Friday, January 31, 2014

How to Get Through A Bad Day!

Just as you were headed to work today, you step outside to another cold, dreary and gray day. Rain is coming down in sheets and as you walk out to your car, you notice a flat tire. You shake your head wishing you would have taken the time to get your spare fixed so this wouldn't be an issue today and you could simply change the tire. As you step back inside the house to call for an emergency call to have someone help you, your phone rings. It's your boss telling you that you've been laid off due to the recent economic down turn in the company and hopefully in a few months they might be able to hire you back. How will you deal with things? Why does it always seem just when bad things happen, they come at your like a tidal wave? Where do you go from here?

Sometimes we wonder just why bad things happen to good people. Why, as believers in Jesus Christ, are we living a blessed life without all the tribulation and trials that should fall on the people who are walking around, shaking their fist at God, and moving ahead in the company with yet another undeserved promotion.

"In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted,while evildoers and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived." ~ 2 Timothy 3:12

The Bible makes it quite clear that we aren't out of the woods just because we are believers in Christ. Just the other day, I was talking to my brother and telling him I know God will be working on me til the very end of my life to control my words and thoughts. It's a struggle to not unleash on those that deserve my words especially when I feel wronged. It's hard to turn the other cheek at times, especially when other people seem oblivious to what they say that impacts us, hurts us, wounds us deeply.

So how can we move on? How can we simply put all that stuff that is happening on the back burner and not let it hinder our walk of faith?

First of all I believe we need to understand as humans living in a sin-filled world we are in a daily battle. It will never let up until we reach our heavenly home. Emotions are funny things and too often we let them rule us instead of taking back the control we let them have on our situation. You might need to take a few moments or longer to process what is going on. It's easier to do when the situation isn't happening to you personally but to someone else who is simply sharing their struggle. We can see things differently because we aren't in the heat of the moment like they are, filled with all the emotions and feelings running around like caffeinated children in a china store unrestrained.

But we can take those thoughts captive. We can control them. Think you can't? Just imagine this situation happening and then someone showing up at your door unexpectedly whom you wanted to impress. The one you hope will NEVER see you sweat. Your pastor, your parents, someone you are hoping to impress with your calm, cool manner. Let me tell you, you'd be able to put that on the back burner in a second, paste on a happy face and get through your moment. That's how I can tell we can control our emotions and feelings.

Now we just need to put that into action. The enemy loves to torment us and replay the situation over and over again in our mind, on a never-ending loop. I believe the first thing we need to do is drop to our knees and pray. Ask God to help you deal with what's happening. To help you control your emotions, feelings, thoughts, words and actions and help them fall in line with His word. Ask God to show you what to do and to help you see things through His eyes and not your own.

Then I recommend, putting on some praise and worship music and thank God for what is happening. The Bible says we are to thank God in ALL things, not just the ones we'd love to thank Him for. We might not know what good is coming from where we are at in this moment, but God does. Will He share that with you, perhaps, but we shouldn't expect it. God knows when the timing will be right. We need to praise Him in our storm. Oh, it really upsets the enemy when we won't fall apart, wail and throw a fit. Nope, not going to give him the pleasure, going to go to God who can deal with it better than we can.

When you have calmed down, and feel God's peace come upon you, then I recommend, you go to His Word and see if you can gain insight or perspective in what is happening. Let's look at the situation above from a different perspective.

The rainy day in itself isn't so bad, it prevents you from having to turn on the water and water your plants. It's vital for life to grow in your yard and the sound alone if we simply stop at listen is soothing. It is washing away the dirt and pollutants in the air. That flat tire you got this morning, was meant to prevent you from heading into work because you were facing a lay off anyway. You wouldn't have dealt with it well if you had been in the office. Not only that, the flat tire prevented you from being in a huge accident that would have totaled your car and set you back even more financially. The job you just got laid off, was taking time away from your family and your commitment to your marriage. You were working so many hours just to make ends meet and you hated going in every single day. Now you can find something that works along the lines of what God has in store for you. That job is waiting for you to simply apply for it and it will bring you much more joy and happiness.

Changes how we view things right?

Why is it when tend to dwell on what isn't going right instead of what God has in mind instead?

You might try it next time trials, storms and life happens. God has something better just around the corner. I know you can't see it, but He can. Trust me, it's worth it! Are you willing to change your perspective, trust Him, surrender your situation to Him, and thank Him while you are waiting?

Would love to know how you handle difficult days and storms when they happen?


Chris said...

Thank you so much for your article, its so nice to find people out there with answers for dealing with trials through faith.

I have a friend, Tara, who had a really powerful experience that shows the principles you mentioned in action. It is a really cool story, I'd recommend checking it out:

Our7isheaven said...

Thank you! I read almost every post you put on your blog and although I may not always reply you are a HUGE blessing to me!