Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Do You Need A Body Guard?

When you think of people who require a body guard, you'd probably think of a celebrity, members of high ranking government positions or even a sports figure who is sought after by fans. When you look at your life, do you need a body guard?

Odds are probably not. Not anyway yet.

Why is that? Why would you need a body guard?

Body guards are needed to protect the very lives of those who have hired them. Willing to die for them if need be. Not exactly the job I would sign up for.

Yet why do people do it?

Definitely something to make you wonder about. People who would take on a job, going to work one day and might not make it home because they have laid down their life for someone that they really don't know.

But it's easy to consider when it is someone you know really well. Inside and out on all levels. Perhaps even love. When you ask yourself the question then, would you be willing to die for someone you love, the question is an easy one. A no-brainer if you will.

Trust me when I say this that there is NOTHING you have done in your life that is so terrible that the death of Jesus at the cross, doesn't cover it.

It's not like you tell God what you did, and He says, "Wow! I didn't even think about that one. Nope that one is simply too great, it's not included."

No everything past, present or even future based sins are ALL covered in the death of Jesus on the cross for YOU!

Even if you were the very last and only person on earth, EVER, Jesus would have died just for you, because like you've experienced, there isn't anything you wouldn't do for someone you truly love more than anything. If it was between them and YOU, you would gladly take You over them.

Jesus can relate to us more than we think.

Why is it then, that Jesus who was the most loving man on the face of the earth, and the most loved, is the most hated?

He never laid a hand on another, never condemned or judged people based on their actions, past or present, but instead forgave them of their sins and were told to simply go and sin no more. He never killed the people who really wronged him, beat him, and even crucified him, even though He had at His disposal legions of angels that would have answered the call in a heartbeat.

Why is it when He was crucified, the first words He spoke were, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do?"

Because in all honesty they really didn't. We have no idea of the magnitude of what Jesus felt, endured, and knew in advance all that would happen to him. Yet He humbly went to the cross in our place.

Yet how often do we look upon Easter week, and fail to understand the depth of that kind of love? To remember what He did, so we can have a restored relationship with Him and God, the Father. Open lines of communications without all the rules and regulations of sin sacrifices any longer? Where have we fallen short in our day to day actions of simply leaving Jesus behind.

We ARE living in the last days. People all around the world are willing to die for Jesus. People who have less time in their faith than we do, and willingly are killed because of their belief in a loving God.

We may not need a body guard right now, but trust me, there will come a time, where you will wish you had one. When the persecution of Christians and believers in Jesus Christ will come to a full blown conclusion. Where you will have to take a stand for your faith. Will you take a stand for Jesus, or will you take a stand for this world?

Those my friends, are your only choices. Which one will you stand for? The eternal consequences are simple. Stand for Jesus, have eternal life. Stand for the world, eternal punishment.

God is providing a way for you to come to a loving place in Heaven, but He won't wait for long. We will ALL be given that choice in life, but the choice is ours alone to make, because He loves you that much, he doesn't want you to die. But you can't have it both ways, and don't think you'll always have time for that later. Death comes swiftly and unexpectedly at times, and you may not have another chance.

I challenge you today to take a stand for Jesus, for your faith. Would you be willing? If you don't take a stand for something, you'll fall for anything. Choose Jesus.

Sinner's Prayer

Father, I come to You, confessing my sin and asking for Your forgiveness. I thank you, Lord, for You have promised that if I will confess my sins, You will be faithful to forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. I want to turn from my sins and live in Your will. I ask that You give me the power through Your Holy Spirit to live the right way.

I thank You that Jesus Christ died on the cross, paying the price for my sins, and then rose from the dead. I accept Him now as my Savior, my Lord, and my Friend. Thank You for giving me new life in Christ. I surrender myself to You; make me what You want me to be. In Jesus' name. Amen!


LV said...

Amen! Well done.

Jeff said...

I strive each day to better myself and follow his word.