Thursday, May 7, 2015

Calling For God's People to Wake Up!

So often when people hear the words of 2 Chronicles 7:14, "“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land,” we think it is talking about the nation of Israel, but if that is true, who are God's people? The Jews?

I believe it is referring to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ. We, are His people. Since 9/11, it is hard not to see the trending pattern of acceptance into things happening all around us. Who would have ever thought a man like Barack Hussein Obama would ever be president of this nation? Now more than ever since his almost 7 years in office, we have watched the trend towards acceptance of things happening in the Middle East, Muslims and Islam being condoned for their religious practices, while we watch untold beheadings by ISIS, terrorists organizations from all over, slowly permeated into this country while we sit idly by and do nothing.

Even the church in America is becoming drunk off the world's success and are falling into the deception of the world. Where was the church when prayer was being removed from our schools and the 10 commandments being taken out of our public buildings, when our support of Israel began to wane, when American citizens sit in Middle East countries being held against their will in prison and we do nothing.

There should be such a rise to action for believers in Jesus Christ to begin to move like never before in this nation. God is going to hold us accountable for what is happening in America today, because we have sat by, on our hands and did nothing to stop it. We need to stop looking to our leaders for them to act and begin right now, by praying for our own repentance against God. We have become that church in Revelation that was apathetic and did nothing while evil continued.

On this National Day of Prayer, we as a church need to WAKE UP! We need to spend time today in prayer and begin to ask for forgiveness for being so idle to the evil all around us. We need to pray for the biggest revival in this great nation. We need hearts turning back to Jesus and the only way that is going to happen is if the church begins to make the move. We need to stop procrastinating about our service to God and get moving, get busy.

The signs are all around us for setting the stage for the Tribulation period. If people aren't alarmed by televised beheadings by ISIS, how acceptable will they be when it begins to happen here to the Christians and believers in Jesus, because that day is coming, very soon.

Churches need to get busy preaching the Word of God, and stop trying to fit in to gain more members. We have forgotten its more about the content than the fancy packaging, but that is all this world is fixated on now, is the fancy packaging. It's what it looks like that matters.

We have Pastor Saheed who is in prison in Iran, an American citizen, who if Ronald Reagan was President would have already had him back home. Negotiating with Iran on a nuclear deal would NEVER be happening, our withdrawal of support of Israel would never be considered; and those ISIS beheadings would stop. 9/11 would have NEVER happened in this county with Reagan at the helm. He wasn't afraid to put his faith on the table, and the United States of America was never more blessed.

We need to pray for an Acts 12 moment for Pastor Saeed. He has spent 950 days locked away in a Iranian prison simply for his faith in Jesus. I hope he has radically changed lives of those prisoners and guards and they too have come to accept Jesus as their Savior. Yet what is this man doing, he is praying for America. We all need to be more committed to our faith like Pastor Saeed is.

NOW is the time for prayer. We, as believers in Jesus, have the most powerful weapon imaginable available to us, but we fail to use it as often as we should. Let us all begin somewhere today, and prayer for our own recommitment to Jesus. Let us repent of our sins and move toward a life more fulfilling of a believer. Let us continue to pray every day for our country, for our leaders, for our cities and neighborhoods, for our friends and family. Let the power of prayer be unleashed in a way it has never happened before. Let us all wake up from our slumber and pray to the Creator of The Universe, Jesus Christ, who can do all things, nothing is impossible. Everytime the people of Israel turned from God, blessings were removed and curses happened, but the minute they turned back to God and began to pray and ask for forgiveness of their sinful natures, God heard and healed their land.

NOW church, NOW is the time to pray. Please take some time today, get away by yourself and ask for repentance in Jesus Christ. Join with us all today, united in one heart, one mind, to pray for this country for God to hear our prayers and move like never before to stir the Holy Spirit into a revival for our nation. NOW is the time!

Lord Jesus,

We sit in humble adoration of Who You are! The Alpha and Omega, the Great I Am, Yahweh, The LORD of all Creation, and ask for you to forgive us today Lord, of simply forgetting about You, and becoming so involved in the world, our churches sit empty. Lord help heal our brokenness and turn our hearts back to You. LORD, there is nothing You can't do and we ask for the Holy Spirit to go out today in a rushing wind, and touch the lives of those prodigal believers and call them home. Lord, raise up such a faithful church presence in this land once again.

We ask that leaders in government offices, who have fallen away from their faith, come back now as never before. Send them dreams and visions of what is to come, if they don't turn back to You. Lord we know You can hear our prayers today, and Lord we ask that You be honored and glorified by them. Let them be a sweet sweet sound in Your ear today. We pray for strength and comfort for Pastor Saeed today. Lord if it is Your will, let him be released in a supernatural way so many will believe in You through what happens to him. Help us not to forget those brothers and sisters in Christ, that are facing death because of their belief in You. Strengthen them, comfort them, and give them a glimpse into heaven like Stephen before they die. Help us to pray always for them, and for You to heal this great nation for we ask this in Jesus Mighty Name ~ AMEN!!!

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Mari said...

So true! Have you heard of Jonathon Cahn? He wrote 'The Harbinger'. If you haven't read it you should. You should also check out the clip I put on FB of him speaking in Washington on April 29. I really think you would like it.