Wednesday, February 12, 2014

True North

Lately I've been debating just which quilt pattern I want to attempt next, but have always been drawn towards the Mariner's Compass. It's such a beautiful but complex pattern to attempt to quilt but I think there is a reason I've been drawn to the sea my entire life.

There is something amazing about the sea. It's endless, meaning it has no end and no beginning, It just is. Surely all the oceans are linked and they all stay within the borders of not overflowing onto the land masses on earth but it's more than that. People have long admired the sea. Not knowing what lies beneath the deep dark blue waters, or just how far it goes. One can simply set out on a destination and ride the wind blown waves to another shore given enough provisions and patience.

The sea calls.

The waves seem to beckon us to draw near and come in.

There is a lull to be immersed into the waters when we can be rocked by the waves.

I often wondered at the salt content in the water. Why God chose salt as the basis for water's unique taste.

The Bible says God carefully keeps every single one of our tears in a bottle and often times, I wonder if those aren't poured out into the oceans kept preserved until the end of the world.

Psalm 56:8 ~ "You keep track of all my sorrows, You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book." 

If God cares enough about each of our sorrows, each of our tears, you can surely believe He cares about whatever you're going through right this minute. 

But is also danger found in the ocean. When rogue waves come at us unexpectedly. When turbulent hurricane blow with unparrelled power threatening everything in its path.

Even an experienced captain has often found himself at the mercy of a storm and his only prayer is for God to save him.

And sometimes God saves and sometimes He doesn't.

There is a saying that a skilled mariner does not gain his experience and skill in calm waters, but in turbulent storms and I believe that is true. 

But throughout it all a captain would never venture into the ocean without his navigation equipment or his compass. Because despite what things look like around him, the compass will always point to true north. Once you know where true north is, you can find your bearings.

God is like that, being our True North. He is our ultimate destination. When storms of life threaten to overcome us, we can find comfort when we realize where True North is. We can use our compass, or Bible because it will always point to the truth. No matter what we find ourselves in the midst of, the Bible will always provide us with God's truth to endure and overcome our storms. It will never mislead us. If we are only willing to use it wisely.

We would never look at a compass and say, well I want this to point me to where I need to go, I'm not sure that's north or not, why doesn't it simply tell me where to go. No, we simply are given the choice to follow where it points and make the decision to use our skills to gain the insight to find our home port. Where safety resides.

I would encourage you if you are feeling lost, alone and out to sea without hope, that you'll find a Bible and search for the answers. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed in what you find inside. Your True North awaits.

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NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I love this pattern and it reminds me of something a lady from my Ca. Guild named Judy Matthison made-she is well known for Mariners Compass quilts and patterns. I love your spiritual application too.
Hugs, Noreen