Monday, June 15, 2009

It's All In A Day's Work

You think getting up early each day, getting ready for work, and heading out to face traffic each day is tough? Ever wonder what the life of a super hero must be like? Sure we can always imagine have the extraordinary super powers and being able to save the day from some unworthy bad guy, but what is it really like?

You have no normal life. Take for instance an super hero you know and try to view their so called average day. There is no such thing as a normal day at the office for them. Oh they try and pull it off, but ultimately somewhere, some place, their super powers are needed and off they must go. I mean superman really doesn’t have to worry about getting too old to take the jar off the peanut butter does he?

No more privacy. Who do you tell? Your spouse and kids? Family and friends? No, you must safe guard your super powers from everyone because if you honestly told anyone, they wouldn’t believe you until you had to show them. Then they would be asking you to do all kinds of stuff for them. Selfish whims would come into play, depending on your super powers. Of course then there are those who would want to be your friend merely for the sake of saying they know you! Ah see how you can’t really trust anyone?

You need a sidekick. Someone whom you can really trust. An ally! Someone who doesn’t see their needs in front of your own, but one that would do anything for you. Your job may be lonely but you don’t have to do it alone? What would your sidekick be?

Lonely! Life as a super hero is lonely. Especially cause people don’t understand what its like to be you, to be different, to have super powers. You have more enemies than friends who wish to torture you for making their plans go south. Someone would always trying to figure out just how to get rid of you or what your weakness is.

Danger, Danger! Your family and close friends would always be in some sort of mortal danger from the bad guys that are seeking to do you harm. In the course of your seemingly normal day, most likely you would have to save someone you know from danger. I mean that’s the key advantage to all super hero movies, is that someone you love must at some point, be in peril. Their very life is in your hands!

Wait Just a Minute. You don’t even have time to get comfortable anymore. Just when you sit down to call it a night, the light in the sky begins to flash or the red hot phone rings next to your bed. Time to go!

There is always enough time. Even when the red LED lights are flashing on the bomb, or the train is about to run out of track, there will always be time for that one last share look into each others eyes or for that one final kiss to happen!

Every day would be different. You never know what you would have to save the world from today, meteors from outer space, alien attacks, kidnapping, global disasters that keep the very lively hood of all who live here on the brink???

Your Real Job! Your boss would constantly hate you, always push for you to do more, never give you that deserving promotion, and threaten to fire you when you have to dash out the door unexpectedly. Then again, once you save the city from catastrophe one final time, they will ultimately try and take all the credit.

Mulligans and Second Takes! You will always have the opportunity to do it all over again in a sequel and once more this whole situation listed above with try that much harder to do you in once again. Your wounds will heal, time will begin to pass but somewhere, someplace, someone is plotting your doom. Ah a super heroes life is never done!


RCUBEs said...

Heroes are easier to admire than to define. They are seldom conscious of their moments of heroism. Other may not think that their acts is heroic. It is a tough job!

twofinches said...

Good comment RCUBES...and an interesting post Heart2Heart...I never really thought that hard about what it is like to be a Super Hero! ThoughtI am pretty sure there are lots of lessons for me hidden in the cute way you laid all that out...

Warren Baldwin said...

While I was reading this I thought, "This is going to be an article about parenting." It could almost fit! Don't parents have to function like superheroes sometimes? Once those little ones come along there is little privacy, we are on constant call, we have to become chefs, nurses, doctors, repairmen, athletic coaches, etc. - we have to do it all! Fun post.

skoots1mom said...


Leslie said...

My kids and I happened to watch Sky High yesterday (with Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston). The Sidekicks didn't like the Super Heroes! So the Heroes would have to put up with jealous co-workers!