Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Bitterness of Life

Who hasn't heard of Warheads?

Supposedly if you haven't, let me enlighten you.

These are small candies that are suppose to pack a powerful bitterness that most can barely handle. Unless of course if you love sour things like lemons and sour candy. Yet the impact is the greatest when you first pop the powdery hard candy in your mouth.

In fact, just thinking about this is making my mouth water. My husband and my youngest daughter can handle them. I have to hold on tight for the ride because I know if I can handle the bitterness for a minute or two, the true sweetness comes out when you get closer to the center.

In fact, check out these young faces and see what I mean. (If the video loads slowly, simply double click on the video to open it directly in YouTube.

So where I am going with this. Well God's great like that, in that I can be doing something like simply watching the video you just did above, and He uses that to shine a light on a message for me to share with you. It's simple but powerful.

The storms of life that we all have to endure are a whole lot like taking on a warhead. For some, they thrive in those types of situations. They smile and just get through it because they know it won't last long. Then there are those that can barely stand it when they find themselves at the beginning. They can't handle it for any length of time and spit it out. They completely miss out on the blessing they would have discovered if they simply endured the bitterness for a time.

Just like the Warhead candy, there are some that are easy to deal with than others. The blueberry ones the worst for me, I can barely hang on to get the end of those ones. Much like there are certain storms of like I don't deal well with like ones having to do with financial impacts I am not expecting. For others of you health issues, family relationships or job difficulties may be your blueberry Warhead.

What God is trying to teach us all, is that it will come to an end.

We have to endure these trials for a short time in His eyes so that the sweetness can come into our lives by simply weathering that storm He has placed in front of us. We will be used in the most amazing ways if we simply push on through that day and ask for God's help to get through it.

We'll never know just how close we were to getting to that sweet part of our storm if we simply give up and spit it out.

Trust in God in all things!

Sweetness always seems hidden beneath the bitterness of what life brings us if we are simply willing to wait it out and deal with it with God's help.

"I can do all things through Jesus Christ, who strengthens me." ~ Philippians 4:13


NanaNor's said...

Hi Kat, What a powerful post today! We must truly depend on Him in all things. Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Noreen

Mari said...

The video was pretty funny, but what you got from it was wonderful and just what I needed. I have some bitter things happening in my life right now and I really needed this. Thanks for sharing Kat!

LV said...

No bitterness in your post. Just sweet, blessed words.

Sharon said...

My mouth puckered up at the sheer mention of Warheads! Yes, I do remember them!

And what a great lesson you brought out. We must always look at our sufferings through the eyes of God. There is always an end to them, and the purpose of them is always a good one.

"Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later." (Romans 8:18, NLT)