Monday, April 27, 2015

Best Decision of Your Life

Why is it that when people get to the end of their lives, they suddenly look back and have so many regrets about the amount of time they wished they would have spent with those that they loved in life? They never regret that they didn't make more money, or bought more things, achieved the promotion that had been eluding them all their life as they struggled to climb the ladder of success as defined by the world.

They wish they had more time, if they are indeed lucky to be able to sit back and take their life into account. Most are not that lucky. Their lives ends in a split second with no time for a look back. I think the best thing that we can have happen to us is the chance to see it before we get to the end. Tou realize that everything we pursue in life, will be a waste in the end. All those material things will simply be given to someone else. You take nothing with you in this life, except the memories of how you lived this life.

The best decision isn't what you did during that dash in between your birth and death, but when you realize that this life offers nothing that fills that empty space in your life. We struggle in vain to try and fill it with the things of this world, but nothing stays. We might think, Oh, if only I had the perfect man in my life, things would be great. You get the guy and still there is something more missing. You think, Oh if only we had a family, things would be great. So you have kids and still something is lacking. Oh if only we had a great income where we didn't have to struggle so much financially, then life would be perfect. You get that job and then you realize it wasn't all that it was cracked up to be, and something is still missing.

No matter what you fill in the blank with, if I only had ______, I'd be happy. Unless it is Jesus Christ, you will never be satisfied and you will never feel complete.

I can honestly say looking back on my life now at 51, I truly wasted so many years of my life, living for myself instead of filling it with things of God. I wish I would have done more to further God's kingdom instead of my own. All this stuff around me, is just that, stuff that will go to someone else when I die. I appreciate all that God has blessed me with, but none so great as my eternal assurance that when this life ends, I have hope that will never end. I will stand before Jesus as my Lord and Savior and be welcomed into heaven! This life will pass away, but my eternal home will stay forever.

I only hope that in the days I have left, I impact the kingdom of heaven with what God would accomplish in my life. We need to honestly ask God to show us what He wants for you to do today to bring Him, glory and honor. We need to ask Him to help us be willing to do whatever He asks despite how much we might want to refuse. The best decision in this life, is our willingness to leave our worldly lives behind and be willing to follow Jesus. He is the only thing that can fill that emptiness in side our hearts.

Oh Lord Jesus, I ask that You break down all my barriers of doubt. Help me to realize that this life offers nothing for me. I lift up my face and close my eyes, not so I can't see, but so my heart can feel the power of the presence of Your Spirit moving in me, to be willing to take that simple step of faith, to follow You where you ask me to go, and fear nothing. I give You my life, broken and surrendered for You to use ANY WAY YOU want, just keep me walking on the narrow path and may the remainder of my life, be a true reflection to what You look like when others look at me. Break my heart for what breaks Yours and I'll give You the thanks for it, for I ask this in Jesus Name ~ AMEN!!!

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