Friday, February 26, 2010

Kat's Medical Update!!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know what happened today after the ultrasound. It appears as if my uterus is clear of anything that was there before, no fibroids which is super great news.

I did have a small cyst on my right ovary which didn't seem to concern the doctor at all. They did notice a mass next to my left ovary and they didn't tell me any particulars like if it's attached to the ovary, part of it, if this is what is causing all the pain or what it might be. It completely has baffled the ultrasound tech.

The doctor was nice enough to come in at the time I showed up for my appointment and instead of making me wait a week for the results, he excused himself as we were leaving while asking us to wait a few minutes, then came back and said he'd like to see us.

You can only imagine where my imagination was going right? He brought us back and said he didn't want us to have to make another trip back and felt that he should proceed with surgery to remove it all since most of it has been causing my life to be less than great thus far. He said that he will deal with the mass when he gets in there and will go from there.

So my dear friends, I did explain all my surgery anxiety to him, personally I've always been terrified of surgery feeling that I will be one of those 1 in a million statistics and die from what should have been a normal surgery. I got it from my father as a child growing up so it's difficult to just push aside.

He said he is completely confident and that this hospital is rated number 3 in the nation. I guess I should feel comfortable right? Yes, and No, I'm still dealing with all those "what if thoughts" that keep popping up and making me miserable and doubting, but then I pray as bring those thoughts captive and lay them as Jesus' feet. I've asked Him to remove this anxiety and instead let me have peace.

I just have to remove myself from the equation and completely trust in Him and hope for it all to work out in the end. I have surgery scheduled for March 25 at 7:15am and I go in for all my lab work ups on the 23rd at 11am. Please continue to lift me up and ask God to remove those fears which I know do not come from Him and give me the peace that He so richly speaks of that surpasses all understanding.

By the way, Steve told me he isn't letting me out of the surgery. No matter what. So there you have it just like I heard it and from here on out, we pray! See what they should do is schedule surgery the same day for chickens like me. :)


Mari said...

What a wonderful Dr. It's so much better to hear things right away. I'm glad Steve isn't letting you out of the surgery. You need this one.
I and many others will be praying for you.
As for the fear, I want to tell you about the Beth Moore study I'm doing right now. It's the one on Esther and she devotes some time to the issue of fear. The devil taunts us with the things we fear, and she told how she fought back.
She thinks - If _____, then _____.
Then she went through several steps of this and what it leads to is - If ______, then GOD! Whatever happens, God is with us. If we should die, we will be with Him! It may sound simplistic, but it's so true.
I'm praying for peace of mind for you too!

Mich said...

I so understand your fears. I see a needle and faint.

But I am so thankful God has provided you with a doctor who seems to care that you have been hurting and wants to help.

Prayers for the days ahead, friend.

Greg C said...

I am with Steve on this one. No backing out. It will be just fine. God will get you through this. I will pray for you though.

Beth Herring said...

OH, I am so thankful that they are moving forward so you can get this thing taken care of! you will feel so much better my friend. Take it from one who has been there and done that!

Still praying and will continue to pray until the surgery is over!


LV said...

I sorry you have to go through surgery, but in your case, that seems to be the only way to rid the pain. You are much stronger than you realize,and think millions go through much wore daily and do fine So will you. If nothing else, your faith will carry you through.

Andrea said...

Praying for you, sweet friend. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kat, I am glad to hear you have a diagnosis of sorts and that the doctor was prompt to tell you the results of the ultrasound. That is so unusual so that is a great step already taken. Your worrying about those results has been removed, dear Kat.

LORD, I pray for Kat this moment. I ask You to lift her near to You, protecting her under Your pinion feathers. LORD, please completely remove the fears as she lays them at Your feet. May she constantly draw near to You with the breaking of each day. Amen.
Loving you, ~ linda

Samantha said...

Hi Kat,
I totally understand your fears. Praying for strength and peace for you.
God bless you sweet friend !!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Kat, Glad you are moving on with the surgery.
I have had major health problems in the last 10 years. Several of my surgeries were female related stuff. I had my right ovary removed 3 years ago, because of a similiar situation like yours. If you want, feel free to email me!

Do know, friend, that YOU are in my prayers each day!

xo, misha

He & Me + 3 said...

I had fears before my surgery too. It is hard but God gives that peace and it is all OK. Praying for glad you are getting treated by a doctor that is taking care of you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi My Friend,

I am so happy to hear this...that this doctor is taking care of everything and the surgery is already scheduled. I've been through the gamut of female procedures and surgeries...take it from a pro...He will give you peace. He did me. I was even praying as they wheeled me into the operating room, praying for the doctors out loud and every one around me. I even asked to see my surgeon before they put me under so I could pray out loud for him and me.

Yes, He will give you strength, peace and oh the joy when this is over with...Hallelujah! I'm praying specifically that whatever was seen in the ultrasound will disappear in the name of Jesus.

I'm looking forward to hearing all the wonderful things you will be doing this summer being pain-free. God is so very very good my precious friend.

Love you,

jules said...

Keep the faith, all will be good.

Thena said...

God hasn't brought you this far to let you down now. He will never leave us nor forsake us. Fear is of the Devil and we rebuke the spirit of fear. Thanking God with you for finally getting answers, and a Doctor that really cares and wants you to get back to living normally again pain-free.

