Friday, August 7, 2009

Stalking Cat ~ Beware It's Scary!

O.K. Don't say I didn't warn you. This came up in my YouTube channel last night, and it even scared me. Please watch it in it's entirety. Can't wait to see your comments about this one. Hey it's Saturday so it's video time.


Silver said...

..ok . are we like supposed to laugh?? coz i did. i think it's so darn funny. Scary..? hmmmm..maybe the last part like i wasn't sure it was going to attack the person holding the camera or not. ;D


Mari said...

Awww - that's funny! Our cat does that too - tries to sneak up on us and then runs!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Such fun for the cat too.
It's very funny.

Andrea said...

Catz!! LOL!!

Thank you for both awards. You are such a sweetheart!! I will try to get them posted this week. I had an award and a confession to make, today.
Blessings, andrea

PS: Hope you are feeling better, today.

Sea Glass said...

My cat does the same thing but to the dog! Gets right behind him and smacks him one one and runs!

Loren said...

this is soo funny and cute! I love cats so much. We have 3 and only one still like to play like this, the others are old and fat :)

thankyou for your prayers again heart just swells with love for you!! You are such a gift!!! Please rest today and I am praying for you and your body and mind!!

love you!!!!!

Just Be Real said...

Awww sweet video. I like how the cameraperson cuts back and forth and each time the cat is closer. Thanks for sharing! Delightful!

RCUBEs said...

Well, I guess that's how the expression "curiosity kills a cat" started! :)

Just got home from work, weary but feeling okay by God's grace. Just want to thank you real quick for your prayers! I appreciate it! And thanks be to our Lord for answered prayers! Have a great weekend. Love and blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

I'm so not a cat person and that even made me laugh. Thanks for much :)

God a Have Faith said...

I saw that video with you last night and it looks almost like the kid with those black eyes when the cat gets close up like from the Grudge!

Eyes look Freaky!

Great and funny video Sweets!

Keep the Faith!

Silver said...

You are a huge blessing around and i'm pretty sure that i am going to miss you too.

Catch you when i get back ;)


Elle Bee said...

Thanks for the laugh this evening! Cats are so fun. Off to see if there's any more funny entries in the dolphin photo!

Bentley Boutique said...
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Bentley Boutique said...

Now that's what you call a scardy-cat! HA