Thursday, June 27, 2013

Can I Get An Example?

In the world of technology, I find myself often times falling further and further behind the younger generation. I still have not joined the world of Iphones but have managed to gain hold of my first Smart Phone. What I don't understand is if it's supposed to be so smart, why all the hassles of trying to use the apps that phone comes with. When I got my new phone there isn't even an owner's manual to accompany it, just a link within the phone that takes me to the internet to look at all the options. I don't know about you, but this just doesn't work for me. How can you follow along with a link on the web from your phone and then toggle back and forth to do what you need the phone do to. For me, often times it's the most simple thing, like putting my phone on silent or vibrate without having to go through multiple steps. I need an example to follow.

That is why I am more than thrilled when I find someone with the same phone as me, who has become a master at anything that phone can do. I'd rather consult with them than look through the millions of options online to explain what my friends can do in a short and sweet manner. I even love it when they show me things I didn't even know my phone can do like hitting an app called City Lens which opens up what looks like a camera option on my phone. I simply look through my phone's window and turn around and depending on what I'm searching for will show me where the nearest restaurant, bank, gas station or movie theater is based on where I am standing. I then simply click on the link and it magically opens up the navigation portion for turn by turn directions to wherever I am looking to go. I could easily see using this when visiting places where you literally don't know where anything is, like out of the area travelers.

So I am sure, you've figured out this isn't just about me and getting someone to show me how to use my phone, right?

Nope, it's a God thing today.

Meaning God's got a message for you today.

Just what is it, well its based on what I see happening around me every day. And it impacts me more when I see people who claim to be Christians leading people away from Christ. What do I mean exactly?

Lately even Christians have thrown up their hands in frustrations when the things they often pray about don't happen. It might mean a job change, financial help or you name it. In light of the way the world's headed, it's easy to get lost in the shuffle with everyone else. However what I find it that when people know you're a Christian, they expect a certain standard from you. Often times they expect you to handle crisis better than most. Often times we don't live up to their expectations. I think that reflects poorly on us because it sets the stage often times for what being a Christian looks like.

We are instructed by Jesus to follow Him. He is the perfect example. We are therefore, to be like examples of Jesus in the world today, since Jesus is not physically here. We are. We are often times the only examples people will see of what following Jesus looks like. We are to be that example to the world or at least the people we encounter every day. We don't have to be perfect, but I would examine how you act around people who know you are a Christian.

What would they say Christ looks like after looking at you?

Ouch! That one stung didn't it.

I'm the first to say, I mess up a lot. I don't always live up to what I believe Jesus wants to see me do every single day, and often times I don't even bother to take the time to say a simple prayer and invite Him into my day. I just assume He'll jump on board and follow me. But that is my first mistake. I can do NOTHING without Him. Oh sure I can accomplish things, but how many times I have missed the mark of what I was suppose to accomplish today because I was simply too worried about my to do list getting done.

Lately I've watched my fellow Christians simply give up. They go to work at a job they hate for years hoping that someone will simply fire them rather than quit and move on if they're not happy. They set a horrible example of what being a Christian is to those working around them see. I don't think they are setting the type of example God will ask us to show the world. We are instructed to give our very best every single day. We are followers of Christ, let His light shine before all to see.

I think most of us have simply thrown in the towel with the world. Living a life for Christ is not an easy one, but one we never have to go at alone. We have Jesus Christ, all Powerful, All Knowing, All Capable of providing for us whatever we need to accomplish His goal for us today.

I would encourage you to look at the example you've been setting lately. Would God be pleased?

How many people know you're a Christian? What kind of example have you been teaching them lately about what it is to follow Christ?

The end is drawing closer and it's time to not conform to the world's standards but to be set apart from them. I hope this message encourages you in some way and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

Matthew 5:16 " In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."


Denise said...

Amen, speak on sweet friend, love you.

Sharon said...

You know, it's interesting - I had lunch with a friend today, and we were talking about some of these same things. Her husband just lost his job earlier this year. This was the 2nd time he's lost a job recently. The last time he was out of work for 2 1/2 years. Her heart is just broken, tired of praying for answers that don't seem to come. She said something to me, why would anyone want to become a Christian when things like this keep happening?

I know she said it from a place of deep hurt, and I know that her faith is strong. But it got me thinking. We ARE called to be ambassadors for Christ, but it's so often hard when we are getting hit by life and the enemy's arrows.

So, what are we to do? We follow the example of our Savior - who had hope in hopeless circumstances, peace in the middle of chaos, and always looked to His Father for strength.

If we can do that, through the Spirit's power, we WILL look like Him.


KrippledWarrior said...

I saw a comment on TV just last night that read, "Preach with your life, not just your lips"

LV said...

No one is perfect. We just need to live our lives the best we can based on the good book. I do not have any of the tech toys. I do good to use my computer.

David C Brown said...

Testing words.
In the end we will be conformed to Him -fine to show His features now.