Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home of the Future

I am sure if you're reading this post you are probably thinking about our future home in Heaven, well not quite. Not yet anyway.

Often times ideas for blogging comes at the wierdest of moments, like in the shower, reading a book, sitting in church (sorry God just listening to more of your words at all the same time!), or driving in the car. The idea just hits you! Bamm, like Emeril would say!

Yesterday, I was driving in my car to pick up my daughter from the airport and my hubby and I were talking about different blogs we read, something interesting we heard and how do ideas come about.

Then things change and life comes into the picture. We started to discuss all the things we had to do and have yet to do around the house so we can sit back and enjoy the weekend. That's when I got my idea.

I remember watching the show the Jetsons when I was a kid, and thinking at the time, man the future is going to be so great when we get older, technology is going to kick in and machines will do the work and we can relax and have more time to ourselves.

Reality check. 2009. Sure some things have gotten a bit better with age, like communication, cell phones, Blackberry's, computers and virtual working environments, but the home is still just as stagnant.

Microwaves? Sure these cook our food in less time, but what about the quality? I remember when someone said you could microwave bacon and it would taste just as good, and then we tried it and it tasted like fake bacon that was rubbery? What happened to the crisp? And why is it all curled up in a ball? Oh that's right you need the device that you have to use to keep the bacon flat? Right? You can never microwave bread, because even though it starts out soft, as seconds accumulate on the clock, the bread begins to harden into something no human can bite into.

Forget the prepackaged microwave foods now too, because thanks to the plastic and plastic wrap that most of these come packaged in, we can't eat them if we cook in them. The chemicals in said plastic now, can become so absorbed in our foods and cause toxic poisons to build up inside our bodies, that we must remove the food and place it on a plate and heat it up. Again, where is the convenience in that and now I have more trash that must be washed out before I can recycle it?

I'm sorry but short of heating up water, I really like the quality of my food cooked the old fashioned way, in the oven or Bar B Que.
Then the invention of the convection oven. It's suppose to make your food cook faster and more thoroughly than a microwave using less power. Um yeah right. I bought into that lie, when our oven in our home needed replacing. You are going to upgrade to the latest model right? Sure, that's why there are commercials for home improvement stores and the financing is just right.

So I bought mine thinking I could cook our turkey for Thanksgiving in 30 minutes and have it taste like I had been slaving away at the oven for days. Um, Not! The only thing a convection oven does is lower your temperature by 25 degrees and you still cook it the same amount of time, but you have to know which rack you need to use to make it cook just perfect. Huh? That's an innovation in food preparation and speeding up my life? Let's just order out!

So as far as the food preparation goes, nothing has impressed me so much to make me fork over my hard earned cash. Nope microwaves haven't improved either just made them more complicated with more buttons to push to cook or should I say "heat your food?"

So where did the Jetson age go? Robots??
Well all the ones I have seen are great, but they are really slow. Too slow for me in my fast paced life. Even the Rumba, the robot vacuum has issues. I mean who has the time to watch this thing scoot all over your floor for hours when in 15 minutes, I would be done. Now I have to watch where I am walking to avoid this thing running all over my floors, and it doesn't do corners. It's a round robot, how can it do corner cleaning?

I saw an infomercial last night for a ultra violet vacuum that is supposed to sanitize your carpets while cleaning them. Basically it's a vacuum with a light on the bottom, is all it is. They don't even list the price because if they were to list it in the commercial you wouldn't buy it. So it's a tease offer. I mean what mom won't want to sanitize your carpets while vacuuming? Where has my head been at all day?

I am still waiting for that future. The future the makes our lives so much easier. The self cleaning house. When it senses a crumb hit the floor it's vaporized. Instantly sanitized. No more bending or stooping. The entire house cleans itself. When you step out of the shower, it goes through a self sanitizing stage and cleans itself ready for the next person. No more foggy mirrors in the bathroom anymore or the irritating humidity from the last person that was in there. Nope instantly perfect!

Windows are made of stuff so amazing, nothing sticks to it. No dust, no fingerprints, nothing. They look great all the time. Even if you wet them, they dry perfectly clear. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if NASA doesn't already have this in use on the Space Shuttle! Time to share!

The mirrors anywhere in your home, is coated with the same stuff as the windows. Nothing is my biggest pet peeve than smudges in my mirror.

Ah but if all this were to happen, where would the good folks that make things like Swiffers, and Pledge, and Clorox go? Where would products like Febreeze end up? Perhaps only God knows.

After all my home in Heaven is where I will finally find peace from all house cleaning and sanitizing of counter tops and bathrooms. Germs won't be an issue and dust, well, I don't believe dust will be an issue in the future. I can retire my vacuum to the closet once and for all.


christy rose said...

This is funny and so true! I remember the Jestsons. We all thought that is what life would be like by 2010. Well that is next year and I do not think we are even close. But then again that is probably a really good thing. We already are getting overweight and lazy in this time period of life. The Jetson's lifestyle would only add to that I think. I would love to fly everywhere instead of drive though. That would be great!
Thanks again for the award. You are so very sweet.

RCUBEs said...

I want one of the flying cars like that of the Jetson's! I don't like smudges in mirrors, too. Maybe someone might be able to invent a wiper exclusively for the mirrors in the bathroom? Your post is funny yet makes you long to be in the home awaiting for us. Because we know that everything there is perfect: eternally...God bless you sister.

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

I love the Jetsons! Oh, to have those conveniences!! But I agree--Heaven will be so absolutely wonderful--even better than the Jetson's!

P.S. I just popped over from Charlene's and I wanted to meet you!

What a fun blog!

Andrea said...

AMEN...sometimes/many times simple is sooooo much better and frankly it is easier. A life without gadgets and running around like crazy would be heaven for me.
Blessings, andrea

Tea With Tiffany said...


This is funny and true. I relate to all the issues you shared. I loved watching the Jetsons. Something about all the conveniences allured me to dream.

Yes, I am glad we have a future home without dust. Heaven!!

I don't like dust ever since I heard it was mostly skin cells that we lose as we exfoliate. I don't want to see anyone's skin flakes on my tables. Keep them on, please.


Have a great week!

LisaShaw said...

This is great Kat! I hung on every word!

As for the Jetsons I'll take that car if I can fly over traffic!

Great message filled with such truth and humor.

Love you girl!