The Red Brick Farmhouse said...

Hi, Kat~

It is so amazing to me that you stopped by for a visit yesterday. I have been noticing that we have a lot of the same friends. Every time I saw your profile picture, I had this strong pull to visit your blog and follow you, but something would always distract me from heading over.

Well, I finally had a chance again to sit down at the computer and was heading over to your blog, when I realized I had a comment on my post. I was amazed to see that it was you and that you were now following me. After reading your blogs, I COMPLETELY understand why the pull. GOD!!!!!

I am praying for you during your medical issues. What a wonderful husband you have, and such a caring doctor.

But most of all, you have the Great Physician taking care of you! God is in control and all will be well!

Blessings, new friend~

Skoots1moM said...

oh, so glad you have some answers and God will take your yoke of is NOT of God. Good surgeon, one of the best hospitals and THE only Lord and Savior on your side...He Wants the BEST for you, you are His beloved :)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The surgery will be perfect and you will feel wonderful. I only wish that you didn't have to wait a whole month. That is the soonest?

Rachel Beran said...

So thankful that you're getting some answers! I am keeping you in my prayers, Kat. May you find peace in knowing that God is right there with you, has a plan for your life and that you can Trust that plan! :)


Loren said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This is amazing news Kat! I am so relieved to hear soo many answers in this one post!
Answers for your health and a way to make you feel better ~ I promise you will!
Steve has been by your side every step of the way and is making sure you do what is right for your body! (no matter what :) I love it!)
Date and Surgery is scheduled!
God is clearly leading you and will provide you with Peace and remember it is in HIM that you are More than a conqueror my precious day at a time that Fear will GO in Jesus Name!
I love you sooo much!

Denise said...

Praise God for letting this doctor take care of you. Praying for God to help you deal with your fears about the surgery. I love you.

Catherine Anne said...

Thank you for the update. I have thought of you often after reading about the pain you have gone through. Many prayers your way~ Blessings Catherine

Unknown said...

The doctor is a blessing to have given you the info that you needed. You will get through the surgery fine because you have so many praying for you. Plus, your loved ones will be surrounding you to give you the strength and courage you need. Don't fear. You'll be okay!

unknown said...

Will pray for you, dear friend. And I wanna tell you that I'm thanking God for meeting you.

Bless us all.

Just Be Real said...

Kat, appreciate you sharing with your readers your update and concerns. Praying for the peace of God to flow over you dear one at this time. You are truly a beautiful individual with a big heart. ((((Kat))))

I also have this blog: GOD WHISPERS IN THE WIND

Joyce said...

I'm so glad you have found a compassionate doctor. Have the surgery. It's normal to have some fear but you will have many praying for you and you will feel so much better once this is behind you.

christy rose said...

That is wonderful news Kat! I believe you have found the right doctor and when all of this is over, you will feel like a brand new woman. I will be praying that God brings you peace through it all. :)

Dogmom Diva said...

Kat, I am soo glad you are scheduled for surgery..yes it is scary but you have had so much pain its best to get it over with and your quality of life will improve so much!
Sounds like you have an awesome doctor and a great hospital. There are no guarantees i this life, just need to trust that its the right time to have this done..

Annesphamily said...

Trust in the Lord. He will take care of you. Prayers are coming your way already friend! Take care of you so we can enjoy your lovely blog & great posts!

Chel said...

Kat, I totally get that feeling of having to remove myself from the equation. I have had to do it today even. It is really tough but so necessary at times. It helps to deal with fear and forgiveness.
God Bless You!!!

Beth E. said...

I'm glad you will be having the surgery. I'll be praying for you in the days ahead.

Sounds as if you have a really kind, caring doctor. That makes a world of difference.


Carol said...

You do need this one and I like how Steve is taking charge as the leader of your home, and not letting you change your mind. I envision you feeling like a new person when it is all said and done, and your marriage will be stronger for it.

I think it's normal to feel some fear and trepidation, but trusting God all the way will see you through it. I had minor surgery back in March of 2008, and I remember feeling fearful even has they were prepping me, but I kept praying through it, and I am better for having experienced it.

You can do it, Kat, through Christ. Amen?


Love & Hugs,

Sharlyn Guthrie said...

I'm so glad that you're getting somewhere finally. Glad, too, that Steve is being supportive. May this experience grow you in your faith and dependence in the Lord. I'll be praying.

Crown of Beauty said...

This is good news finally, and what a good doctor God has given you to look after you.

Dear Kat, do bind the spirit of fear and take back all those negative words you have confessed regarding your surgery.

I speak peace to your soul, dear friend.

I pray life and restoration and healing to be upon you!

Please read my newest post, I dedicated it to you.


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Thank you so much for the update my friend. As scary as it seems you will be glad when it is done and over with.
I do however agree that they should schedule it the same day for us chickens so we don't have to dwell on it for almost a whole month!!!
You my friend, are in my prayers!
Love ya!

sanjeet said...

God is with us. If we should die, we will be with Him! It may sound simplistic, but it's so true.
I'm praying for peace of mind for you too!
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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I'm praying for you today Kat. God is with you and He is holding your hand.

((((((((((((((BIG HUG))))))))))))))