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Ever wonder what you would write about if your college professor provided you with a task to write a Original Non Fiction book to pass his class?

All the while you have discovered from a conversation with your parents that they feel after years of being married and staying together for the sake of the kids, now is the time to finally get a divorce?

Then your mom has these parting words for you when you ask her why she has waited until just now to realize that life with Dad hasn’t been all that she had hoped, “well you don’t really understand relationships either, so make sure that you don’t have any doubts when it’s time for you to get married!”.

Thinking you have something to write about after all your failed attempts at dating only to break up again and again, your parents are divorcing and your best friend is dreaming of her wedding day, you decide to write a book on relationships. How to make one last from dating through marriage til you can finally live Happily Ever After!

Sounds easy enough until her professor challenges her throughout the entire course to see things she has never really taken a look at before and see things as they are. Her perception is changed along the way and some delightful surprises are in store for her test subjects throughout the year.

I received a complimentary copy of book Glaen by Fred R. Lybrand, from B & B Media Group to review. This is one of the best relationship books I have read in quite some time, because its written in a story form instead of a self help book lay out. The reader can really identify with either the boyfriend or girlfriend roles outlined in the book and you really come away with a smile and a sense of wonder after reading it all?

For more information about this book and where to purchase a copy of it, please click on the link below:
Glaen by Fred R. Lybrand
The Barnabas Agency February 2010
ISBN: 978-0-578-04652-5/softcover/171 pages/$14.99
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I wanted to share my comment on Fred's blog that he felt had more power than my original post. So here is the comment I left for Fred:


I just finished your book and will be reviewing it on my blog this week. It is a must read for any parents of kids or planning on having kids. They need to read this. I posed a great question to both my oldest daughter, 16, and my nephew, 17 that if a book existed that offered you advice on how to make a relationship succeed without all the pain of breakups and heartaches, would you read it?

They both replied, without a doubt! Then I posed another question and asked if you read it would you follow it?

A longer pause. But they both agreed that if sadness and heartache could be avoided they would gladly read and apply the principles of the book.

Later that night, I handed my daughter the book Glaen and told her to read it and let me know what she thinks. It’s opened us both up to some great communication now that she is dating and not sure if this is the right one.

She is seeing insights into this book I didn’t being married that she does dating and she can’t put it down. She said she is probably going to feel really sad when it ends because she will want more.

She is also looking at handing the book down on to another friend going through a break up right now to hopefully help prevent mistakes from occurring again.

I think you did an amazing job at this book and one that anyone who is announcing they are thinking of dating or even getting engaged should read. Well done and I can’t wait to see if you decide to write another one.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

I can't think of a more outstanding book on any dating before marriage or even pre-marriage books out there than this one and its easy reading. You can easily get through it in a couple of hours but you will want to savor the wisdom on each page.

Currently, Caitlyn has added that this book has completely changed her outlook on dating and relationships prior to marriage. It has also allowed for more intimate conversations into her insight into the conversations she is having with her friends both male and female. She is even taking this into her high school because she believes what it is telling her. No where in the Bible does it state we should date before marriage, so this book really does fill in the missing pieces of what should you do?


Denise said...

Sounds awesome.

Just Be Real said...

Great review Kat. As always thank you for sharing. Blessings.

Skoots1moM said...

interesting sounding :)

Parsley said...

You've read this yourself? I wonder if my teen daughter would enjoy it. She wants to write.

Andrea said...

Thanks for all your wonderful reviews.

RCUBEs said...

Just want to visit you and praying all is well and you're continuing to recover and being strong with His strength! Have a great weekend sister Kat. Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless.

Carol said...

Wow Kat, this sounds like a great book. It hits a topic that is dear to my heart. Is there a giveaway on this one? If not, I'll look for it in my library or request that they purchase one.

Dr. Fred R. Lybrand said...

Hi Kat,

Thanks for the words...especially since you've read it. The coolest thing was that your daughter was reading to her friends at a sleep over (your private email to me)!

We are finding that kids read it...often twice (once for the story and once for the principles). Then, of course, parents read it for the great discussions ahead!

As a father of 5...I can tell you, we work at living this stuff! If it were like anything else out there I wouldn't have written it.

Glad to take a few questions.

God bless,

Fred Lybrand

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

Great review as always, Kat!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you like my *polishing* job! lol

Blessings, sweet friend~

Jane In The Jungle said...

Great review....I'm dreading the whole dating scene with the kids!