Friday, April 3, 2015

NOTHING Good About Today!

Today would definitely not be like any of the other days in my life. Today would be a culmination of the entire reason I wound up exactly where I am. Some might even call it divine appointment. Yet no matter how much I don't want today to happen, it was meant to be from before the very creation of the earth. I only hope they'll understand everything after today. In fact, I shared with them everything that was going to happen, but I don't think they understood what it really meant.

There will be no sleep tonight. No, there is too much to be done. The fate of man rests on my own shoulders. The future of every man rests on what happens tonight. My mind is reeling with all the things that have happened, what will happen today and what the future of the world looks like. I'll miss those that I have become close to. I hope they will hold on to those memories when the storms of life happen. I pray that they will remember my words and when times are the darkest I hope they will bring them comfort.

The weight of today is much more than any man should bear and that is the very reason I came to this earth. To save mankind. To restore a right relationship with my Father in Heaven with His beloved creation. There is so much working against them, that I hope many will follow the path I have laid out for them during my time here. I hope they remember how kind I was, how much I loved people despite how very different they all are. I hope they remember how I lead others to God, the one true God of the Old Testament, my Father. I hope they remember to pray for others when they themselves find themselves facing persecution. I hope they remember not to be perfect but simply allow God to work through them in whatever way He chooses. I hope they hold on to their faith when things become dark and the enemy tempts them at every pass. I hope they heal the sick in my name, that they show others what it means to love unconditionally so much so that they are willing to lay down their life for another as I am doing today.

I'm finding it harder and harder to breath, Father and I know my hour is coming. As I look down at those who stand below me, trying to see past the blood flowing through my eyes, I hope they know how very much I love them even if they don't understand why this had to happen. The winds are beginning to pick up and I lift my head through the agonizing pain of being beaten and I look to those on either side of me. I am even dying for them though they don't realize it either. One of them calls to me and asks me to remember him when I come into my kingdom tonight. Though drawing a breath is beyond difficult, I tell him, "Tonight, you will be with me in paradise." He seems to believe and is satisfied with my answer.

I know what lies ahead in these next days and I pray that they will not lose hope. I pray that those who have followed me will remember my words that I will rise again on the third day. The time is here and I see the clouds beginning to darken. Oh how I feel the weight of the wrath of my Father in Heaven as I bear every sin of mankind upon my body. The wages of sin are death and to atone for mankind once and for all, this sacrifice must be made. For them. For those who will chose to believe in me and my Father in Heaven, there will be eternal life. There will be no more spiritual death for those that believe in me. They might still endure a physical death and they will be tempted by the enemy until I return for my kingdom one day, but there will be a life waiting for all those who believe in me.

I draw my final breath, as I look to heaven and utter, "It is finished!" as my head rests for the final time upon my bloodied body.

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Jeff said...

Excellent way to start off this solemn weekend. Thank you.