Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Material Possessions

One of my most favorite things to do over the weekend is to yard sale or garage sale. Yes, I am one of those early risers who seeks our the local paper, plots my plan of attack and spend a few hours looking through stuff people are selling. In fact some of my best deals have been discovered at Estate Sales! I don't always have a goal in mind but I do have a price point in which I won't overspend. For me, it's a way of helping people who are selling off what they have spent a lifetime accumulating and are moving on to a different way of life.

In fact just this morning I woke up with such a burden on my heart based on an Estate Sale my husband and I went to just last weekend. It wasn't even one that was published in the local paper. We were on our way to one yard sale when we spotted a plywood sign with the words Estate Sale spray painted on it. Through a series of negotiated turns and looking for more signs, we came upon a single story older ranch home. The front yard was overgrown with dead or dying hedges and bushes and the garage was open, revealing a mound of what appeared to be trash in the center.

We called out a hello to see if we landed on the right place, and a young teen ventured out of the house with his head down apparently in the middle of texting someone on his phone. We asked if he was in fact having an Estate Sale and where it might be? He pointed into the garage and said, "You can start in the garage and then in the house. It's all for sale." He never looked up just kept right on texting and headed back into the house.

My husband and I both looked at one another and wondered if this was for real or not. But like most explorers we ventured forward. The mound in the garage was literally piled high with boxes with stuff spilling out of them. Neither of us wanted to attempt tackling that pile and wondered what the house might offer. It was simply more of the same. Strewn all over the house it looked like someone had literally ransacked this home and all the remnants were left wherever they happen to fall. There were old figurines that lay broken on an old table, and just stuff as far as the eye could see. The young teen we met in the garage sat on a chair in the kitchen, nose still deep into his texting.

My hubby asked if this was his home, and without looking up, he said it was his grandmothers house. "If you see anything you want, make me an offer." He went back to texting. As I walked around and over piles of debris on the floor I wondered if this is how the women who used to live here, left her home or was this what was left after the family came through and just took what they wanted? As I looked at the books, records, furniture or stuff this women collected over the years, I grew sadden. Is this what our lives will look like long after we are gone? Will people come along and dig through our personal things, taking what they want, what they think they can sell and simply leave all the rest behind for someone to pilfer through? What about all the memories that they left behind caught up in the things they bought, collected or kept?

It reminded me of what God tells us about collect material possessions here on earth where they don't last and instead spend our time, precious as it is, collecting possessions in heaven where this will never happen. What a truly memorable moment for me. In fact, my husband and I talked about it as well picked up a few records and figurines that this is what lies ahead for all the stuff we own here on earth. When our time comes, people will determine what our stuff is worth and either keep it, sell it or simply throw it away. Nothing we buy in this lifetime will be waiting for us in heaven. It is simply passed down, sold or thrown away. Puts a completely different spin on what we think our net worth and value are.

In fact just this morning, my brother and I were having a conversation and he was sharing how one person he met had a net worth of more than a billion dollars. You would never think about it looking at this man. I countered his comment with I'd rather have a net worth of more than a billion dollars in heaven than one here on earth. Sure it might satisfy a few wants and needs for the moment, but I couldn't help but find my way back to the Estate Sale I visited this past weekend. Nothing lasts forever except what we do here for the glory of God and His kingdom. I think it's time to get busy and see what we can do now to impact what happens in our eternal home much more than the one we have now.

There are literally so many needs that need to be fulfilled and we have ALL the resources to help. Sometimes we simply choose to let someone else meet that need, but I feel God is challenging YOU to do your part and help. In whatever way you can. Perhaps its volunteering, sponsoring a child in need, or donating money to someplace you always wanted to but never found the time. Today is that day. Today YOU can make a difference. The best part is that what you do today to help the least of these in need with the right heart, goes a long way towards your heavenly home. Remember God is watching and He knows your heart and your thoughts. Stop waiting for someone else to do it. This is your moment!

1 John 4:20 ~ "If people say, 'I love God,' but hate their brothers or sisters, they are liars. Those who do not love their brothers and sisters, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have never seen."


Mari said...

I'm so often reminded of the fleeting worth of material things. I've taken care of so many people that had so much, then they got old and sick and were reduced to one room in a nursing home. If they had nothing besides their things, they really had nothing.

Terra said...

That estate sale had a huge lesson in it for you, and then you shared it here, so we can get that same important lesson.
Whatever we leave behind here will not matter to us any more.
I love this story in your post.
My relative is very concerned about her house full of "stuff" and who will care for it upon her death. Well, the truth is, no one will adopt that whole house full.