Monday, February 9, 2015

It Feels Like Only Yesterday!

17 years of being married. Hard to imagine not because it's been so difficult, but because it has been so exceptional. In fact, Steve just mentioned it last night how when you think of 17 years, you would expect that to be a really long time, but in fact, it seems like only yesterday when I was telling him this marriage outlasted my first one of ten years.

The best part is that 17 years has given me time to see my amazing husband in a variety of situations to see how he responds to when storms batter our marriage and family. He is my Rock. He remains calm, at least that is how I see it on the outside. He may in fact, be a turmoil waiting to erupt on the inside and I need that in my life.

I've often told him, he's a mentor of how I want to be. I can let my emotions run away with me quite a bit, but Steve holds his tongue. It's a perfect balance of why our marriage works. But don't let that fool you.

Our marriage remains strong because of the foundation we have built it on. We have God, front and center in our marriage. We pray for one another when we are together and apart. We pray in happy times, and in the midst of storms. We pray for our children, for decisions, for how to manage our marriage and our day to day responsibilities as a husband and wife, but as parents, friends and family members.

That is why when things rock marriages not ground in Christ, it can be more than a challenge to deal with because you are dealing with it in your own strength and not God's. We have supernatural help beyond our world attempts and that is why things are so great for us.

It doesn't mean we don't deal with adversities like the rest of the world, but we have a supernatural strength and peace that come from God that help us manage through this and we don't fall apart as much as I've seen family and friends do.

We also have a great network of Christian family and friends but that we know and through social media we can rely on when we need some extra prayer. It comes in handy to know that there are so many believers petitioning the heavenly throne room on your behalf.

To stay that Steve is the perfect guy would be false, but he is the perfect guy for me. God knew it when he sent him into my life more than 20 years ago, when my heart was so broken and I was completely out of hope.

It began simply as a friendship that grew into something only God could orchestrate. He took on the role of a father to my oldest without any reservation. Later we would add to our family with the birth of our youngest, now 16. We've grown into such an amazing family watching both of our daughters accept Jesus into their life. It's been an experience walking through some times I would never want to repeat with this rock by my side in this life, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

To say he completes me, would be an understatement. He adds to me and makes me a better wife, mom and friend. He is the person I would give up anything but God for, just to spend time with him and I wouldn't want to spend time with anyone over him. We make one another priorities and always take the time out for each other. I look back and think that I am so proud that this man, not only has filled his godly role as my husband, but as a father, he has role modeled what I can only hope our two daughters will want to find in future husbands of their own some day.

So thank You God, for giving me this time with an amazing man. Help me to remember to continue to lift him up daily in prayer. Help me to acknowledge the many ways he helps provide for us as a family besides bringing home a paycheck. Thank You for the many years I have had up to this point and it literally puts a smile on my face, knowing that when this life ends, our eternity together begins!

I love you Steven Smith, for being the very best part of me! Happy 17th Anniversary!!!


LV said...

Congratulations to being a happy couple. There are no perfect marriages, but at least you two did the right thing to make it work. May you be blessed with many more.

Sharon said...

What a lovely story! And my sincerest congratulations on your anniversary. Your testimony of 17 years - ups and downs, but true love and commitment - is a blessing.


Down On The Farm said...

Congratulations! Happy Happy Anniversary!!!

Mari said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed what you had to say about a successful marriage. Very true!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed seeing all the photos.

Goose Hill Farm said...

Good afternoon, Kat~

What a beautiful love story!