Monday, July 4, 2011

Let Us Never Forget

Too often on days like today we tend to let it slip our mind while enjoying time with family and friends, bar-b-queing, celebrating with the fireworks and having this day off from work with pay, that there was a price to be paid for this.

Today is the day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence and those founding fathers that were will to risk high treason to declare this countries freedom. Yet many men and women still risk their lives to keep people free not only in this country but in countries they would never think to rest a foot on, to keep people free from the terrors of those that would love to keep them in bondage, living in oppression and fear.

Today let us remember that many families will remain apart as we celebrate our countries independence while they continue to defend the liberties and freedoms we take for granted too often. Let this 6 minute video be a reminder of the cost for freedom and let us never forget those that gave up their lives and risked it all.

Happy 4th of July! May God continue to pour forth His blessings on those that want to keep our country one nation UNDER God! My personal and heartfelt thank you's to all those that have paid a price serving this great country of ours.

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Debby@Just Breathe said...

Beautiful post Kat. ((HUGS))