Thursday, January 14, 2010

Where does the United States fit into the End Times?

I watched while the Lamb ripped off the first of the seven seals.

I heard one of the Animals roar, "Come out!" I looked—I saw a white horse. Its rider carried a bow and was given a victory garland. He rode off victorious, conquering right and left.

3-4When the Lamb ripped off the second seal, I heard the second Animal cry, "Come out!" Another horse appeared, this one red. Its rider was off to take peace from the earth, setting people at each other's throats, killing one another. He was given a huge sword.

5-6When he ripped off the third seal, I heard the third Animal cry, "Come out!" I looked. A black horse this time. Its rider carried a set of scales in his hand. I heard a message (it seemed to issue from the Four Animals): "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, or three quarts of barley, but all the oil and wine you want."

7-8When he ripped off the fourth seal, I heard the fourth Animal cry, "Come out!" I looked. A colorless horse, sickly pale. Its rider was Death, and Hell was close on its heels. They were given power to destroy a fourth of the earth by war, famine, disease, and wild beasts.

9-11When he ripped off the fifth seal, I saw the souls of those killed because they had held firm in their witness to the Word of God. They were gathered under the Altar, and cried out in loud prayers, "How long, Strong God, Holy and True? How long before you step in and avenge our murders?" Then each martyr was given a white robe and told to sit back and wait until the full number of martyrs was filled from among their servant companions and friends in the faith.

For so long, I've wondered just where does the United States fit into the End Times prophecy, because for me, it has always been missing or is it simply just hidden within the text somewhere.

During my two week study into the End Times Bible Prophecy, I have a few beliefs of just where we might wind up if your interested.

This part of my study and blog postings has already dealt with my personal belief that the church and all it's believers have been raptured and the anti-christ is beginning to emerge onto the world. The anti-christ is the one referred to in the scriptures within Revelation 6: 1-11 listed above.

He will come as a man of peace that will later change into the most evil person and war, disease and famine will follow him as well as working with the false prophet who will be the spiritual or religious leader during the last days.

Revelation 19:20 "But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who had performed miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning sulfur."

The false prophet will create a one world religious system that works for everyone, Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, Protestants, believers, non believers, New Age and Occult people and those who want to make God into their own image or making. They will borrow from these previous religions all the things that work for everyone until they have their belief systems.

The anti-christ will push this new one world religion and will also change the global economic woes through the sophisticated, international I.D. system that will offer solutions to our economic concerns today.

Revelation 13:16-18 "He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is hte name of the beast or the number of his name. This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the man's number. His number is 666. "

The Bible has predicted the collaspe of the economies of the world. This new numbering system would allow people to buy and sell, and this would have been difficult to understand 100 years ago, but not with technology the way it is today.

Our current technology would allow this to become a reality. A single common currency has been the debate in the world for quite some time, yet no one country can figure out just which one they should go with. Yet a cashless society would work for all.

Let's look at how we are doing this now: debit cards, credit cards, fast pass credit cards, keyless ignitions in our vehicles, bar scans on products, microchips in dogs and cats, Onstar, GPS, cell phones and Iphones, as well as devices that can locate us using these devices is all now possible. Right now it could fit into a grain of rice but as technology improves, that may be even smaller.

There is even a current company called Verichip that is operating this very thing today:

On November 10, 2009, VeriChip Corporation (NASDAQ: CHIP) completed its acquisition of Steel Vault Corporation (OTCBB: SVUL) and formed PositiveID Corporation. In conjunction with the name change, PositiveID will begin trading under the new ticker symbol "PSID" on the NASDAQ effective November 11, 2009. For more information, please visit

VeriChip Corporation operates in two distinct businesses. Its VeriMed Health Link system rapidly and accurately identifies people who arrive in an emergency room and are unable to communicate. Its VeriGreen Energy subsidiary focuses on investment opportunities in the clean and alternative energy sector.

There is also the disturbing quote from WWII Belgian General,Paul Henry Spock in 1957 who said, "

"We need no commission, we have already too many. What we need is a man who is great enough to be able to keep all the people in subjection to himself and to lift us out of the economic bog into which we threaten to sink. Send us such a man. Be he a god or a devil, we will accept him."

So where does that leave the United States in reference to Bible prophecy since we know most of the major players already are there, Israel, Iran, Libia, Russia, China, Sudan, and even most of Europe. I believe we will not play a part in the end times prophecy and here are some of the possibilities of where we might wind up and thus not mentioned.

1. The entire country is destroyed by nuclear attack. We can't rule this out, or argue that its not possible or couldn't happen. Remember in yesterdays post, we read that 27,000 nuclear weapons exist in the world today, with rogue nations like North Korea or Iran threatening to use them, or even the thought that some terrorist organization could use them against us. Some many countries and groups do not favor the United States at all. I seriously hope this is not the reason that the United States is not mentioned in the End times prophecies.

2. We decline as a World Power. Nations have always risen and fallen throughout the Bible. In an St. Petersberg Times article dated on March 15, 2009, Mark Hitchcock claims the following:

"The nation's new president isn't the much-feared Antichrist of the book of Revelation. And America will not figure as a superpower in the end-of-the world toss-up.

Those are the opinions of Pastor Mark Hitchcock, author of about 20 books on the end times. His most recent bears the ominous title The Late Great United States, What Bible Prophecy Reveals about America's Last Days.

Hitchcock made his pronouncement during an interview in St. Petersburg, where hundreds gathered from 35 states and several countries for the 2009 International Prophecy Conference that featured among its speakers Tim LaHaye of the megaselling Left Behind series."

So it leads us to believe that something must happen to the United States that would reveal why we are not mentioned in Bible Prophecy regarding the end times.

