Thursday, May 27, 2010

Almost Forever

Bryn Hennesey, is a volunteer at the Grove Street Homeless Shelter who uses her free time in the evening to avoid being lonely while her husband Adam works the late shift for the fire department. He has sternly told Bryn that he doesn't working at the shelter any longer due to the recent attack there of another female volunteer.

He has gotten a bit more protective of her in the last few weeks as they have begun to have serious discussions of starting a family of their own. Yet Bryn has a sense of belonging there in helping the many homeless people, who due to reasons beyond their control in this economy and tough times have found themselves with no place to go.

Yet tonight will change all their lives forever in one split second when a fire breaks out in the shelter. Since Adam is on duty that night, his station was the first to respond. Bryn doesn't want him to know she is there and hides among those evacuating the shelter. She sees him enter the building with 4 other fire fighters and trusts that he will make it out just fine like all the other times she has faced the fear of his dangerous job.

Suddenly the building collaspes in an explosion and Bryn has to face the fact that no one could have survived that including her husband Adam. That night five heroric firefighters died at the scene and like the rest of the surviving spouses, Bryn must find a way to begin again. But Bryn must do so living with a horrible secret...

Garret Edmond's wife Molly, was the only female firefighter to perish in the blaze. As her husband, it was his job to protect the woman he loved...How can he go on in the face of such unbearable loss and guilt?

And what started the fire that destroyed the dreams and futures of so many? Investigators are stumped. But someone knows the answer...

In her first novel, Almost Forever by Deborah Raney, you find yourself in the midst of the surviving spouses and learn how they begin to try and put the pieces of their shattered lives back together while the search for who started the fire continues. She was also the author of another great book I reviewed awhile back," Beneath A Southern Sky".

I was honored to review this book, compliments of Glass Road Publications, and must say, it was a nail biter from beginning to end. It had me flipping pages as fast I could read them and had me crying during some parts. You discover how God's love can heal all things and understand that even when things like death happen, God can restore it all and make it work out for the best.

If you would like to know more about this book, the author and even how to purchase a copy, please click on the link below. This book is available through Barnes and Noble in paperback as well as eBooks for those of you with the ability to download books.


Andrea said...

I have posted a prayer request for you and several others on arise 2 write with a link back to you. HUGS, andrea

Rita said...

Wow, sounds like an intriguling book! Maybe I'll have time to read some now!

Marydon Ford said...

Oh, Kat, you bet I am praying that your husband is able to find work quickly. This economy is bad & things don't look good ... God bless you all & may our prayers for you all be answered quickly.

Hugs, sweet friend ~ Marydon

Velvet Over Steel said...

Newest follower and prayers are going your way! Hang in there Kat!! HUGS, Coreen

Denise said...

Sounds good.