Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Product Review ~ Neutrogena Anti-Aging Skin Care

As I continue to age as a woman in her mid 40's, I am always looking at those tell tale signs on my skin and face that tell me I am getting older. The wrinkles under my eyes, the dark age spots from one too many summers at the beach and now even the effects of gravity on my skin all make me feel way too much older than I feel on the inside.

So when an opportunity presents itself to try a product that will counter affect some of these, I am more than happy to try it. I received an offer from Buzz Agent to try Neutrogena's Clinical Anti-Aging Skin Care line, and had to try it.

The packaging stated that is recommended by the #1 dermatologist to figure out how to go beyond lines and wrinkles and firm and lift for younger-looking skin in just 4 weeks. Well how could I not want to try this?

The kit came with a Facial Lifting Wrinkle Treatment SPF 30 ion2complex gel serum along with a SPF 30 activating cream. The ion2complex gel serum is applied to clean skin. You can use it at night, or during the day under your normal makeup which is what I did.

Before applying your makeup you add the activating moisturizer to activate the ion2complex serum. Both products are small enough to pack in your purse or overnight bag if you are traveling. You only need a dime size amount for your whole face and neck for both products.

The thing I noticed the most was the indentations between my eyes from too much frowning had faded along with some the the crows feet around my eyes. Not only that but the skin around my mouth, those tell tale parenthesis lines as they call them, are back on paper when I write and not on my face any longer.

I've tried the product now for a full 8 weeks and love the look of my face now! Not only that but Steve spends so much time at his job in the weather and sun, I had him try it with me in the mornings after our shower, and his skin looks so soft and wrinkle free!

I had my doubts in using this product at first because you really wonder if the product will work and risking about $ 38.99 for both products, you really want to make sure it works before investing that kind of money. But trust me for $5.00 per week, I would spend the money. Not only that but the product lasted long enough for Steve and I to both try this for our 8 weeks and we still have some left!

The products go on light and grease free, leaving your skin feeling like silk after you apply it. If you would like more information on this product and a way to save up to $20, visit


I received this product compliments of BzzAgent to review for being one of their BzzAgents and trust me, this one really does live up to its claims!


LV said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but it is too late for me. I am glad it is working for you two.

Steph T. said...

WOW! Thanks for that review! I alway hate spending on money on things that don't work so it's good to know it really does work!! I'm sure you look gorgeous!!! :)

Mich said...

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Tuesday!

Terra said...

Thanks for the review. I had to laugh when you wrote "before applying makeup" because to me, makeup is simply lipstick. I am glad to hear it is working so beautifully for you.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh I am so interested in this product. i will have to check out the link. Thanks. Always up for saving money too.

RCUBEs said...

Will it work for a 90 yr.old like me sister Kat? Dropping by to wish you a great rest of the week. God bless.

Denise said...

Sounds great.

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Hi Kat :)
Neutrogena products are the best!
I use the whole skin care line. For years i used Clinique and they just got way too pricey for my budget.
Great review! xo, misha

momstheword said...

Thanks for the great review! It's nice to actually see a recommendation from someone I trust who has tried it.

I'll have to look into it. Right now we've got some big medical bills from my hospital visits, but after that maybe I can give it a try!

Samantha said...

I will definitely give this a try.
Thanks for the review Kat !

Rita said...

I think we always are concerned about aging, but as I have grown older, I try to look at it in a different light. I don't worry about aging. It is going to happen so I just want to look the best I can as an older woman! I've seen so many women that I really admired their looks and they had wrinkles. But they were dressed so nicely and had a beautiful smile on their faces. I want that for my older years.

Beth Herring said...

Oh this is just too funny to me, because I was just looking at the wrinkles under my eyes and around me mouth thinking "I need to ask my blogger friends what they use that WORKS for these little wrinkles" and then here it is! I am going to get some - I hate spending money if I don't know it works so I am so thankful that you posted this! At 47, I need to start taking care of this now!

I do have oily skin though, is it oil-free - do you know?

Have a great day Kat,


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Thank you, that is good to know.
I am always looking for the next best thing.

teddytrump said...

I like to buy this for both of my parents :D
Thanks Kat