Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Are You Tired of Change?

Change. It's all around us. And I am not talking about what's left over from a dollar after you pay for something. I am talking about real change. It's everywhere and yet people fear it. But what do they truly fear about change?

People think that change is something that has to happen right away or over night in order to get over that fear of change. Yet if we look at things in reality, change is a lot like a glacier. It seems that the glaciers that existed ten thousand years ago took a long time to move to the ocean, but the landscapes they left in their wake are truly amazing. Far too many of us approach the spiritual life with too little patience as if it were a matter of something like a surgical operation or an injection, which will immediately make us better again. Change is a long term process.

What frightens people away from a fitness plan, whether it's physical or spiritual, is the fear of the short-term negative impact on their lives. I am a firm believer that people are not afraid of change itself.

If I said to you, "I am going to transform your life by giving you a million dollars," would you fear that? You might be afraid I have gone crazy or that the money was stolen, but if everything was legitimate, you'd do cartwheels.

On the other hand, if I said to you, "I am going to install a new complicated computer systerm at your life difficult and will take you twice as long to do your work," you're going to start shaking. People don't fear change. They fear their lives are going to be worse off than they were before the change. Change is many ways needs to happen in spoonfuls. The saints are to blame for that since so many of them took giant leaps of faith.

The one thing most people are is tired. I know there are times when I can be tired. You're probably tired too, and if you say you're not, it's probably because you're too tired to admit it. Some of us are physically tired. Others of us are mentally. Most of us, it seems, are tired spiritually.

We may be tired of our families, our families, our jobs. We may be tired of waiting at the same red light every day on the way to school. We may be tired of our neighbors. We may be tired of crime in our neighborhoods or tired of never catching a break. We may be tired because no matter how hard we try we can't save any money. We may be tired of the same old news we hear every day: the world is at war, terrorism is on the rise, murder is happening everywhere, the economy is failing, our leaders our idiots, and the movie star who admire so much is a bad tipper.

We may be tired because no matter how hard we try, we can't lose weight. We may be tired because of an illness. Tired because someone we love is spiraling out of control because of an addiction. We may be tired of our children not listening to us. We might be tired of feeling isolated and alone, or of feeling weak. Tired of being frustrated, disappointed, moody, irritable, broken. We may be tired that no matter how hard we pray we never hear God speaking to us.

Tiredness is one of the biggest things that keep people away from the spiritual life. Prayer and meditation are a surefire way to energizing you. Even better than Red Bull and Pop Rocks. And while many people believe that what they are looking for in their lives is rest - Saint Augustine's often quoted "We are restless, Lord, until we find rest in you" comes to mind - when we turn our lives to God and rest is the very last thing we could want.

Awareness is the key.

Certainly the Titanic could have been saved from disaster if it had shifted its direction when leaving port by a single degree south. A single degree.

To live a spiritual life takes a slight shift of our focus. What would happen if we shifted our focus by a single degree? What would happen if we made just a tiny little change in our lives and gave just fifteen minutes daily to exercising our souls by giving that time to God? That' s just 1 percent, the other 99 percent you can do whatever you want. Want to find out?

Come and find out what it means to be human in the eyes of God by seeing God in all things. It's time to strengthen that soul of yours.

If you're up to a challenge, let me know by leaving me a comment. I am looking for followers who want to see what changes will occur in their lives just by making that change to commit to 15 minutes every day for 30 days. Are you willing? Let me know.


NanaNor's said...

Hi sweetie, I'm going to trust you enough to take this challenge. Let me know what it is and I'm there with you sis.
Hugs today.

Denise said...

I am ready for the challenge sis.

wendy said...

I think I make time for God in my life. I pray every morning and every night....and I carry a prayer in my heart throughout the day.

Anonymous said...

Change can't be stopped, one way or another it's going to happen. I feel like there are a lot of things changing in my life right now.


Joyce said...

I loved the Titanic analogy...shifting our focus just a single degree...I've experienced a lot of change in my life in the past year but God is ever present no matter how swirly life feels : )

He & Me + 3 said...

That was an awesome post and a great reminder to take that time. it is so important. Very challenging too.