Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Natural Cure for A Sore Throat

So many people all over the world are suffering from the effects of the cold and flu season so I wanted to share my recipe for something that you want to use when you have a cough or sore throat that is 100% healthy and organic. It takes a bit of prep time but once you have it, you will always want to make sure you have it on hand.

First you will need about 3 medium sized lemons of your choice. I prefer Meyer's Lemons when we can find them but any will do. You will also need a small mason size jar or if you like you can use an old spaghetti or salsa jar washed and rinsed. I found if you go to Hobby Lobby, they sell them in all kinds of sizes for around $1 with the lids, no washing required.

Then you will want to slice your lemons. The thickness doesn't matter, but I like mine a bit on the thicker side.

Next you will want to quarter the slices.

Begin to add the quartered slices to your mason jar, and keep adding them til they reach the top.

Once your mason jar is filled with the lemon quarters, get a container of your favorite honey. I love Naked Honey since it's organic and pour it over your lemon quarters in the jar.

You might have to wait a bit for the honey to seep down in the air spaces until it reaches all the way at the bottom.

Be patient, it may take a few minutes.

You might even get a knife and make a space alongside the jar for the honey to make its way to the bottom.

Keep adding honey til it fills up the spaces in the jar and just below the top of the mason jar.

You can either use it right away or put it in the refrigerator. The honey and lemon juice will combine to create a watery mixture. That is what you want it to do.

When you are ready to use it, simply add about (4) quarters of lemon and about (2) tablespoons of the honey lemon juice mixture in a cup or mug. Add boiling water and stir. You may add additional honey to sweeten to your taste and enjoy hot. It tastes like hot lemonade but trust me when I say the moment I get a tickle at the back of my throat, a sure sign a cough or sore throat is on the way, I make some of this mixture and begin drinking as many cups as I desire. I've never had a cough or sore throat manifest once I start drinking this.

In fact everyone I have told about this, raves how well it works. I even had a Bible study teacher who was completely sore, swear it was the only thing that not only made her feel better after she had lost her voice but soothed her sore throat. I even had friends make it for people after they realized how good it was as a gift. You simply can add more lemon quarters or honey to your mixture as you begin to use it to make sure you have enough on hand.

There are some amazing benefits to using honey and lemons and this one for me works every single time!!!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you, I love natural items you can make at home.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, I grew up using honey & lemons for sore throats-I suffered from them all the time and this cure really helps. I never made that much, just took 1/2 lemon and squeezed the juice and added honey to it-would just sip on it.
Thanks for sharing.

Our7isheaven said...

Thank you! I'm all for making and saving money on home remidies!

Our of curiosity do you have or know of anything for pulled muscles?