Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just One More Thing!

Hello and blessings to all my readers,

I just wanted to update all of you on what's been going on. Just when you think your life just is so full that nothing can possibly fit, Surprise! Just one more thing! Here is what has been going on.

My oldest daughter, Caitlyn has been suffering from severe "shin splints" from what I feel is over training from her track and field coach. She trains 5 days a week for at least two hours each day, she has weekends off. She has meets on Wednesdays and Saturdays and will compete in 3 to 4 events with shin splits. We have taken her to the doctor because despite a mom's best intentions, her coach believes she can still run as long as she is taped up to prevent the pain from occurring. Does this sound correct and even logical to you?

So we took her to our family doctor who has pulled her from all running, and put her on strict rest for 1 week and has referred us to an orthopedic sports doctor to review her Xray's. His advice. Shin Splints are painful and should be taken seriously.

We are waiting for that doctor's evaluation to see if she can continue with her sports this year. While picking her up from school today and after saying goodbye to hubby for another week or so, he was home for a day, just enough to get some well needed rest and loving care. So we are sitting at a red light looking at an accident to our left that had pulled to the center divider, when "BAMM", we were rear ended. The girl that hit us wasn't paying attention because she too was looking at the accident and hit us.

Our girls were visibly and emotionally upset and crying. The car took the hit really well. May I recommend the 2003 Saturn L200 4 door to any of you looking for a great car. No skid from the driver which means she stopped when she hit us. Can you imagine the phone call I had to give hubby? Hi honey, I know you are in the middle of your drive but we were in a car accident but OK. Yup he kinda freaked out. Wanted to come home and be our hero, but we insisted he continue on to work and finish this job out. Did I do the right thing?

I came home, called our insurance company and realized how God blessed us. Most people these days, have let their insurance slide to save money. Thank goodness we didn't do that. We even added uninsured motorist just in case. The car didn't really have much visible damage which was another reason to be thankful. No one was seriously hurt, the car was still drivable and hubby wasn't with us. God in His mighty way, placed His hand between the cars to keep us safe. Did you know your seat belts don't lock in place when your stopped at a light? You have to be moving before they will lock to prevent you from moving? I didn't know that.

We will see how everyone feels come the morning since I know most soft injury can occur the day after. Please keep our family in your prayers today and as always I thank God daily for each of you!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Andrea said...

My sweet friend, Know that I am praying with you for continued healing and safety...and praising GOD for divine intervention!!
Yes, you did the right thing over and over again. GOD has certainly given you amazing strength lately.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

Laurie said...

I am so sorry for all you have been going through, but I am thankful that you seeing God work through through it all. Praise God!I will pray for your daughters today, too.
Blessings to you sis, Laurie