Monday, January 5, 2015

Back in the Saddle Again

Hard to believe that Christmas is gone and the New Year has already begun. Have you made an predictions of what you hope 2015 will bring yet?

I know, I am right there with you.

In fact, I took some time off from everything during the last two weeks of 2014 and just enjoyed the time I had with my husband.

But like all good plans it doesn't always work out like you had planned.

We knew we had a lot on our family calendar besides just celebrating Christmas, with two family Christmas's we were celebrating afterwards on the 27th and the 3rd of January. I was more than thankful my hubby was off and not traveling.

Turns out what I thought was a pretty severe UTI turned out to be a Kidney Stone. I found this out, three Urgent Care visits in about 3 weeks when all the antibiotics failed to work. It's funny how you can't get a doctor's appointment within 2 weeks any longer and our medical group had changed its hours so I couldn't even be seen by my own medical care group.

The last thing I wanted to do was to go to the ER, because here in the High Desert, that is almost your last option. It will be at least a 4-6 hour wait and all that will happen is they will do what they can to stabilize you and get you out the door until you can be seen by your own doctor.

So for the duration of the Christmas break I bought the bullet and suffered through it all. I was lucky to get in for a CT scan which verified the kidney stone about 6-7mm in my right kidney junction. Now all I had to do was pass it. Easier said than done.

After dealing with the pain of thinking it was a UTI or bladder infection, I was more than worn thin and worn out. Top that off with the Christmas parties that still had to take place as planned and the frustration of not knowing what to do. Thankfully when I went to the final Urgent Care facility which was able to diagnose me after more than 8 hours, I was sent home, full medicated and feeling wonderful to wait to see if it would pass on its own.

I tried lemon juice in hot water, apple cider vinegar in cranberry juice, more water than is in the state of California, sleeping on the side with the stone in it, you name it. I prayed, asked others to pray for me, and then one morning I noticed that urge to go to the restroom was gone, along with the pain that accompanies that. I never had the severe pain everyone else had told me they had and just like it showed up, all my pain went away by the time I had to visit my dad on the 3rd of January. Go figure?

Any way, during all that time, I truly had no desire to Facebook, browse the internet, blog or even read any of the novels I had gotten in. I simply rested. Sat by the fire drinking hot lemon water with honey and just tried to find life again.

The saddest thing is that precious time with my husband is so rare, I feel like I missed out on just being with him. We didn't get to do anything except run ourselves ragged and before we knew it, today was upon us. For him, it means back to work, for me, back to school and blogging and book reviews while we wonder where it all went.

How about you?

How did the last two weeks of 2014 turn out for you?


Sharon said...

So sorry to hear about your medical odyssey! But, very glad that you didn't suffer the terrible pain that I've heard about with kidney stones!

The last two weeks of 2014 were mixed for me. Some wonderful days with family, some quiet days with my husband, some sad days as I remembered my dad who I just lost last January. In it all, though, God was close - and because of that, He closed out my year of JOY with exactly that.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better.