Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Ultimate Mother's Day

I am curious if any of you have ever had the most memorable, incredible Mother's Day? If so, would you like to share? I have had a couple and let me share them with you.

I was cleaning out my master bedroom side tables, you know the one's that we fill with everything imaginable. In mine, I found all kinds of medicines that one might need but doesn't want to get out of bed to take, cold meds, nasal spray, cough drops, neosporine, Advil and some others, and since I always take a glass of water to bed with me, it makes it so much easier. I found tons of books I have read and just filed away to perhaps pass along to a friend who needs inspiration or a really great story. I love inspirational books so I collect those. I think at one point I had every Chicken Soup for the Soul volume before they began making them for every personality type.

Also I am a sucker for anything relating to Christmas. So tucked inside one of these books were a handful of cards that I had been given throughout the years by friends. Inside these cards I kept were the most inspiring and motivational words. Now in reading them, I was taken to the time when I received them and by whom and I remember why I had saved them. They were meant to go into a rainy day box, to keep for whenever life hands you not only one lemon but a whole bag. You are supposed to look inside that box and be filled with those happy thoughts again.

So one of my most memorable Mother's Day began with a request from a lady whom lived on the east coast in Florida. She was a registered nurse and we met when I formed a forum for "40 Somethings" in Self Magazines website. For over a year, this site became one of the top three busiest forums. I was asked to submit a picture and do a phone interview with the magazine as to our success since the forum was one I created. I met some great friends that I never met, but felt a kindred bond with.

So just before Mother's Day we were chatting on line and were talking about how so many Mother's days were a flop and a let down simply because our families didn't really know what to do. There was the traditional brunches, flowers, breakfast in beds and cards but we always felt something was missing. So we agreed to send each other a care box of sorts filled with all kinds of stuff we thought the other one would like. We didn't set a money limit and we let our hearts decide just how to fill it. We agreed to send it one week before Mother's Day and call each other when the packages arrived.

I sent Kari, all kinds of things, cute travel coffee mugs, lotions of her favorite scents, scented candles, chocolate, inspirational books, stress kits with hand massagers, oils, and fuzzy slippers. I pictured my box as a spa in a box. I topped it off with a beautiful handwritten card.

It was such a great surprise when during that week, we were each expecting a great box filled with love. I was like the biggest kid waiting for the UPS man to arrive. Mine was no disappointment either, I got lotions, chocolates, fuzzy socks, books of all kinds, candles, a beautiful Mother picture frame, and some Disney pins since I was collecting them from the first Pirates movies and Florida had some I just couldn't get.

Let's just say, women really know what women need and want! Another year, I wanted to just have a day alone, since being a busy, working mom at the time of two girls and a working hubby, that on that day, I just wanted a day of peace and quiet. So hubby and the girls made me breakfast in bed that morning. After clearing away my dishes, they brought in my DVD collection of chick flicks and a ton of snacks, and said they were leaving for a day of movies and lunch. They would be calling later to see if I wanted anything special for lunch. Nothing was off limits. I called for chili dogs from Wienersnitzel. They topped off the day with dinner from my favorite restaurant, Chilis. I loved a day where I got to just enjoy the peace and quiet of a day of well deserved rest and the only needs that I had to met were my own.

I would love to hear about some of your most memorable Mother's Days and what made them special to you! Can't wait.

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