The United States has been a super power for almost 233 years and counting where as previous nations have risen and fallen within the same time period such as Babylon Empire last 86 years, the Persian Empire has lasted 208 years, the Greece Empire lasted 268 years, Rome lasted 8 centuries, and the British Empire lasted 250 years. So look at where that leaves us with our current economic crisis, the decline of the US dollar and our own unemployment numbers.

3. A Great Revival Sweeps the Nation. I love this one the best. Revivals have happened historically and that if we are raptured like I believe before the tribulation period, and you consider the number of people living in the United States that claim they are born again, let's just say that number is roughly 50 million. How would it impact our current country to have 50 million people vanish in an instant?

So what can we do? Pray for our country and it's leaders like never before.

Let us reach out to a hurting world like never before and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need more John 3:16's than M16's. We need to get back to the true God of the Bible. God promises to bless us if we turn to him yet we are not and Christians even today are being the targets of that persecution more than any other religion.

2 Chronicles 7:14, "If my people who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I har from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

Who does God address is this passage of scripture, the non believer? No, the believer! God's people, His people. We are not living like we should, we are still living wicked lives and we need to turn from that and do His will even within the church today. God will see us and know our hearts!

So are you ready? Are you right with God? Do you know with absolute certainity where you are going when you die?

Stop making excuses, stop thinking you have all the time in the world, don't believe the lies that Hell is going to be one big huge party place for you and all your friends. It's not! It is not the place you or anyone you care about will want to wind up. Make the choice today and accept God as your Savior.

Lord Jesus,

Come into my life!
I know that I am a sinner!
I thank You for dying on the cross for me and rising again from the dead.
Now fill me up with Your Spirit and write my name in Your Book of Life,
and help me follow You all the days of my life.
Thank you that my sins are forgiven and that I am now going to heaven.
In Jesus Name I pray! ~ AMEN!

If you just prayed that prayer, you are a new creation and a believer in Jesus Christ. This is the reason for His delaying of the rapture of the church. You will now be part of that ultimate family reunion and I can't wait to welcome you when I see you!

Tune in tomorrow and see just what will happen to the world when Jesus comes back in the Second Coming.

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RCUBEs said...

"Who does God address is this passage of scripture, the non believer? No, the believer! God's people, His people. We are not living like we should, we are still living wicked lives and we need to turn from that and do His will even within the church today. God will see us and know our hearts!" Amen to this! As Christ's ambassadors, we are to reach out to those who are lost.

Revival! I pray the Lord will do so...Let it start in our hearts.

May many newcomers pass by here and really open His gift of salvation that you just shared. God bless and protect you sister. Blessings.

Parsley said...

I've understood the same, that the US will play an insignificant role, if any in the story of the end times. I've read some really interesting books on the topic lately so your posts of late have been on topic for me.

Keep on posting sister. Someone out there needs to hear.

Charlotte said...

You and your readers might enjoy watching the video teaching by Perry Stone that actually line up with scripture.

"The Day Lightning Makes the World Shut Down" (EMP)

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Wow, that is allot to take in. Very good post. I will pray.

Denise said...

Such a great post.

Thena said...

Awesome post. You are so right about the debit cards, credit, etc. People rarely use cash anymore. Also instead of id cards to enter certain corporations they use your thumbprint.

christy rose said...

These past few posts of your are awesome! I have never really thought of the US not being mentioned because of the possibility of so many people being absent from the rapture that we are not even a nation capable of any power at that time. Our country could easily just be taken over if so many people had vanished. That has stirred up my thoughts in this area.

Darcie said...

It is real to me after some studies in Isaiah the first few chapters and how they would bring offerings to God...but they were not the offerings that God requires,and it even mentions that they were a burden to God.

We need with the help of God to really search out our hearts and make sure we are living a life and bringing a life and heart before God that is acceptable. We have to be willing for his correction...judgment while his mercies are still new each morning. So much work to be done that we can't let our hands be idle.

Thanks again for this post!

LV said...

Thank you for a wonderful lesson on the scriptures that we had all better heed and practice.

KrippledWarrior said...

I tend to agree with Sir Isaac Newton's commentary on Revelation. "It was not intended to be used to forecast the coming end. But rather, so that man could know that God was in-charge when these things come to pass."
"The LEFT BEHIND" series, is just like "The Da Vinci Code." A very interesting read. But published under the heading "FICTION."

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing your faith - and the gospel message - so clearly and plainly. It does sadden me to think of the US not an important power (or non-exsistent) in the days ahead...but I do believe the Bible supports that - and, goodness, decisions being made even today in our government are certainly making that possible.

Certainly hope this post will give many reason to pause and consider - exactly where will I be during those horrible days?? (Praising the Lord, I KNOW I will be watching those events from Heaven...)

Glad to have "stumbled" across your blog today.

Mari said...

Very interesting post again! I pray that revival will happen in the US.

Catherine Anne said...

Very good post

Kelly L said...

Beautiful and powerful post.. WOW. What an amazing thing to have the entire US raptured together...

Love to you

Deb said...



Let's do what He has already commissioned us to do: Take the Good News of Jesus Christ to everyone in the whole world.

The lost need salvation. They need to know Jesus.

We do know Him.

But I don't think that I'm sharing Him the way that He wants me to.

Thank you for opening my eyes to the urgency that's all around us.

Sweet dreams.

He & Me + 3 said...

my dad has been speaking on the end times recently. It is so interesting to me. I want to ready myself for His return and do my part to share Jesus to those that are lost so they too are ready when Christ returns. Not long my friend...not long.

Just Be Real said...

Kat, another great post from you! Thank you for sharing the leading of your heart to share insightful thoughts! Revival is so much needed in the world, and the US especially! But, I too believe the US will diminish in its importance in the end times. We will not be the strong country any more.