Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awards, Kudos, Pats on the Back and High Fives

I have a file that sits in my outlook that houses awards from bloggers when I get them. Its so I don't forget to acknowledge them and what they are and who they are from. These mean a lot to me, so why don't I do something when I get them? It's easy.

If I have already written a post for the day, I try not to post again unless it's really urgent because I know how busy some people are in not only writing a post for their own blog but reading and commenting on others. So I try to post no more than once a day.

Then there are these days lately when I feel like I am fighting an uphill battle all the way and losing each day to feel somewhat normal. Looking back in my mind over the last few months feels like that person I used to be is so far away from me, and all I have now is just a hollow shell of my former self.

I hate being so sick or in pain you are literally stuck in bed, but I resolve myself to doing those things I can while I am down for now like blogging or even reading books for publishers. I love to read or more like inhale words on a page. I can never get enough.

Yet I have quite a few of these awards I wish to acknowledge to those that have graciously bestowed them upon me and pass them along to people as well. I treasure each and every one of these.

Christy Rose at the Secret Life of An American Wife and Mom was nice enough to pass this Circle of Friends award on to me.

I want to forward this award on the the following bloggers and may you please find 5 bloggers to pass these along to as well! To me the Circle of Friends is for those bloggers that always leave a comment for you no matter how busy they might be. My selections are:

1. Jane at Jumpin in the Jungle
2. Misha at From My Front Porch in the Mountains
3. Deby at Apples of Gold
4. Dawn at Dawn's Cottage Corner
5. Thena at Patiently Waiting

Debby at Heavenly Humor passed along the Sunshine Blog Award, The Sugar Doll Award and the Best Blogger award to me. I have also received the Sugar Doll Award from Tami at Hearts Make Families

I want to pass along the Sunshine Award to the following bloggers who make your day just a bit brighter just for stopping by their blog:

1. Sandy at One Day At A Time
2. Denise at Free to Be Me
3. Rosel at Off The Beaten Trek
4. Lidj at Crown of Beauty
5. Mich at Mich

I want to pass the Sugar Doll Award on to the following bloggers that always offer something encouraging to say not only within their own blog posts but in the comments they leave:

1. Michelle at Psalm 104:24
2. Kailee at Hand in Hand
3. Charlotte at Simply Divine Love
4. Candee at Encouragement for the Journey
5. Wendi at My Hearts Always Home

I want to pass along the Beautiful Blogger Award to the following bloggers who go above and beyond just blogging to make you feel special:

1. Loren at The Magoos News
2. Susan at This Day!
3. Kim at Homesteader's Heart
4. Nan at Mom's The Word
5. Dawn at Spontaneous Clapping

I have also received the Prolific Blogger Award from Sitka at All God's Creatures as well as from Susan at This Day, Andrea at Arise 2 Write, Debby at Just Breathe.

I am passing this final award on to the following 5 bloggers that have inspired me with what they write about each day:

1. Denise at Keeping Up With The Jones
2. Teresa at Grammy Girlfriend
3. Lori at Girly Muse
4. LV at Thoughts from Meme's Corner
5. Mari at My Little Corner of the World

I think it means a lot to receive these awards personally and hope that as I pass them along to you that you in return find 5 bloggers to pass them along to. It means so much more when someone acknowledges these awards to you instead of just telling people to pick them up if they want them. I like to see them continually passed on.

It doesn't mean that if I don't award you with one of these awards that you aren't deserving of one, but I am hoping that each of us will in turn take the time to pass them on and forward, coming full circle once again.


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh thank you my friend. And I sadly have a list of awards I need to acknowledge really soon too! I could use all the excuses you did.
YOu are a beautiful person and deserve all of these.
Big hugs to you

RCUBEs said...

Congratulations sister Kat and thank you for sharing that blessing with me. Congratulations also to the others who are deserving like you. To God be the glory! He is awesome that He rewarded us with precious friendships here in blog land. Take care. Have a good night.

~Sandy said...

Awwwwww....Thank you so much for thinking of me ((hugs)))

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Thanks so much...one day soon I am going to do blog awards......I really appreciate you thinking of me

Just Be Real said...

Wo-a lot of awards there Kat. Congrats to you and all the others you mention. Well worthy! Blessings. Also, thank you for your continued kind comments of support on my blog. Means a whole lot to me dear. Blessings!!

Unknown said...

G'eve Kat ~ I am not worried about the awards, but pray you get to feeling better quickly. You are such a lovely person.

Have a lovely eve ~
Hugs, Marydon

Crown of Beauty said...

Kat, first of all congratulations on all your awards!

You know just how much I love and appreciate receiving a blog award, specially if it is really passed on to me specifically, it makes me feel so special. It doesn't matter even if I receive the same award several times over! That makes it even more special.

I appreciate the fact that you have thought of me and gave me this Sunshine Award!

Thanks and double thanks! I am coming up with an award blog soon, and it will give me the chance to acknowledge you.

Oh, and thank you so much for your very beautiful comments at my anniversary post!

Much love,

Girly Muse said...

Thanks so much, Kat!!! And congratulations on all your awards. You're such an awesome encourager to everyone who has the privilege of reading your blog. Love you!

Denise said...

you are too sweet.

you have received A LOT of rewards. you are loved in blogville!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thank you so very much, Kat! I really appreciate you and the wonderful site you have created!
xo, misha

LV said...

I am honored you thought of me for any award. I am pleased to accept this and will have no trouble passing it on to others.

KrippledWarrior said...

Congrats Kat!

Mari said...

Look at all those awards! Congratulations to you! Thanks for passing one on to me. I really appreciate it, and I hope you aren't upset that I don't pass it on. I inadvertently hurt someones feelings when I didn't pass one on to her and I don't want to do it again to someone else. Thanks!

Denise said...

Congrats sweetie, and thanks for sharing. I love you.

Danae Hudson said...

I love the title. :) I don't know why, but I was thinking of you high-fiving people.

Darcie said...

Congratulations dear Kat! You are so deserving of each and every one of them.

momstheword said...

Oh, Kat, thank you! You are such a sweetie!

I do hope you'll be feeling better soon, my friend.

I think I told you that I have a brother with terminal cancer. He always has pain but some days are worse than others, and on those days he's really sick and has to stay in bed and sleeps alot.

But on those days, when he's awake for a bit, he loves to watch cooking shows. Isn't that funny? But he used to love to cook. He can't do all the stuff he used to do anymore (like build things) but he can still cook when he feels good.

So maybe on those days for you, you can find a way to read about something you enjoy (or watch t.v.), and maybe look forward to doing it when you feel better!

He & Me + 3 said...

Wow congrats on all your awards. You totally deserve them. I am so glad I met you via blogland.t

Edie said...

Congratulations Kat. You deserve all of these awards. You are always encouraging others.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot.
Congratulations! See how much you are loved by all.

Kelly L said...

I'm so sorry you have been ill- I pray that you recover completely. Every award you received is very much deserved.

Love to you.

Charlotte said...

Hi Kat - Your the sweetheart not me! Somedays when I blog - I feel more like "sweet tart" kind of gal with a splash of Splenda throw in for good measure and I'm not even on a diet.

Thanks for the award and for your kinds words of encouragement this past year.


Dandy said...

You are just the sweetest! Thank you so much!!

Mich said...

Thank you, friend! You certainly brightened my day with this award.

Congrats on all your awards...you deserved each one.

christy rose said...

Look at how blessed you have been! Congrats Kat! You deserve all of these!