Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey, you down there!

"One newspaper columnist wrote about how God would like to take a turn to talk to us who live on earth. They wrote God started out with a greeting to those living on the earth and asked how things were going. It might look something like this:

Hello to all my sons and daughters living on earth,

Just thought I'd take a moment to ask you just how things are going there currently on earth since you have declared Me extinct and have taken charge of things. Is there peace and order in the new world you have created? Is it the perfect world you have envisioned? From where I am sitting I can see how children are often abused and neglected. I notice the millions of people that are addicted to drugs that are destroying your minds and lives. Your new morality has become slavery to immorality and you now live in fear and don't trust one another.

I see how children are no longer safe in their backyards or homes or even babies in their mother's womb. I have seen more murdering and suicides and what are called accidents are not accidents at all causing terrible suffering. Most of you are chasing after wealth and power or pleasures not thinking of me or helping others. You thought your Science and Technology could replace me. Natural disasters leave you helpless because you can't hold back the mighty waves of the seas or stop the earth from shaking. Can you control fire, wind and the sea?

Did you put the oil in the earth you use or the fish in the seas? Can you produce your own air, water, or soil or bring back the stars if they fall? Can you save yourself from flinging into space if the gravity should fail?

You could live by my commandments to find inward peace and happiness, but you have rejected them, or you have changed them to suit yourselves. Some of you have tried to explain your problems arrogantly with your vast scientific knowledge. Others just blame such things on Climate Change or Political Incorrectness.

My ways are higher and different from your ways as the heavens are above the earth. Just remember this: My mercy and longsuffering are forever, but my justice is final.

Love God. "(Helen Colby, "Hey, you down there, can we talk?," Fort Madison, Daily Democrat, no. September13(2011)

Interesting conversation considering that we are still murdering millions of innocent babies while others praise the results of a woman's right to choice for her own body even if it means taking the life of an unborn baby. God's mercy and long suffering are forever, but His justice is final. Time is running out and God's justice will be swift upon those who take the innocent life and continue to stand behind the policies that support this decision.

May we continue to lift our country up in prayer and pray for swift change to come upon the earth like never before. May we turn back to the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. May we pray for hearts and minds to turn back to God and may we realize it before it's too late! 

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Sharon said...

One nation, under God.

Still praying that our country will never forget that, and live accordingly.