Monday, July 26, 2010

Restoring Romance Again

Too often life gets out of control and we find ourselves wondering where has all the time gone? We have so many demands placed on us by family, friends, church, job and others that by the time we get to ourselves we have just run out. Physical stress and fatigue wears on us since we weren't programmed to handled so much in one day and the consistent demand to do more is ever present.

Our relationships then begin to suffer when we don't have time for everyone who is demanding that time. We will take care of our job responsibilities usually first, because that is what pays the bills, then our kids come next and then if we can find time, maybe our spouses. Forget any time for us. So how do we capture the romance that is nothing more than a smoldering spark that used to be a raging fire. It's quite simple really, we need to change our priorities.

First and foremost it should be our relationship with God. I mean God doesn't want someone who dates Him, He wants a marriage to us. Imagine if you will that God only remembered you, when you remembered Him during your day. Kinda scary when you think of it that way. I don't think for most of us, that we give God any time in our day, because we know He will always be there later, like we tell our kids, "later honey!"

If we can rearrange our priorities to include God in our daily time management schedule, our whole days would go smoother. Since this is about romance, our next item on that priority list should be your spouse. We need to include them in our appointment books or Blackberries or whatever you schedule your time into. Whether it is phoning them just to see how they are doing, or making time at the closure of your evening to hang out, watch some TV, attend Bible Study or church, the point is to make time. No excuses!

I am not saying to put your job on the back burner by any means, but if we don't care of our spouse, our marriage will wither away and someone else may just be offering what we aren't. You'd be surprised at how often affairs begin because the husbands or wives simply didn't have the time for the other, no one to talk to, or to do the things you normally do. We weren't supposed to live our lives like room mates thanks to the added responsibilities of households, kids and jobs. We are supposed to put our spouse's needs even before our own.

So if you are wondering how to get that spark going again, beside just sex, you need to begin by nurturing that relationship you have neglected and stop taking advantage of your husband or wife, thinking that you will have time for them later. Begin today and show them just how much they really mean to you. Plan something to do with just them, keeping it out of the bedroom preferred. Guaranteed the longer you continue to show your spouse the attention we all need to have, the better your relationship and marriage will go!

Can't wait to hear your results!


Elle Bee said...

This is great Kat! Since having the little ones, our relationship has definitely taken a back burner. And I'm constantly having to remind myself to put God at the center of it all. Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

Just Breathe said...

I know that we need some restoring here!

Mari said...

What a good reminder! It's easy to put everything else first and you're right - then you become room mates with added responsibilities. I'm going to have to think about what I can do for Bob.

NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, Such an important post; for me it was a wake up call watching two close girlfriends lose their hubbies. Suddenly meetings and clubs don't mean anything-I'd rather be home with hubby.
Have a great evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Anonymous said...

Now that our daughter is 15 we are able to get more alone time. It's very important. Loved reading this Kat!

LV said...

When you put HIM first, everything else will be taken care of.

Denise said...

Such a precious reminder sis.

Loren said...

We must always have God first and our spouses next. Placing our kids before our spouses is a recipe for disaster for sure! Great post Kat! When we have the Lord first and are listening HE will show us how we can keep our marriage alive & healthy!

Big hugs to you!

Rita said...

If God is not at the center of it all, none of it will work. I always thought that I needed to work on my relationsip with my husband for one day my kids would not be around to put first and then where would I be? Thank you for the gentle reminder.