Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Love Books? Want to Add to Your Collection?

Do you love a great novel? What is your favorite genre, mystery, suspense, horror, speculative fiction, romance, Amish, westerns, historical or even inspirational? Have I got a deal for you!!!

If you read my "Hoarders" post from yesterday, most of you are up to date with what is happening as God is connecting the dots. For those of you that haven't, you can click on the word and it will take you to yesterday's post about the amazing power of God and the Holy Spirit to work amazing things in not only your life, but mostly to glorify and honor God.

I've been a book reviewer since 2009 and with that I've accumulated quite a collection. God was placing a need on my heart to be willing to part with about half of them if not more to bless those like myself that truly enjoy the love of reading. I had planned on donating them to our local library to aid those who can't afford to buy a book, but love that experience of being so immersed in a great story it removes you from this life for a period of time. That is how I discovered reading by the way.

So yesterday while standing in the shower, God have me another prompting and that was to help another blogger, Tiffany Stuart from Tea with Tiffany, fulfill her dream to head to Uganda as part of the Beauty for Ashes Missions trip. He simply said to make the call and He would do the rest. I mean what did I have to lose, besides Tiffany telling me, No.

But she didn't. In fact, we talked on the phone after being fellow bloggers for several years but never really got together to talk, and man, could you feel God moving in that moment. So here is where you come into the picture.

I have a list of books I am willing to donate to help Tiffany get to her missions goal of $3500.00. She has already received donations of $400.00 and needs the remaining $3100.00. This is where you get an great deal. Simply look through the attached list and let me know what your book selections would be along with a donation of any kind. Pay a $1.00 per book, $5.00 per book, $100.00 per book. The choice is up to you and God. All the donations will go to help Tiffany get to Uganda at 100%. What is the catch, I only ask that you pay for shipping costs. I am going to use Priority Mail because not only do you get the books faster, but you pay one standard fee to ship as many as will fit in the box.

Can you order 1, 5 or all of them? Yes!!! That is the beauty of this. Now is the perfect time to add some exceptional novels to your summer reading list. To buy a great gift for that book lover in your family who will never turn down a great book. And the best part is its a win/win. You get a great collection of novels and you move us closer to helping Tiffany achieve her goal.

You can even skip selecting books if God has placed a need on your heart to just donate money without anything in return by clicking on this link to pay with your credit card to her ministry directly. Donate to Beauty for Ashes for Tiffany's Trip!

How do your participate? Simply email me at after looking at the list and let me know which books your interested in, how you want to pay, and what you wish to donate. I'll figure out the cheapest shipping costs to your address and email you back with a confirmation of the total costs. Once payment is received, your books will be shipped. If you want to add insurance, that is fine too! Since this is a first come, first serve, we can't not guarantee your selections but will do our best to keep the list updated as books are selected. We might even add more as we get them.

If you have any questions about any of the books, you can find the synopsis on Amazon if you look them up along with the author, you can email me directly, and if you have any questions at all, I will be more than happy to help you. Some are hard covers, most are paperback and a few are Advance Reader Copies. They are all from a smoke free home and have been well cared for being stored in a book shelf in my office. They are like new and have not been written in.

You can find the list here and it's being updated to add another 200 novels at this time. Uganda Book List.

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