Monday, June 8, 2009

Child Like Parents

When God said that we have to become like children to enter the gates of heaven, I don't think He meant it literally. I think that we have to become childlike in our faith and beliefs where we believe without question and are nice to one another and easy to forgive.

Remember what it was like growing up and you got into a fight with your "best friend?" Oh sure you said some angry things but we never swore or cussed each other out, or even raised a finger to harm them. We usually said some mean things to cause pain, and then we wouldn't talk to them for a day or so. The next day, one of us would eventually call the other to ask them to do something, and it was like nothing happened. Sure apologies would come out, casually but we knew these were nothing major.

Flash forward to the present when I am talking about the "new child like qualities" in adults. These are not positive by any means.

These are the child like qualities of parents who think no rules apply to them, they can do what they want, and when they want and they answer to no one. If any one so much as questions them, Oh are they going to get an earful.

These are the very same parents that raise their children to the same levels as themselves. No rules or guidelines, no consequences for their actions, just do whatever you want, and if anyone questions you, we sue!

Huh?? Did you catch that?

We were involved in a situation last night, where the manager of an establishment for families had to confront an 18 year old who insisted on using foul language and deadly threats, when asked to leave this place due to his rude behavior and comments. The manager simply asked him to leave.

Suddenly phone calls were made, other teens were involved and this situation soon escalated to a level no one wanted. As the 18 year old was walking out of the building, he kicked open the door to the building and hit a 6 year old girl knocking her some 4 feet back.

This is where it gets ugly, the manager can no longer deal with the situation with the little girl because now this 18 year old is out of control. Parents are arriving to pick their children up and are asked to leave immediately. The police are called.

The 18 year olds mother now gets involved threatening the employees of the place with lawsuits for harming her child. Did you catch that? He was politely asked to leave and didn't. No one touched him, the security guards merely walked him outside to prevent the escalation from getting out of hand indoors and injuring kids. This parent now arrives with 4 other males intent on a fight and continues to spew profanities on all the employees and any one else involved.

The police still haven't shown up, but eventually do but it now has become a spectator sport of sorts with people standing around waiting to see what will happen. The 18 year old is still threatening the manager with bodily harm and even taunts him with trying to hit him. "Go on and just try and hit me!" The mother is still swearing at everyone else and teens are almost coming to punches with other teens.

Finally more parents arrive and few begin to discipline their kids for their rude and disrespectful behavior, use of inappropriate language, and making threats on other kids there.

The father of the injured girl shows up and isn't the slightest bit pleased with how their evening has come to an end, and he is also an FBI agent. NICE!!

Let's just say he put things into perspective with the 18 year old teen, his mom and her four male friends. He isn't the least bit happy his daughter has been hurt and is going to handle things quite a different way with them. He doesn't hold the manager and employees responsible for the injury to his daughter, he is holding the mom and her son responsible.

What chaps my hide is where does the mom think that her sons actions are OK? She doesn't reprimand him but reprimands everyone else for telling her son what to do and what not to do. It's her right. As far as she is concerned, he can do whatever he wants, says whatever he wants and can go where ever he wants.

Let's just say he and his mom aren't welcome at this family place any longer. They are trying to weed out the bad elements and keep it family friendly. I don't understand and can't tolerate bad parents. Now the establishment is having to become even more strict in their rules before opening the doors again at a cost to them.

They set horrible examples to their kids which we other parents have to deal with. They see nothing wrong with their actions or their child's. These parents need serious help. Serious help!

What's even worse is that these children all come from broken homes, and have already found there way into crimes and jail. Yet they keep lashing out at everyone. Everyone else is to blame for their circumstances. These are the parents and kids that refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

Even though I have written this blog to protect the identities of those involved, please pray for this manager, let's call him B that God will strengthen him and will move in powerful ways to create a place where families and kids can have an evening out without this type of element being there. Please pray that God will severely deal with their teens and their parents and allow Him to work mightily in their lives to bring about a more positive change.


RCUBEs said...

Sister Kat, I feel your frustrations as I also deal with these kind of people. Long ago, we used to float to a juvenile facility nearby. These are young teenagers who had already murdered others and don't even act like they regret it. Sometimes, I wonder too if their actions were fueled by parents who don't teach responsibility to these kids who had done wrong stuff. And I know it's true in some aspect.
There are so many teenagers like that and parents supporting their bad behaviors. We do need to pray. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us to do our duty to train our children in the way they should go. Lord, help us and guide us!

Daveda said...

Hi Kat, thanks for coming by my blog! I will have to thank my friend Christy!

I am with you, I think one of the best things we can do for our children is to teach them to take responsibility for their own actions.

Billy Coffey said...

Amen, Kat. There's so much being said about how kids nowadays are so rude. I think there needs to be more said about how their parents are raising them.

christy rose said...

I think teaching responsibility to our children is just the beginning of them learning respect for what is right. Otherwise, they have no reason to even care what is right if there are no consequences for their actions. I feel your frustration when we see parents who are modeling this same behavior.

LisaShaw said...

I agree with your assessment Kat and your feelings on it. Many people of unruly and disrespectful kids/teens don't want to be held accountable or have their kids held accountable!!

Praying for everyone involved. Sadly this is a story that is NOT uncommon in the world today and we will probably see even MORE of this.

Love you.

Crown of Beauty said...

There are a lot of really lost people out there... and you are right, they got it from faulty foundations from wrong parenting... and the cycle is quite vicious... because the parents got it from their own faulty upbringing...

The sad thing is that these people do no know right from wrong... it is the "If it feels good, do it" mentality.

All I can say is Lord Jesus, save us, and come back soon!