples did that day when Jesus reappeared to them after His resurrection. The joy can not be contained. Jesus blessed me today with an abundant amount of joy that no matter what anyone said or did, had no effect. My Lord Lives!

....and He shall reign forever and ever!!....Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Denise said...

Praising our God with you this morning sis, love you.

Anonymous said...


God Bless You Sister Kat

Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday


Mari said...

Praising with you! Happy Easter!


My heart is so full of the JOY of the Lord today on this Resurrection Sunday! What a beautiful picture of the crosses and a post that spills over with HOPE!

Amen and AMEN!!!

JESUS ONLY in 2010

RCUBEs said...

Glory be to God! Have a happy Resurrection day! God bless you and your family...

Leslie said...

I've never seen that play on words before! Very cool!

A Blessed Easter to you!


LisaShaw said...

"the joy can not be contained" says it all.

I pray a blessed Resurrection Day for you and your family sweet friend.

I'm praying for you. I love you.

Kathleen said...

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow - and all of eternity. What a victory. What a savior!


He & Me + 3 said...

So exciting to think that we will see Him face to face one day soon. Praise God that HE has Risen.
Hope your easter was blessed.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is risen indeed!
Love the photo.

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...


Glory to God in the highest! Today is such a wonderful day.

Blessings, sweet Kat~