Monday, May 24, 2010

Trusting God With Your Journey

This is the last Bible Study in Shelia Walsh's book, Beautiful Things Happen When Women Trust God. Please join us today as we study Trusting God With Your Journey.

Abraham's journey has taught me so much about what evolving trust looks like. It helps me see how patient and loving God is with us as we learn. It's unlikely that many of us in the next year will be asked to pick up everything we own and transfer across the country or across the world, but there are other kinds of pilgrimages. If we could shift our perspective to view each day as a spiritual pilgrimage, how would that change our lives?

What would it look like for you to get up every morning with the heart of a traveler? I understand that you have commitments and responsibilities, but those do not have to be the loudest voice in your day. Each morning when I get up, I pray, "Lord,, I don't know where you are going today but, wherever it is, I'm coming with you."

On any regular day I know that I'll get up, make coffee, and have some quiet time with Christ before i wake my son and take him to school. Then I'll come home, go to the gym, come home, take a shower and do whatever is on the agenda for the day. But I do it with the heart of a pilgrim who asks, "Let me see with your eyes, let me hear with your ears, don't let me miss a moment with you on this journey home." In blue jeans or a ball gown, I am a pilgrim going home.

FIND ~ God told Abram: "Leave your country, your family, and your father's home for a land that I will show you." ~ Genesis 12:1 MSG How would you respond if that instruction were given to you?

Now, I would do as God asks because my faith is so much stronger than where it was before so if God said Go, who I am to question His intent and reasons.

What would make someone like Abraham follow those instructions?

Because Abraham was a great the only person in the Bible called God's friend. (2 Chronicles 20:7). So because of any relationship you have with your friends, if any of them called and asked for a favor from you, you would generally go with them.

Read John 1:35-51 When Jesus called the first disciples, they followed without delay. Why are we so reluctant to follow Christ the way the first disciples did?

I think it's because we may have grown too far away from God and too close to the world and the way of the "ME". We want to do what we want, when we want to. It's hard when it may be an inconvenience to us.

Jesus said, "Follow me." What did he mean by this command?

To literally leave everything and go where He went. Take nothing and just pack it up. The ultimate road trip.

How does his call to believers today compare to that call?

It doesn't really except that we don't have the physical Jesus here to follow, so we are suppose to do what Jesus would be doing if He were here on Earth today. Not putting ourselves first but to be willing to spend our lives serving those that don't deserve it so that by our works and not our words will they be won over to Jesus Christ.

FEEL ~ We know that God created us, and according to Jeremiah 29:11, has a plan for our lives. How do you feel about turning over management of your life to God?

Since it would make my life so much easier knowing which direction I should be going and walking with God, doesn't it make sense to walk with the creator of my life than walk ahead on my own. Isn't that how children get lost? When we gain overconfidence and do things our own way? I'd rather stay on the right path.

The early disciples left behind their homes, professions, and possibly their families to follow Jesus. In other words, their faith was their first priority. If someone followed you for a week, what would she conclude is your first priority?

Hopefully they would see, first is Jesus, it's how I start off my mornings, then devote time to my family and then others before finding time for myself. I think that is how God has designed it.

How do you feel about that being your priority in life?

I am completely content and wouldn't want anything else to have that priority but God.

What is something you think God might be asking you to do?

I think God wants me to share more of what's going on in my life with others and start to share the gospel more with this next generation. It's like passing the torch onto the next generation. If there is no one here to educate them, then what? We need more lights in this dark world.

In consideration of that matter, respond to the following questions: Is God telling me to do this, or am I just imagining that because of my own wants?

I am still waiting on this to be confirmed by God, if it's something He wishes me to pursue, let my home be filled with teens that need to hear the message He wants me to share.

What if I get this wrong?

Then God will find me, since He knows where I am, and bring me back to do what He wants me to do.

If it is God speaking here and I don't follow what I hear, will I miss his best for me?

I think we will miss out on the blessing and lesson He had in store for us, but He ultimately knows what our answer will be. He will just find another person willing to do His will for now.

God had been preparing Abraham for his journey. What is God doing in your life to prepare you for his plans for you?

I am sharing my mornings in prayer before my day begins and making sure that I am equipping myself in His spiritual armor He provided. He created it for me to protect me from the enemy but He can't put it on for me, it's my choice to do so. When I do, my days are so much more spiritual. The more I can keep God in my mind and praying as much as possible it really changes the outcome of your day. Problems literally flow off your back like water on a duck. I've finally learned how to actually put the armor on. Now I am ready to face my spiritual warfare for the day, prepared for battle and hoping that the enemy is trembling that I woke up.

Every place Abraham went he built an altar as a reminder of God's promises. What reminds you of God's promises to you?

My blog as it has served as my journal for my walk of faith in the last 2 years. It's easy to look back and see how far I have come, when I didn't think I would ever pass through those storms that I find myself in. Now I want in a closer relationship with Him. It really does impact all your relationships after giving Him priority in your day.

FOLLOW ~ It's hard to follow an unknown path. But it is possible if we trust the guide. God wants to guide us on a path to an unbelievable future. A future that is built upon his promises to us and his power over our circumstances. Is that the kind of life you want?

Who wouldn't! It's the path anyone should want. We have to remember however it doesn't mean our path won't have obstacles in them but we do have the ultimate power accompanying us on our journey who can handle anything.

What is keeping you from accepting God's offer?

Sometimes I think it's our own stubbornness. When things come crashing down, God is our first response, yet when things are going along smoothly, we take off running without Him. He needs to be with us, every single step every single day. As our first response everyday.

Summarize the instructions of John 1:43 by completing the following statement:

Because Jesus said Follow Me

I will go where He calls and follow Him!

Now write a prayer restating your commitment to follow Christ. Use this prayer as part of your daily time with God and as a reminder that because God created you, he has the best possible plan for you.

Abba Father, You know the plans that you have for me, plans to prosper and not harm me. You've known who I am since before I was born and I surrender my life and everything in it to you. May I continue to walk alongside you in every day I remain here, doing Your Will and Glorifying You. In Jesus' Name ~ AMEN


Andrea said...

Could you ask the people you interview whether their books come in ebook or not and if they are at B&N? I recently got a nook and I am trying to add books to it ,rather than buying one I can hold in my hand. This way I can take them with me. Just thought it might be a great ? to add.

PS: I have an urgent prayer request at arise 2 write.

RCUBEs said...

We just never learn. Prayed that prayer with you. Have a great week sister Kat. Love that pic you posted, too! God bless.

Together We Save said...

Tank you for this post!!

Angel said...

Thank you Kat for the great post!! It's quite a lot to think about and continue daily to focus on. Going where He wants us to go and doing what He wants us to do. I will definitely be pouring over the questions and my answers!! Love and blessings

LisaShaw said...

Hi Kat,

I've been off line for about 11 days and wanted to come by to visit with you and pray over you which I just did.

Thank you for sharing this book and your thoughts and heart in the LORD.

I have as of late; once again been reminded of the walk of Abraham and the relationship he had with GOD. The trust level that was required of him in order to see all that God ordained come to pass...awesome lesson for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Your comment on my uplifting blog truly made my spirit soar!

Denise said...

This has been such a wonderful study.

christy rose said...

I have enjoyed reading what you have learned in this study Kat!

Just Be Real said...

Awww too bad it is over with. This was good Kat. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you dear one. Praying your health is good.

Deborah Ann said...

I like your 'pilgrim' outlook on your walk with Christ! It sounds very bold and steady and brave...