Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome Back!

Ah it still feels like a long winter's slumber. The kind where it remains dark in the mornings, a kind of chill hangs in the air and the warmth beneath your bed covers keeps you snuggled in and not wanting to venture out. This is the part about the winter I love and adore. The chill and the cold.

It draws you near to warmth whether it's a fire, an oversized blanket, a warm cup of tea or coffee or just in the arms of those you love. Winter does that. It reminds you that while the world outside can remain cold and seemingly unfriendly, warmth comes from all kinds of places and love abounds at all times.

I stare out from my bed at a beautiful gray sky and I can still see snow upon the peaks of our local mountains. I love the view from where I wake up. Beyond the rooftops of the houses, I see the landscape God so beautifully created. A view for me. A view of hope.

There is always hope despite whatever circumstances we find ourselves knee deep or even neck deep in. We merely need to look for it, search for it, and continue to seek it daily, or even hourly.

Despair can settle in where hope use to reside. Our goal is to keep hope alive. Even though this has not been the Christmas I had hoped, it changed a lot of things for me.

Baking cookies is not a necessity, you can still buy what you love in the bakery and still enjoy them.

A clean, organized house, isn't something your family ever notices, it's your absence that they do.

Life will always go on, even though you, yourself may not be present in it. That's OK. It's the way God designed it.

Friends and family do care. They will let you know by calling you, emailing or even leaving you heartfelt comments on your blog.

You are never alone. God is always with you and He will never leave your side.

I've had a couple of rough days with Christmas being the worst for my health. I was able to be up long enough to enjoy the kids opening presents and calling family. Then the pain became too much and called me back to bed where I am the most comfortable. I slept a large portion of that day away.

The doctors appointments are scheduled and now I still must wait to be seen to find out what my other options are. Until then, I wait with hope, I remain faithful in my walk and I continue to seek the Lords will everyday until then.


Andrea said...

Faith, hope, and love....without these we have nothing. I praise GOD you are clinging to your faith, hope, and our precious LORD. He will see you through. I am sorry you are not feeling well. Know that we are praying for you.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

He & Me + 3 said...


Lifting you up in prayer now my friend. So so sorry.

Silver said...

Thank you my darling lady. I am grateful for your love and support. You have been such a wonderful sweet friend, Kat ;)


Carol said...

My heart goes out to you. You are a precious friend to all of us, and lift us up with you encouraging comments and friendship. I am now lifting you up in prayer. Hanging on to our Lord during this time is the best thing you can do and that is exactly what you are doing. You are so faithful.

Hang in there, Kat, I hope you get your answers soon.

Love and Hugs,

Sheryl said...

Keeping you in my prayers. I can't believe your still going on with this pain.

Hang in there.

David C Brown said...

"My grace suffices thee", 2 Cor 12: 9.

(It's easy for me to quote!)

Still Learning said...

Oh Kat, I have been away from bloggaritaville and have missed these new developements. I am so sorry your health has turned for the worse! I will begin immediately praying for you my friend. Your faith is inspiring.

I read your story and remember a time 18 years ago of my own personal medical mystery. I lived in bed or in the bathroom in agony. Eating was something I did to survive because the pain was awful. I had every test and no one could figure it out, finally they gave up and said it must be stress doing all the strange things to my body. Weird. I lived a long and constant prayer to survive it. You seem to be doing the same, clinging to Him. Eventually I healed and in my own personal case it involved removing artificial foods and numerous household cleaning chemicals and my body cleared up from all the inflammation. No more glade plug ins for this girl, ha ha. Sometimes our bodies are so complicated & doesn't it seem like the doctors are never in a rush no matter how much pain you are in? Frustrating, I know. I promise to keep you in my prayers and I hope so much that this ends soon for you. They always say your health is strongly related to the health of the colon so having that looked at is a great thing. I have heard many times that most bad things start out in the colon so even if it is unrelated to your other symptoms having this area checked out fully is going to be a good thing. I remember those awful GI's and the yucky stuff I had to drink. BLAH, I hope it has improved since my last test but every test is a step in the right direction and lets all pray for expedited lab results and a quick path for recovery.
Can I also share what I have to do for my mom? She has numerous health issues and many of them leave her weak and in pain. Left to rely solely on the medical system she would be in agony when she has flare ups. My dad and I have to be VERY forceful that they will work her in when she is in pain, we do not take no for an answer and let them know this is a human being in great pain and they will see her, period. They have learned to work her in and we refuse to wait long for results until they can work us in again. We know when the results will be back and basically demand action be taken when the results come in and not until we can be given another appt. to discuss the results. If we did that mom would be in constant misery. I have to do the same thing at the hospital. I tell them when she gets her meds, I do not let the nurses wait on her pain meds. If she is in misery she gets them immediately because I force the issue, nicely of course but boldly. Don't be afraid to take charge of how quickly you receive care of your body okay. I don't know if that helps or not but we just can't wait on the Dr.'s offices to get around to caring for her quickly we have to make them take action and get her what she needs.

