Monday, March 2, 2015

Changing My Perspective in Storms

With all the cities everywhere experiencing their own set of wintery weather and rain, I was hoping we might get some but alas, it is not meant to be despite the threat that appears in the sky. It seems our local weather guy can't even get it right either.

It's not to say however that others in Southern California are getting their fair share of weather and some rain and even hail in odd parts. A friend just shared a photo on Facebook that it snowed at his house which is just a block away from the beach. Yet nothing here except other types of storms going on.

While I am still, yes still, recovering from my kidney stone procedure that happened little over almost three weeks ago, I am progressing. In fact on Thursday last week, my doctor apologized for not setting some correct expectations on what to expect afterwards so at least that put my mind at ease that despite how "easy" it was, recovery is still a bit ongoing.

It brings me to where I am blogging about things today and that is blanket statements that you might post on Facebook that offends people. While you are NOT targeting any one particular person in general, people still are offended and see it as a direct attack on them, which was NOT my intention.

The issue I had was with the way some "Christians" use the word "Karma" when referring to anything that happens in life. From the way it is used generally or intentional, for me, it bothers me. I, for one, as a Christian don't believe in Karma nor do I sit back and wait for someone to get their just desserts as some would say, just wait, Karma will get you.

What this comment did generate was a healthy debate on my Facebook page about why people feel the need to use the word in their speech and their justified reasons for doing so. I hate it when it is used because if you substitute it for what they really mean, it's still wrong in my opinion. Karma for me, is a Hindu belief that shows that your actions have consequences and while you might not get it right when you deserve it, you will at some point in time. When punishment ensues, you're getting your Karma. For some in my family, they immediately felt I was attacking them personally by my blanket statement because they had just used the word on their post within minute of me posting mine. Again, it was strictly a statement to say I don't like it when people use the word and claim they are Christians. If they took it as a personal attack on their character, that is up to them and not something I feel I need to apologize for. I apologize in the same general sense in which I posted the statement, that I was not attacking any one person in particular and if someone was offended by the statement it was NOT my intent.

Facebook posting is funny like that. You can post something on YOUR page, and other people feel the need to comment as if you have personally attacked them instead of opening up a great debate opportunity. You would think it would never severe your relationship with your family over such a statement, but apparently it seems to be the case. While I have apologized for my intent, I don't feel the need to apologize over how someone took it and subsequently reacted in haste and 'unfriended' everyone in my family from their pages.

I've bothered by this since it happened and then came across this in my devotional this morning as if God was providing me the insight I simply couldn't see in the midst of all of this.

"Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking in anything. " James 1:2-4

"I can't say that I am mature enough to be joyful when a trial arises in my life, but I have progressed beyond curling up into a fetal position with a blanket over my head, whining incessantly or crying to my friends. Okay, I still cry to my friends sometimes. But I have begun to rely on God. This is huge.

Instead of going directly into "Why me?" mode, I am beginning to be more interested in the lesson. What are you trying to teach me here, Father? I am open and willing; please help me. Once I switch gears and get my head out of the circumstances, at least enough perspective to see as far as the next step. The testing of our faith is in trusting the next step to be illuminated, and perseverance is when we continue to walk along His path. This is a lifelong journey, to be sure.

I read do want to move to the level of joy. I know people who live there. I want to actually celebrate when the next trial appears. I will start by praising God first, and then asking Him for my lesson. After all, if He sees me as a worthy candidate for more training, maybe He has an assignment in mind for me."(pg 61 - Heart of My Heart).

So for now, I have apologized for my intent because that is what God put on my heart for now and the rest is up to them to decide how to move forward. For me, I will continue doing what I believe and hope in time, differences may resolve on their end. .


Sharon said...

Your post reminded me again of why I'm glad I'm not on FB. But, I have to agree with your thoughts. I sometimes find myself being superstitious about stuff, and then I have to pray for forgiveness because this is so NOT God.

Glad to hear that you're recovering, and may your healing continue rapidly until you feel great again. And yes, I'm with you, I'm learning how to learn in the middle of my storms, too.


LV said...

Sorry you are still not up to par from your surgery. Some types just take longer. I have only had one surgery and that was gall bladder. It was a snap. Keep true to your faith beliefs.

Annesphamily said...

My good friend from Japan is a Buddhist and she always says Karma will pay this person back etc. I think sometime people get caught up in the silliness and don't realize it. I know I have been guilty of it. Recently, when I lost my job (Nov), my friend "Karma will pay them back". Well, it is a long story of lies why they let me go but the girl who replaced me is miserable. My two friends still work there and no one likes this woman. I can not feel sorry for her and I pray about it, because she is the one who went thru my personal things and the manager told me about it. They said I took their stapler! Oh goodness, I have a house full of staplers as I did several direct selling businesses so I needed my own office supplies. Anyway, I think sometime how you treat others does come back around. When I was younger I would hear people say, don't be upset, every dog has their day. I dislike FB for the political agenda so many have. If you know the bible, voting, complaining, posting this junk will not change the course we are on so I just say I don't want to see it! But some get so militant with their views like the gay rights and immigration. My father use to tell me, God is in charge, there is nothing we can do but trust Him and pray. I had the flu in 2013-14 at New Year's Eve and it took me three months to get my strength back. Sometime surgery is a quick fix and sometime it takes a longer while to heal. I am praying for you, feel better soon. Have a good week. Hugs!

Annesphamily said...

I am so sorry. I was getting frustrated with my comment, I was telling you my friend is Buddhist and believes in Karma. She is the one who said Karma will pay them back. I know everyone is not a believer and many Christians sit back and are silent. I think they are wrong too. I have people disagree with me all the time. I just say I think we should not discuss this. Sometime we have to live and let God! Sorry for my error on my comment.

Mari said...

I don't believe in Karma either and I agree that Christians shouldn't use it. I'm sorry that you have people upset with you over that.
Sorry your recovery is moving slowly too - hope you are soon feeling back to normal!

Saleslady371 said...

Yeah, we can only be accountable for ourselves in these hard lessons. I like the way you describe the "process." You are working through it and that is commendable. I hope it gets easier in the days to come and I hope that family relationship gets restored soon. In these times, when I've done all I can do, I step back and remind myself, "I'm pre-approved."