Monday, June 3, 2013

Having a Thankful Heart!

We had an amazing weekend. So many things to truly be thankful for. I lay in bed each morning and before I even take one step out of bed, I try and remember to thank God for granting me the opportunity to even be here today. Not sure what He has in mind for me today, but I know He's got a plan in mind. It's also a way to begin my day on a positive note.

I don't need reminders of just how old I'm getting or how on certain days it would feel better to simply lay in bed all day instead of venturing out and accomplishing what needs to get done. School, book reviews, or chores around the house. There is always something that needs to get done.

That's why I decided to share my thoughts with you on changing the way we begin our day. I was even challenged this morning through a Facebook post to change my thinking today to simply reflect all the things that are going right today, and not everything that isn't. WOW! What a thought for the day!

Imagine how that might impact your day to face that challenge on your own. No complaining, whining or even dwelling on what isn't going right, hasn't happened yet or what has yet to happen. Just taking each hour as it comes and finding something to be thankful for. The problem we often have is that it happens so often we fail to see it as the blessing it is. How often we put the key in the ignition to our car, and turning the key and it starts! How on just our simple faith alone, we believed it would, but we forget to be thankful that it did.

We get like that a lot. Forgetting to say thank you to people who do things everyday that make our life more meaningful. I think we all forget to say thank you when we should. For the ride to work everyday that someone may provide, for the bills that get paid because there is someone in our home that makes a living for that to be possible, for those that work in our communities to keep them safe. Imagine what a world would look like, if we thanked more people for what they do to make our lives better.

Yet the first thing we do when something goes wrong is forgetting all the times God answered our prayers. We get to be like the Israelites who wandered the desert complaining about everything but forgetting all that God has already did for them. It's like they forget that He is capable of doing anything they need.

I need to remind you that God owns every single thing in this world. He is capable of providing for ALL of your needs. He can simply move things around on His own to make the answers to your prayers come true, so why do our prayer lives reflect anything less than belief that He can make that happen. Where did our confidence go?

Perhaps we need to journal our prayers to God more. Date them with what we need as well as the scripture promises that go along with our belief that God can make that happen. Then stand back in awe and be prepared for some mighty works from God. If we are faithful and turn our lives and needs to Him, He will answer. Just remember, He may not always answer the way we would like, but He does answer.

And if you don't have any needs at the moment, I would be praying and thanking God for that time in your life and be aware that He may be asking you to meet the needs of someone who is praying for help. Be open to letting God work in your life and using you in ANY way He needs to accomplish His work and to bring about His glory. All He needs is an open door and a willing heart.

Thank You Lord for the work You will accomplish today in my life. Thank You for meeting all the needs I have today. Thank You for the opportunity to provide an open door, a willing heart and a thankful attitude for You to do a great work in me. No matter what happens today Lord, I will be looking for the good. May my attitude of gratitude be so contagious everyone begins to catch it today. Thank You for simply being You! ~ AMEN!


Sharon said...

A much-needed message to this *glass-half-empty* girl!

Gratitude really is powerful. And a thankful heart is just the perfect place for God to plant His character and His purposes.


LV said...

Kat, you made by day by visiting. I have you back on my blog roll where I can find you. I am truly thankful I get out of bed at all each day. As always, you share some of the best inspirational words with us. I am truly blessed and never forget it.

David C Brown said...

Thank you!

Janet said...

I love your post today. I have been working more on more on counting my blessings. My hubby and I write in each journals every morning and it just happens that we both wrote about our blessings. Everything is a blessing. God is good and faithful.

Blessings & Love

Greg C said...

I like that post. Thanks for sharing. I sometimes what to ask the complainers that I know; Do you ever have a good day? I know I do all the time and I am thankful for that.