Sunday, August 5, 2012

Do you submit?

For the last four weekends, we've been going through a study at church on marriage and how there is such an attack on what the Bible defines marriage to be. I am a firm believer that marriage was created to be and always should be, only between a man and a woman. I am not a bigot, a racist or intolerant, I am simply a believer in God who stands by what God created. I don't think we need to redefine the definition and God's word doesn't need to be changed to make things acceptable for all.

I am not trying to take away anyone's rights nor am I trying to incite hate, but if I claim to be a believer in the Word of God, the Bible, than I accept it at face value. It doesn't need to be changed. But there are those in recent days who have called me a bigot, a racist and a hater of gays, but that is all wrong. I simply stand by my beliefs like they stand by theirs. It's when I try to state what I believe, that I get all kinds of hate mail, Facebook posts and instant messages. I smile, because like Christ, He came here for the lost, the sick and the needy. Those that opposed what He stood for, mocked, insulted, beat and murdered Him because He stood for what God said was wrong. How funny that as Christian, believers in Christ, that we find ourselves following in His footsteps and carrying the cross as well. I smile, because it means I am doing what makes God happy and not man!

But back to the message at hand, submission. Do you find yourselves willing to submit when called for? I mean submitting to the authority of our current President? Submitting to your harsh, and micro-managing employer, or even submitting to a non-believing spouse in your marriage or even a spouse that is believing but isn't doing the will of God?

I think like most it's the word submission that frightens us the most. For most, they take the word out of the context it is meant to be. We think it means, becoming a doormat, someone who allows others to walk all over us, for us to smile and turn the other cheek while being a victim. Yet you'd be surprised as just what the word in the context of the Bible means.

I've had so many people look at the marriage and relationship my husband and I have. They compliment us on how we get along so well and how they wish they had marriages like ours. Want to know a simple secret?

It's all found in the Bible! All the answers! How to deal with almost any circumstance and watch the power of God transform your marriage. But both of you have to be willing to submit. Are you willing to use the power as a wife, to submit? Because that's what it means, to willingly surrender or volunteer without words (nagging, complaining, eye rolling, name calling, you get the idea!) through out actions to admire, encourage, affirm, build up, and become the biggest cheerleaders through loving our husbands in allowing them to "LEAD" our marriages, our families and our homes! We are to LOVE our husbands like we LOVE the Lord!

We need to not put our hope or faith in our husbands, but in God. Our husbands are human and will from time to time, let us down. But if we can learn to Trust GOD and His promises, He will bless our marriages, our husbands and our families! It's that power of submission, the willingness to let go and let God work on changing our husbands and work on building our relationship with God that He will bless our marriages. We, now more than ever before, as Christians, need to show the world just why God's definition of marriage is better than the worlds! We need to show people through our actions, not our words, why God's promises work and how beautiful our marriages can be when we live for God. There is NOTHING impossible for God only for man!

For more resources on dealing with submission, see 1 Peter 2:11 - 1 Peter 4.

"Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have." 1 Peter 3: 15b (NIV)


Mike Golch said...

I believe that God created all of us.that included Gays lesbians and straight prople.He created the protestants,the catholics,muslims,jews.I donot believe that God makes mistakes in his creations.Besides gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry,that way they get to bicker with each outer during the divorce procedings just as a man am a woman do when they end their marriages.

Heart2Heart said...


I can completely agree with you that God did create ALL of us and He never makes a mistake in His creation, in fact he called both man and woman, “Good” however I don’t think that marriage was meant to include two men or two women because that was something God did mean for pro-creation. The parts simply don’t fit and thus it wasn’t meant to be. I just don’t think that as society the definition of marriage, since it was created by God, should be re-defined to include something that wasn’t and that’s a relationship between two men or two women. That is my belief and one I stand with since I accept God’s Word as law and not mans! But I definitely can respect your opinion even if it’s one I don’t agree with.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Denise said...

I agree with Gods law, not mans.

David C Brown said...

There is a divine standard in everything, and all will be blessed as we adhere to it. Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it". The law of the land cannot make a "gay marriage" a real marriage; marriage is God's institution.

But our relation with the government is generally one of submission; our commonwealth has its existence in the heavens. Whatever it puts forward that does not contradict the word of God the believer should submit to. I can see no guidance in the Scriptures about particular economic systems, and for political systems it only envisages monarchy. We await the rule of the Just One.

Kat said...

I only have about ten seconds... but I could write forever on this post... so I will sum it up real simple... it's not about what I think or you think or they think, is it? It's about what God said. And that was that marriage is one man and one woman and sodomy is an abomination. Fight it. Argue over it. Call me a bigot or hateful (I am not, for the record. I love gays as much as I love drug addicts and murders... but I don't agree with or love their sin) but that's what the creator God of all said and that's what it is...regardless of what anyone else says. Just because it is the popular opinion, doesn't make it the right one. There was a time when Cocaine and other, now illegal drugs, were used regularly to treat just about any medical ailment. Now we see how incredibly stupid that was, eh?