Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Against the Odds

I never considered myself a gambler. I found the best way to keep money in your pocket is to keep your hands in their as well and avoid places where gambling is a temptation, such as Las Vegas.

For some it's a bit of an addiction to avoid places like this. I just never had what some claim as good luck. I am always that person whose percentages generally work against them. If they say, more than likely, you won't get something, I will be the one who comes down with it.

I've never been so concerned about the overall health in my body until this week. I was watching Christmas slip by and there was nothing I could do to fix myself. There was no quick fix. I wasn't even sure surgery would not be required. How could you fall so far and just not see it slipping away. The one thing I have learned now, is never take one day for granted. Truly you will never know when it will be your last. You can be the most healthiest person alive and still life can end for you before you know it. Then again, you can be the most unhealthiest person around and have not one health issue. Life is a serious of chances.

I've had a collapsed lung in 1995 against all the odds. I am not a man, nor have I been in a recently accident to where my chest or lungs might be injured. I am not a skydiver, nor scuba diver where pressure changes might detect this as part of being a scuba or sky diver.

The doctors were mystified then just like my doctor was mystified yesterday. Apparently the only ways you can be diagnosed with c-diff, is if you are 65 and living in a nursing home, or have taken antibiotics recently. Neither fit my criteria. Yet, based on my symptoms and the lengthy of time I have had this, I am a lucky statistic. C-diff can be fatal!

So while I struggle with abdominal pain that at times can be searing to the scale of a high 9, I am confident that God is working on healing me. I am taking Norco as often as needed to control the pain and I am on my first round of antibiotics of Cipro with another dose waiting for me at the pharmacy on Saturday for another 2 weeks. With luck, I will be better by Christmas. I am also taking Mari's advice and supplementing my diet with Activia to help keep good bacteria in my body.

Yet the only time I will wager a bet is on God. With God in your corner, you are bound to be a lucky winner and a survivor. For now, I bet on red, that would be Jesus' blood red, "by whose wounds I am healed"~ Isaiah 53:5. I can't lose when I bet my life on God.


Amy said...

Praying for you friend.

Parsley said...

I am so very sorry about your pain. Please consider the issue of your GYN issues causing this abdominal issue. Larger cysts/tumors can press on the intestinal walls causing pain, and irregular BMs. Sorry to be so blunt but I'm very concerned.

Andrea said...

If you can get your hands on organic yogurt it has a higher count of good bacteria. A couple of good brands are: Brown Cow and Stoneyfield.

I am thankful you received a diagnosis and are fighting for recover. I am continuing to pray for you, dear friend!

Blessings and prayers, andrea

Skoots1moM said...

my 3yo niece, Katie, struggle with on-going c-diff while recuperating from 3 different heart surgeries....and she is now c-diff free and no longer on antibiotics....she was literally a c-diff sufferer the first two years of her life.
so thankful for a diagnosis and EAGER for the bad bacteria to go away...
Also, Manuka honey has natural antibiotics in it...i had h-pylori last year and when my antibiotics failed, I added manuka honey and I've been pain/problem free ever since :)
(tea tree honey from new zealand, and I buy it on amazon, and there's no man-made anything in it...is is 100% raw/natural/God-made :)

LisaShaw said...

Here's what I love about our GOD -- NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE to those who believe in HIM and not one thing is bigger or stronger than He is. He is the Chief Physician and I am praying for deliverance and healing from that c-diff in the Name of Jesus!

Your body is the Temple of the HOLY SPIRIT and I pray for it to align with GOD's design for your life and His will for your life.

I pray for comfort and more GRACE for you as you stand firm in HIM dear sister.

Speak His word of healing over yourself. Trust in Him. He holds the maser plan for your life and He is the Master of that plan. Hallelujah!

I love you and I'm praying...

Darcie said...

I was thinking those thoughts just today...we never when it is going to be our last day. Time and chance happen to all. But you are oh so right...with God we cannot lose.

Carol said...

I pray that you feel better quickly. With God on your side, you're a winner already. Praise Him! I will be praying for you.
Hugs and Blessings,

Mari said...

Praying you feel better every day!

LV said...

It is always been said, the good Lord does not put on us more than we can handle. In your case, He must really be testing you. It is such a terrible things you are going through, but you are a survivor. Hang in there.

Rachel Beran said...

You're right, your best "be" is putting your faith and trust in the LORD! Someone previously said that God doesn't give you more than you can bear, but I disagree...He never gives us more than HE can bear for us! Life often gives us things that seem to be too much for us to handle. We can't do it without Christ. We must put it in His hands and trust Him.

Praying for peace, hope and faith to fill your heart and life!!!

blushing rose said...

May your pain be lifted quickly, sweetie. I am sorry you are going thru all of this.

Please join me at our new blog, if you have not ~

Do not know how long the old one will hold up. TYSM
TTFN ~ Marydon

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The best gift of Christmas will be your health.

Denise said...

My love and prayers remain with you.

Edie said...

Oh Kat I'm so sorry for all that you are suffering through but I love that God is orchestrating the treatment plan. He is awesome!

Praying for you. Much love!

Charlotte said...

Hi Kat --I'm so sorry to hear your still under the weather. Since Thanksgiving - I've been dealing with the porky pig flu and believe you me - this looney tune virus is not fun.

It sounds like your doctor at least has a good handle on things. At least I hope so. Feel better and I'll keep you in my prayers.


Girly Muse said...

Oh, Kat. I so hate to hear that you're still in so much pain. Praying for a miracle. And grateful for every day along with you. Thanks for the reminder.

christy rose said...

I believe that you are on the road to a complete recovery. What the enemy meant for bad, God will turn into good!!!!

And, yes, God is the only one I would bet on too. Except if we know Him well enough, we know that it really is an unfair bet, because He can not fail and He always wins. :)