Thursday, February 5, 2015

Amiibo Treasure Hunt is On!

If you have never been part of the Cabbage Patch, Pokèmon or Beanie Babies craze, then you won't understand the newest one for this generation of collectors, that is Amiibo's. So let me explain what they are and why there is such a frenzy trying to collect and get these figures.

They are part of Nintendo's game Super Smash Brothers which came out for the Wii and the Wii-U. If you have any kids or teens familiar with these systems, they already understand this. Amiibo's give the availability when used on the game pad to level certain characters up. You simply take your Amiibo to your friends house and you can play with your saved character and their abilities. There are about 54-56 characters available on Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo is launching them in waves. Some of these characters are only available as exclusives such as Target, Best Buy, Game Stop, and Toys R Us. The figures retail for $12.99-15.99 depending on the store, and most are completely sold out within minutes of hitting the stores.

All these figures were available for pre-orders but with scalpers and collectors buying mulitples, orders were soon cancelled which left the drive for finding these elusive figures in the stores. Seriously it is just like any of those previous collecting phases. In fact Facebook and websites are now dedicated specifically to help people find these figures. Some kids merely want them to play on their game systems while others are making quite the profit selling their multiple figures for $80.00 and up depending on how hard they are to find.

My daughter is not a collector, merely a player who wants to add them to her Wii-U and Super Smash Bros games. We are lacking the following figures and would love it if you would help us join the hunt. In fact, if you are in the same boat as we are, let's join up and search together. Perhaps we can help one another out.

Here are the one's I'm looking for and they may be sitting in your local stores electronics department. The stores are Game Stop, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart and F.Y.E. The figures I'm looking for right now are:

1. Meta Knight

2. Ike

3. Wii Fit Trainer

4. Shulk

5. Sonic

6. Megaman

7. King Dedede

Let me know if you find any of these. I shared pictures of what they look like in and out of the boxes. I am looking for them in the box right now. Please email me at if you have any and I can pay pal you the funds or send a check to cover the cost plus shipping. If you need my phone number while you are out shopping and want to contact me, please Instant Message me on Facebook or email me at Hope my Facebook friends and family all over the US can help!

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LV said...

I am not familiar with these, but I bet my great grandson is. Will ask him about them. If I should find them, will let you know.