Prayers and hugs to you! I am going to pray for boldness for you too gal, we need you to get some answers quickly and of course wisdom for your doctors. Stay strong!

Love ya,


Parsley said...

I had hoped to get a good report from you. I'm so very sorry.

Please don't give up. Keep searching for answers to your health questions.

Jane In The Jungle said...

Hang in there friend, prayers are being showered upon you.
Enjoy your winter scene...and bathe in His glory.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful post Kat. Praying for your health. Your right about the cookies, etc. I'm glad you got to enjoy some of the day, sorry about the pain. May all your appt. work out perfect with a solution for this pain. God is good and He loves you.

RCUBEs said...

Hi sister Kat! Great to hear from you. Though you are not forgotten while you were away. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers. May the Lord lead you to the right doctor and may He give a clear diagnosis and the right treatment can begin. Be strong in the Lord's mighty power! Blessings and love to you.

Darcie said...

What would our life be like if we didn't have hope? Sometimes we feel helpless, but we don't ever want to feel hopeless. I am so thankful to read the message of hope in your post Kat. Here is hoping with you dear friend.

Samantha said...

Some things I needed to hear today, you are so very strong.
I continue to pray for you dear Kat.
God bless you .

Heckety said...

Thinking of you lots. Even if you never see the reason for this there is one and God has His hand on the tiller. I've seen it in my life and in others', He lets nothing go to waste!
But your post is lovely, and your writing continues to inspire me even with your troubles, remember that too.

Mari said...

It's good to hear from you. Glad you were able to be up for part of the day and that you are still hoping! I'm praying.

Our7isheaven said...

Praying for you Kat! As others have already said, just keep holding onto your God, faith, hope and LOVE!!


Unknown said...

Kat, may your days be better quickly. Prayers lifted for you as I write, He will hold you up, my friend.

Happy New Year! May your year be full of joy & blessings ~ TTFN~ Marydon

SusanD said...

Greetings Dear Friend, It's good to read your post and find you were able to enjoy portions of a blessed Christmas. Continuing to pray for your relief and healing. Blessings, SusanD

LV said...

So glad you were able to post today, but sorry to hear you are not getting much better. I am real concerned about you. I know there is nothing I can do to help, but I do care and trust the good Lord will touch your body soon and heal it. Received you special card today. I really appreciate it and your kind words. You are a great lady to have to go through all the pain you are experiencing. Hang in there!

Janean said...

i'll just give you a gentle-not-to-hurt hug. rest up and take care!

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Sweet Friend,

I am happy to hear that you were able to have some time with your family during Christmas to see them open gifts. Sickness can weigh so heavily down on a person, are faithful and holding on to the wonderful HOPE that you talked's very close in your mind and heart, and in turn it will give you strength, He will give you strength during all that you have had to endure. Resting in His will... that's the only way we can survive in our Christian walk. I know from my own health struggles that it's sometimes easier said than done, but I literally have to kick myself in the butt sometimes to stay focused enough to get out of my will, to let go all of the way and surrender my will to His. It's been a long haul for me(us) and I want you to know that I'm with you in mind, heart and prayer dear friend. I am. I'm so there with you.

I'm saying my prayers for you and praying for that miraculous healing. I never give up in knowing that the Great Physician can heal any one at any time. I went three years without knowing what was physically wrong with me...going through a battery of testing and living with that uncertainty of not knowing can leave one oh so weary, but again there comes the HOPE, surrendering your WILL to HIS completely and having strong faith and belief.

You are such an encouragement to me and reading this post inspires and encourages me in my walk through this long difficult season of illness. I just posted some Christmas pics tonight and if you look closely you will see that there is much dust covering my hutch underneath all of the pictures. I relate so much on a personal level to all that you have said here and I along with every one else and yourself will continue to hold and uplift each other up in strong prayer and support.

I love you Kat. I may not comment a lot, but I do read and I try my best to comment. Sometimes I get a little too overwhelmed, so I read and pray for every one. The many comments and prayers you have left for me, mean more to me than I can ever convey to you.

{{{Big Hugs}}}

Deborah Ann said...

Praying for you, for a respit from the pain, and a clear, direct answer as to what's causing this.

In Jesus name...amen.