Friday, January 3, 2014

Gone, but Not Forgotten!

All good things must come to an end one day, or so the saying goes! It's time for another trip down memory lane today at some of our favorites from years past are revisited again. And yes, some of that came from yesterday's phone call with my brother.

Looking back since 2008 when the economy really took a turn for the worst so many of our favorite chain stores are no longer in business. One's like Mervyn's were a classic for us because they used to carry some great brands and the stores were always well stocked and clean. It was definitely a place I always went when I wanted something exceptional. Now I have to visit Kohl's or the upscale J.C. Penney's.

However taking a look back at some of the changes even that store went though says a whole lot about our times. I remember when Mervyn's used to offer specials during Christmas that will certain purchases you got FREE gifts like a set of wine glasses with perfume purchase, or even Knott's Jams and Jelly's with other purchases. It allowed you to definitely stretch your Christmas budget a whole lot more.

Now it's time to really go back in time to some old favorites that are no longer in business at least where I live.

My all time favorite store was Woolworth's. I remember visiting that store with my mom each Christmas Eve when the store would stay open all night long and have special guest passes so only those that had them got to get into the store for special Christmas deals. I absolutely LOVED doing that every year!

Then there were membership stores like Gemco. I remember we could only get in to this store if my parents flashed their membership card. I guess it was similar to Costco but not quite as warehouse-like. They literally had everything.

Then there were old favorites like Montgomery Wards, a definite competitor with Sears, but I know I loved Montgomery Wards so much more than Sears. Sad to see that one close on our end.

Then there was an oldie like Zody's. I can't even remember what use to be in this store except something probably along the lines of Kmart or even Target.

Like all great things, these have come to an end at least here in California but the memories behind some of these amazing shopping trips were definitely something to reflect on and remember good times. What about you? What old vintage shopping stores did you use to shop at and what memories do they still hold for you?


God a Have Faith said...

I remember Fedco too" much like Coscto, Fedco was the Costco of 30-40 years ago!

LV said...

Those were the days. The way things are going there will be more added to the list.