Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy 43rd Birthday Baby!

Today I celebrate the birth of my husband, Steve, exactly 43 years ago today! I thank his parents, Bill and Vera for the gift of his life today. Not knowing who he would marry or if he would, he has become my biggest hero next to Jesus.

He is Jesus in human form for me, teaching me His ways through my time with him on earth and the best part is that I get to enjoy him for an eternity as well. He has become a huge spiritual leader in our family and shows us daily through unconditionally loving us when at times, we can be quite unlovable.

He provides me with strength so that I don't have to go through tough times alone, we weather most of our storms together. He's my fairy tale come true, even though most don't believe in fairy tales.

I can tell you that I won't change a thing in my life, cause if I did, it might mean I don't get to share it with Steve. So today, while we take a journey in a fairy tale like way, going to Disneyland, I wanted to wish him a very Happy Birthday today!

You can be my pirate and keep my storms from overwhelming me!

You can be the fireworks that light up my darkest days.

You can take me into infinity and beyond showing me how to be a better wife and mother, by walking in God's light.

You can remind me to become like a child again so we can enter the kingdom of heaven and remember to laugh again, play and never take this life so serious.

Happy Birthday Steven! May God continue to bless your life in so many ways that you will always be the richest man alive!


Mari said...

Happy Birthday to Steve!

Carol said...

What a sweet post to your husband, Kat. Happy birthday to Steve and many more.


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Happy birthday to Steve! What a great tribute to your sweet fella! Enjoy y'alls day!

David C Brown said...

All excitements in your household! The grace of God be with you all.

Mr Lonely said...

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

A very Happy Birthday to Steve, hope he had a great day. How awesome that God blessed you with him.