Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Facing Fear and Winning

The choices we make determine the life we will have.

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to others, wanting want they have, their lifestyle, their families, their money or possessions or even the gifts God has bestowed upon them like singing or the ability to preach?

What we fail to realize in the process, is that God bestows us the gifts, but it's our choice to use those gifts for Him. Sure we may do well with public speaking or singing in a Christian band, but we will never get the credit. God does. Why?

Because He gave us those very gifts. We chose how to use them. We need to stop looking at what others have, and use the gifts God has given all of us.

What we need in this life is not more wishbones, but more backbones!

We need to stop letting somebody's bad choices, rule our lives.

If we are determined enough, we can do just about anything to get our lives back on track.

How many times have you heard the words No Way! There is just no way, I am ever going to get well. There is no way I am ever going to find a better home. There is no way I am going to survive this marriage. Come on, fill in the blank. We have all used them and have heard them as well.

However in John 14:6 ," Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (NIV)"

Jesus didn't say He was a way, but the way!

Isaiah 43:19, " See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the desert
and streams in the wasteland."

God uses this scripture reference above to show the situation of something impossible becoming possible, but we need to be determined to get there.

It is the way we approach life that gets in the way. We can talk ourselves into a fit in such a short time, with all our negative self talk. Yet, what we fail to see, is that we can also talk ourselves out of our problems too.

Do you realize we have the ability to know peace all the time? It's true! Yet most of us spend so much of our days in worry and being upset that if we were to be at peace, we would be utterly bored. We'd have nothing to trouble us, to be upset over, to worry about. Peace is possible.

Once you have God's peace, you will see just how much of your life you have invested in worrying. You will see how much time you will have in your day. This is the reason for so many references to scripture to avoid worrying.

We need to change the way we talk, to think and even our attitudes towards life. Everyone has the same opportunities in life. God is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

In Luke 5:18-20, we read about a paralyzed man who was taken to Jesus for healing by his friends. When they arrive, it's too crowded so they climb to the roof, remove the tiles and lower him down in front of Jesus.

That's what I would call determination! Jesus loves that kind of determined faith!

What we need to do when facing storms is to take these steps.

1. Step out and find out. Our faith comes by walking in faith, step by step. So be willing to take a chance and take that first step. If you are waiting around on God, it's like the story of a man stranded on a island that is waiting for rescue and God drops him all kinds of ways off, but he doesn't see it because he is waiting for something bigger to happen. Take that step of faith!

2. What does it feel like in your heart? This situation you are facing, how does it feel in your heart, what does it tell you to do? Trust in that and take your faith steps and see how that feels after doing it.

3. Don't talk to other people. They don't know your situation and sometimes we bounce the idea off of so many people it makes us more confused than we were in the first place. If you really want to talk to someone, talk to God.

4. Proclaim by faith, it will happen! But what if it doesn't. Then get back up tomorrow and do it again, and again and again. Waiting on something means, expecting, hoping and looking for it to happen. Not just sitting there. Tell yourself, I have faith God is going to lead me today!

Then believe it. Tell yourself I can do it, I will not quit or give up. Be determined to know God.

The world needs to see courage more today. Too many people are living their days filled with fear. Did you know the opposite of faith is fear?

Fear steals what God has promised us.

Fear is the enemies perverted form of faith and too often we live our lives more in fear than in faith. We need to be more determined to live our lives for God and live lives of faith instead.


Debbie Petras said...

I loved how you ended this post:

"Fear is the enemies perverted form of faith and too often we live our lives more in fear than in faith. We need to be more determined to live our lives for God and live lives of faith instead."

This is my year to live fearlessly by faith.

And as you may guess I totally agree with your point about the choices we make; heart choices after all.

Praying that you're feeling stronger each day Kat!


Four Buttons said...

Hi Kat! Loved what you said about less wishbone and more backbone. Wishful thinking is discontentment and wanting more and more of what the earth has to offer instead of what God has offered us. Thanks for such a lovely reminder. Also realizing that my fear of all the wacked out things I fear is a lack of faith that God can and will work in these situations. Thanks!! ~Lindsey

Angel said...

Seems as though we were on the same path with the gifts and how we choose to use them. This is a great post, love the fear is the opposite of faith part at the end!!

Did Kailee get her postcard from China yet? Hope so, the boys got theirs today!! Love you, Angel

Anonymous said...

WOW! I feel like I just read something by Joyce Meyer!! Excellent Kat!!

Just Be Real said...

Yes, Kat it is all about choices. That picture is so precious and is how I see God is with us. Thank you dear for sharing. Hope you are feeling good these days. Blessings.

Billy Coffey said...

"What we need in this life is not more wishbones, but more backbones!"

What a fantastic line, and what a fantastic post!

Wanda said...

Excellent post.

Silver said...

It's true what you said about how often we spent our lives in fear instead of being in liberty simply because we can. It is a free gift from God to all. But too often, we miss out, choked with wories,upset when things don't turn out the way we had expected. It's time to send faith to answer the door when fear knocks on our doors!


Denise said...

Wow, such a great post sis.

Andrea said...


It is our choice whether we live in fear or faith....I choose FAITH!!

Hugs, andrea

PS: Hope you are feeling better.

Rita said...

We let fear steal our talents some of the time. Oh that we could just let Him be in control! Wonderful post today.

Deb said...


I find it interesting that you refer to God as an equal opportunity employer.

I've been asking God to provide my husband with a job that will allow him to be at home more.

Believing Him for the impossible in a state where thousands of people are unemployed.

Sounds crazy.

But I'm still believing.

Sweet dreams.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sometimes I can grab the moment and move forward, other times I have fear. You are doing a wonderful job teaching us all of the promises we have with God.

Mich said...

Just had this discussion with my daughter today. Thanks for sharing.

Hope you are having a great week!

Anonymous said...

TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

teddytrump said...

Yeah that is very true Kat, walking with faith and trusting all our body, mind, spirit, family, material to HIM..

Don't forget to GOD is always on our side.. and last the one who we must fear is GOD not anything else...

walking with faith, others can only believe with their eyes, but we believe with faith...

Let's win! :)

Patrinas Pencil said...

great post!!! And I LOVE that photo you used as your post beginning!!

Fear is the opposite of faith! we can't operate in faith if fear is activated. Fear robs us of faith! Indeed...

Patrina <")>><
His watchman on the wall

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

This post also helps to keep a person grounded..because it's GOD's gifts that get us where we are.

prashant said...

I totally agree with your point about the choices we make; heart choices after all.
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NanaNor's said...

I love this post, but I always love your posts! In order to conquer fear we must trust in our Father's love and plans.
Thank you Kat for all the truth you share!
Hugs and love, Noreen

Steph T. said...

Great post...thanks for encouraging me to walk in faith not fear!!

Anonymous said...

This has been a faith-walk year! It's been tough. I am persevering. The waiting is so challenging - and life during the waiting has been challenging. Yet, when I ask God, He says I am where I am supposed to be. Sigh! Waiting is so hard!

Thank you for your encouraging message - it's like a pat on the back, an understanding pat!

Beth E. said...

A powerful post, Kat!

I have had Isaiah 43:19 on my heart for over a week, especially as I have been praying for a particular friend and her husband. I shared the verse with her. And now, here it is again! I love it when God confirms His word to us!

Thanks for this great message!

LisaShaw said...

Amen! Powerful message Kat.

Have missed visiting with you. Haven't been on blogs as of late. Popping in to visit with you. Hope you received the blessing gift by now.

I love you and thanks for sharing a powerful message.