Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sea of Stars

I have always been fascinated by the night sky. The infinite amount of space and the never ending curiosity of what lies beyond what the human eye can see.

I love the night time!

I love sitting someplace high above the city, like on a mountain road that rises up and allows you to gain a birds eye perspective on the world below.

You are simply mesmerized by all the beautiful lights of the city, the glowing heat rising up into the cool night sky, peace!

It's quiet there. I used to drive a mountain pass everyday to and from work, so it often times afforded me the luxury to spend some time, just stopping by the side of the road and looking over the city below.

Below where the chaos of a busy day was nearing an end. Where somewhere parents were reading a bedtime story to a sleepy child in bed, or where a parent was coming home from a very long day at work, to the arms of his loving and grateful family! "Daddy's Home!"

Then above like tons of watchful eyes, the stars begin to appear. First you spot one or two, the brightest of them all for the evening and as the sun continues to settle on the horizon, more would join them.

You don't see them very much if you live in the city or close to the coast due to the cloud cover or the lights from the city blind you from seeing them, but they are still there. Still watching.

I am glad that I live in the High Desert and our city is relatively small in comparison to others, down the hill, as we call it. To a more populated place.

Here in the desert, there aren't many city lights so our skies remain dark at night. It's a lot quieter here too! You don't have to drive very far, to be in complete darkness and free from any noise.

It's just you and the sky. Just you and the heavens above.

Here there are millions upon millions of stars. Too many to ever begin counting. If you stop and just stare they begin to flicker. Twinkle! If you're lucky, you can see one fall! Make a wish! Hurry!

It gives you the opportunity to see the beauty of what God created when he separated the earth from the sky and added all the stars. It's simply beautiful.

Something that will only last here in this time, while we are on Earth. There won't be a night time in heaven. Only eternal light from God.

So I enjoy this, because God made it. Made it perhaps and added the stars and moon so we wouldn't be so afraid of all the dark. The inky blackness that seems to go on forever, if it weren't for the stars.

At some point though the sun rises and the stars remain out of our sight until the moon returns to the night sky once again. The stars are always there.

I wrote this post because each night I lay in bed and look at the ceiling like most of us do.

We lay and bed and think of all the things that happened that day, or what we need to do tomorrow. Or perhaps we worry about things that are on the horizon, but may never happen, so it keeps us up.

I lay here watching the stars.

I can see hundreds of them above my bed.

I can really see them and they last until the morning.

I can see them because my hubby put them there. As a surprise!

One night as I turned off the light at bedtime, thinking I would see nothing more than the light on our DVD player, I was surprised and delighted to have my own personal night time sky to view each night.

He added hundreds of glow in the dark stars to my ceiling. They are so transparent that you don't notice them during the day, you only see them at night.

He created this just for me, so it's not so dark anymore.

The stars are watching over you.

Just like when God created the night time sky outside for me, my hubby, created one inside just for me, to remind me how much he loves me and cares for me. Just like God does for each one of us.

Bet you'll never look at the night time sky the same again!


skoots1mom said...

very peaceful

Gotta Have Faith said...

Great Post Sweetheart! I put the stars above you so you have plenty of space to sleep in. I love you and will always be there, just like the stars sent from God.

christy rose said...

Kat, I love how you said, "just like God made the night time sky
outside forme, my hubby, created one inside just for me, to remind me how much he loves me and cares for me." I love reminders!

ps i follow your husbands blog now too. So I feel as if i am getting to know both of you now. You are a great couple.

RCUBEs said...

I imagine "serenity..."
God bless and have a great weekend sister Kat!