Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stop Reading Each Other's Mail

It's funny when you get married, and mail comes, you think that things changed and you can now open your husband's mail. I'm sure guys don't mind if you open the bills addressed to them or even their credit card statements, but what about cards or things that are clearly not addressed to you? Do you still feel like you have the right to open them?

I know when we first got married, I loved getting mail. Perhaps now with two people living in the same house, you would get twice as much. Even junk mail seemed to double. But there were things like cards during the holidays that were addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Smith and I would jump at the chance to open those. Hopefully something good came inside. I felt justified because my name, Mrs Smith was on the card so I could reason why opening it was okay. Most of the time it wasn't anything new and over the years that newness has worn off.

Now when cards come, our family knows to make the envelopes out to the person they were meant for, instead of that generic format and no hurt feelings will apply.

In fact, there are times when I don't even want to open mail addressed to my husband and even during Christmas it can be a detriment as well. I remember our Amazon account is set up under my name and we both use it. However sometimes he can forget when placing an order, that unless he changes the name on the address it will default to me instead. Now since I get quite a few packages in the mail, mostly books, I am not certain which are books and which might be something else. It could even be something I ordered as well.

Needless to say, I've ruined some great presents because I opened them without realizing they weren't mine simply because they were addressed to me. Now we know better.

Yet how simple it is to forget we still do it all the time when it comes to reading our Bibles and understanding the roles and responsibilities that God has clearly outlined for both husbands and wives. How many times can you clearly recite the duties your husband is supposed to do? How clearly you can remember those passages from scripture and often times fail to read your own, much less commit them to memory?

I have to tell you that is reading one another's mail from God!!!

God clearly has defined separate roles for husbands and wives in a marriage, and we are meant to pay attention to our own, not point out where significant other's faults lie in not applying their own biblical truths to the marriage. I am 100% guilty of that.

I even am the arm nudger whenever those are brought up in church as if my husband isn't paying attention. Are you the same?

Ladies, it's high time we spent some time simply focusing on our own issues instead of reminding our men of their shortcomings and what they are NOT doing.

It's simple.

If we focus 100% on our responsibilities and our husbands do the same, we'd have some incredible kind of marriage!!!

We need to simply STOP reading one another's mail and get busy reading our own. Not only reading it but applying it, doing it, committing to it every single day. Not when we feel like it, those will come later when we develop good habits.

And don't pray for God to take care of your man following through, ask God to help YOU follow through on your end and see if some significant things don't begin to take place. I'll keep you in prayer and ask that God work on strengthening your marriage and for you to grow more in love with your husband more every single day!

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Terra said...

This is a wise post, and I think we need to tend our own mail/garden/prayer life.