Monday, January 12, 2015

Time to Take Back My Health

Usually every New Years, people make resolutions to get healthy, to drop weight and to enjoy the life God has given them, but by February, it is said more than 80% of those people quit. Why is that?

Is it too hard to give up eating at fast food restaurants?

Is it too hard to give up soft drinks in leiu of water?

Is it too hard to take a thirty minute walk every day instead of doing nothing?

Perhaps for some, it is the lack of commitment, the willingness of someone to do it with and the dedicaiton of doing it while those in your home continue to eat anything and everything they want.

For me, the commitment became valid when I was tired of being diagnosed with things like kidney stones, Urinary Tract Infections and gallstones.

I was tired of my doctors always asking me if I always had high blood pressure.

I was tired of buying larger sizes not because they fit better but because I did want to.

I was tired of my husband wanting to buy me clothes, but I didn't like how they fit.

I was tired of running out of excuses and running out of time.

You can only take so many of those excuses to yourself and tired of backing them up with dumb reasons in your head.

I knew I could control it, but why was I simply letting things get out of control and letting society, the medical community and the government telling me what was okay to eat and drink.

Look around.

People are getting more sick, gaining more weight and people are making money off of something we can control.

Sure it's going to take some work on your behalf but you know what, in the end, you will look back and it will be the best thing you ever did.

For me, it began abruptly. No slow progression. I was simply tired of being sick and tired and overweight.

I wanted to be overall a more healthy version of me. So I began to change. Drinking only water and hot tea with honey and lemon.

It took a while to give up coffee and while there may be some health benefits, for me, the caffeine wasn't helping get my blood pressure down. That eventually went 100% about a week ago and I haven't noticed missing it. In fact, I tried drinking a cup, but honestly didn't enjoy the taste.

I traded in all my fast food and boxed foods for fresh vegetables and fruits. In fact my lunches consist of mostly salads, which my hubby is growing tired of. So I add different things to keep it interesting. I opt for dressings that are organic and contain simple ingredients which are healthy and low in fat content.

Portion control is another thing I've been watching. It is hard to imagine just how much food we consume once we get used to it. Now I have limits except for fresh veggies, I keep my portions what they should be, within the serving size. I don't make anything unless it's fresh, nothing coming from a box.

I eliminated all salt with the exception of what comes in recipes in which is use Pink Himilayian Salt because it contains almost 75% of the worlds known minerals in it and its great for your body. Not the additives our foods have in them. In fact the fewer the ingridients the more I love it.

I have eliminated all sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Don't let the ads fool you. It's not healthy for you at all. It's making your body sick and it's adding those pounds on bit by bit. Also watch out for partially hydrogenated anything oil. It means it has been tampered with and now its is modified.

Most of my water is now Alkaline because our bodies are primarily alkaline and so it really helps to keep your skin looking amazing!!!

So what has this helped with me so far. Well since I've incorporated these changes, since December 11 to currently, I have lost 12 pounds and one full size down to a 16 now. I am 50, so I need to make these types of changes to keep me around as long as God sees fit. For me, that is a a huge motivator and while it isn't always easy, I have to tell myself I am doing it for God. I am getting this temple He created for me, in ship shape.

My weight loss goals were simple. Just 5 pounds a month. God has other things in mind. The food is great, and I don't miss what I have given up. In fact, I am discovering new things and looking for ways to use what God has created to keep us healthy and well. I'll keep you posted and if you're interested in joining me, I'd love to help you! Looking for someone to support you, we can do it together. Just let me know in the comments below!!


Felicia Price said...

Your blog is constantly inspiring me. I feel like when I hit a low, you always know just what I need to hear. Thank you for posting this, I have been struggling with my own journey and this helped to give me affirmation.

Ramble Ann said...

Hi Kathleen! It's me Roberta from fb and now I will go back to read your post. I will be 64 next month but have battled with weight for most of my years. Up and down, down and up.. I just want to get a goal weight that is healthy for my small stature..! and healthy bmi!