Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Proof Angels Do Exist!

No one could have ever prepared me for the things I would be a witness to today. No one could have seen the chain of events begin unfolding before my eyes were even awake this morning, but I intend on sharing them with you. Then you can tell me, if you believe???

My husband Steve had to leave last minute on a business trip. This meant that he wanted to take the earliest flight out so he wasn't arriving in an unknown place when it was dark outside and things can easily be confused. So being super exhausted from building me a book case the day before, we decided to turn in early.

My oldest daughter, Caitlyn, being bored like your average high school teenager with three days off before she had to work again asked if she could spend the night with her friend. So we agreed with the stipulation she needed to be home early the next day since Steve would be out of town. Just to help out if the need should arise.

The alarm went off at 4am and Steve managed to quietly creep into the bathroom to shower and get ready. Just before he left our room, he asked me to pray with him. We prayed for protection while Steve would be gone and for God to work in our lives and keep everyone safe.

After I woke up, I got all my morning stuff done and was reading an author's comment to a book review I had just completed on The Guardian Angel Diary and then the phone call every parent dreads.

It was my best friend Jacquie who calmly told me that she was at my daughter's school, and my daughter was with her friend Katie, and that Katie had run over her foot. What hospital should I take her to?

In my mind, I wonder, if she was talking to me or someone else? What was my daughter doing at school? What kind of injury did she have that required a hospital visit and why hadn't my daughter called me?

Hanging up after telling her where I would meet her, I calmly closed up my house and gathered my younger daughter and explained what happened as best as I could.

15 minutes later we pull up in the ER only to have it be one of the busiest I have seen. I was greeted by Jacquie at the door and we gathered Caitlyn and carried her into the ER. It appeared she was calm but in pain.

She propped up her foot on a chair and sat talking with Kailee and Jacquie while I waited to fill out all the paperwork. Jacquie came to me and asked if perhaps the wait might be better at Urgent Care. Not sure what to do, I waited for the line to dissipate in front on me and I asked the nurse if my daughter could be seen at Urgent Care over this. She advised that as long as they had the ability to take X-rays, it might be quicker.

We made a decision since it was only a few blocks away, to take her to Urgent Care. There was only 2 people in there, which is unusual. It's normally packed!!!! By the time I filled out the paperwork and paid our deductible, we were on our way in.

Once inside, we waited about 10 minutes for the doctor who checked her out, and sent her to X-Ray just to be sure. The longest time was for X-Rays because they had just opened back up for lunch and had 2 people in front of us.

When Caitlyn returned from her X-Ray, the doctor came in and told us that she thankfully had no broken bones and aside from some soreness, she could keep her foot elevated, wrapped and sent her home with some pain meds, anti-inflammatory pills and muscle relaxers.

When we look back at the day, there were so many things that could have cause this day to turn for the worse. We learned that her best friend was driving the car, and when my daughter was preparing to exit the car, she pulled forward, trapping Caitlyn's ankle underneath the back wheel sideways. Not only did she run over it, but stopped the car while over it, pulled forward again and backed the car up, subsequently running over it 3 times.

She could have been pulled from the car and literally ran over, but she didn't. She could have had her ankle, leg or knee broken, but aside from some overall soreness and broken skin, she was undamaged.

She could have been by herself but my best friend Jacquie was running late to drop her daughter off and happened to see the whole thing. She not only acted calmly, quickly and managed to get my daughter into her own car and drive her to the hospital.

She calmly called me and avoided causing me to panic, but kept me grounded and clear headed. She also stayed with me at the ER and Urgent Care until we were dismissed. She comforted my daughter when I couldn't be there.

We just happened to have been home instead of taking my hubby to the airport and not only that for once my youngest daughter was dressed and ready to go when the call came. Not normally the case EVER!!!

So you decide. Were angels present today? Did God dispatch just the right people to be in the perfect place where He would know they would be needed? Did God perfectly orchestrate an empty Urgent Care, and an empty Walgreens who managed to fill her prescription in 15 minutes while we waited?

Or will you chalk this up to be extremely lucky or simply a coincidence?

I chose God!

"But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” ~ Joshua 24:15 NIV


Mari said...

I choose God too! I've noticed that in times like this we are able to see God's hand so clearly in the way He protects us.

Joyce said...

I'm glad your daughter was not seriously injured. I wrote a post this past Tuesday detailing the way God recently worked in the details of a job situation for my daughter. (

I think God is in the details of our lives and puts people in our path to help us along life's road. It's a marvelous thing when we recognize that in the moment. And if He cares about us in the 'small' things how much more does He care about the big things? Amazing, isn't it?

Have a wonderful day!

sunshine said...

Yes, God indeed, all over acting upon ourselves and protecting you and your family.
So glad to hear your daughters foot is only bruised. Hope she'll be much better soon! God Bless.

David C Brown said...

We rest in the love that cares for us so much.

Amy said...

Amazing day that was!! Praise be to God that He is in control of all things and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose Romans 8:28 Many blessings to you dear blog friend!! Continue in His ways!! -Amy

Kathleen said...

Divine appointments. Precious, and powerful; undeniable!