Monday, January 18, 2010

Rain, Winners, 1940's Flashback, and Mea!

Today was one of the best days I've woken up to in a long time. For most people however, they are probably wishing for this storm to pass quickly and that good old fashioned California sunshine to return. Not me!

Guess I should be moving northward if I favor days like today. Gusty winds, heavy rains, and just safe and warm looking outside my windows at it all coming down. The heater is going because I don't want the fireplace to blow all the smoke back into the house with all the wind we are having. So the heater works fine. Great news is that for most of the week, (fingers crossed), this is going to last all week long. Can't you just see my smile? My mom, knows that on our worst stormy days, that I am smiling from ear to ear and enjoying each and every minute of it. Love you too mom!

So here is what I've been up to besides my End Times Bible Prophecy study which I've been posting about for the last few weeks.

Winner of the "Where Is God?" book giveaway goes to Jane at Jumpin in the Jungle! Congratulations Jane! Once I get your email for your mailing information, the book will be on it's way to you, with perhaps something special added! So please stop by and wish Jane congratulations and say Hi when you stop by to visit her blog.

Next is I wanted to share with you what we did yesterday. I've been meaning to have my oldest daughters pictures taken for quite some time, and since my brother is in the works for becoming the next major photographer we had him take some pictures.

He specializes in 1940's vintage pin up pictures and is also working on recreating that old Hollywood style classic pictures as well. So we had a blast spending the day having him take some amazing pictures of Caitlyn in authentic 1940's clothes and props. He even arranged for a makeup and hair lady to complete that authentic look. Here are just some of the looks he completed for us.

This is all authentic 1940's World War 2 Props with the Bomber Jacket, Boots, Parachutes, glasses and pilot hat. What do you think?

This is Caitlyn's classic picture in front of a parking meter!

Finally my favorite, looking like that old time Hollywood glamor and the dress is amazing!

So which one is your favorite? I love them all, and I'll post even more once he finishes uploading them and adding some more detail. If your interested in contacting him, you can email me and I can provide you prices and his studios information. Trust me, you'll love both the pictures, and the prices he charges!

Last update is on Mea, my 6 year old niece, who is struggling with her eyesight. Some good news and bad news. The good news is that her vision has improved to 20/40 with her glasses on in her bad eye.It was 20/60 but the doctors feel it isn't significant enough. Since it isn't 20/20 with her glasses on, she has to wear an eye patch for four hours each day (bad news), for the next 2 months on her weak eye.

She is so upset that she sees herself as different and doesn't want anyone to see her. It literally breaks my heart. She is truly such a precious angel and needs your prayers more now than ever that God will allow her to see herself as we all do and brilliant, amazing and so beautiful, patch or no patch. Please continue to lift her up in prayers and if you haven't done so already, please add her prayer button to your blog. I know her mom more than appreciates all your efforts and wanted me to pass along her thanks to all of you as well.


LV said...

Your son is doing a super job on making the photos. I like them all, but the old one is my favorite. You are a rare person that enjoys the rain and dreary weather. Not me. I love hot, sunny days. Looking forward to summer. I trust you are doing somewhat better. I truly hope so. Take care.

Rita said...

Kat, your brother did a supurb job on the photos. They are all great, but I especially love the glamourous Hollywood one. Looks like she must have been waiting for her feller to come take her to the dance! My mother hated the rain, but I think we need both the sun and the rain for the beauty of the world we live in.

Wendi said...

I am legally blind in my left eye. I remember having to wear a patch over my "good" eye while young. The hope was that it would force my left eye to function and improve my vision. It didn't work and I hated it. I remember poking in the patch so it would have to changed during the Flintsones. I know it was done in my best interest. I just don't think anyone realized how bad my eyesight was in my left eye at the time. I will pray that your niece has the patience and strength to deal with this. That is improves her vision and that those around her are kind.

The pictures are fantastic! I think the one with the parking meter is my fav.

Andrea said...

Caitlyn is gorgeous!! I love the 3rd picture, but the are all awesome!

I, too love the rain...I love to watch it fall and I especially love it when I am somewhere with a tin roof.

Congratulations to Jane!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

PS: I have been away from the blog for a few days. Hope you are feeling much better and have some answers where your health is concerned.

Amy said...

I am happy you are having a good day. I love the pics of your daughter. My favorite is the pilot one. Those are all fabulous.
Praying for your niece.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I will continue to Mea in my prayers. The pictures are wonderful. I'm not sure which one but I like the look in the first one allot.

Darcie said...

So much to comment in on one post.

Your brother takes some amazing pictures. Your daughter is beautiful Kat!

You and me would get along splendid...I love rainy days too! Nothing screams for a cozy blanket and good book like a rainy day.

Denise said...

Those pictures are all very awesome. I continue to lift your niece up in my prayers.

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Kat, I think the hollywood glamour shot is my fave, but they are all wonderful, your daughter is just stunning!

Will pray for Mea...God is watching and caring for her, it will all work out:)

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

Hi Kat, I adore the third picture. I definitely understand waking up and feeling like its a good day. I love rain storms as well. Hugggs I'm back

Unknown said...

Will Mea have to wear the patch during school or when she's at home? If she's at home, then the patch should be treated like a princess patch with beautiful colors where she feels like she is the glamor queen. (I know it's hard to have her make believe but kids that age are pretty good at it.) I will pray that she will adjust to the patch and know that it is a help instead of a hinderance.

Love, love, love the pictures. Great work and beautiful Caitlyn!

RCUBEs said...

Keeping your niece in prayer...May the Lord's healing, strength and protection cover Mea.

Your daughter is pretty! All pics I think are great on its own because every pic seemed to tell a story. Your bro. did a great job!

I love the rain, too. So refreshing. Praying that you're feeling better each day and becoming stronger and healed!!!God bless.

Beth E. said...

Your daughter is beautiful! All of the pics are wonderful, but my favorite is the first one. Your brother is a great photographer!

Praying for Mea...right now!

Rachel Beran said...

Wow, your brother is quite the photographer and your daughter is gorgeous...what a combo!! :) All the pics are cool, but the last one is my fave.

We usually like the weather we get the least of. Thankfully God made each of us different and gave us all kinds of weather to keep eveyrone happy. ;)

Prayed this morning for little Mea.

Rachel Beran said...

Wow, your brother is quite the photographer and your daughter is gorgeous...what a combo!! :) All the pics are cool, but the last one is my fave.

We usually like the weather we get the least of. Thankfully God made each of us different and gave us all kinds of weather to keep everyone happy. ;)

Prayed this morning for little Mea.

petrii said...

What BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! WOW!! They are all so good. I REALLY liked the bomber jacket one, but girl that last one is so glamorous. She is a beautiful girl!!

So glad to hear the good news about your niece, but so sorry about the patch. These next few weeks will be done before you know it.

Love you friend ~~ hope you are feeling well today,

KrippledWarrior said...

Great pics. The WWII bomber is my favorite. I have pictures of my uncle who was a top turret gunner on a B-17. His photo looks remarkably similar to yours.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is beautiful and your brother is a awesome photographer! I am so thrilled you found me and now I can visit you. Your blog is lovely and I feel at home here already.

I hope you'll visit my family blog as well!

christy rose said...

I am so glad to hear that you are having a good day. If it is rain and storms that make you happy, then I pray that the Lord just brings them on. And about Mea, that is wonderful that her sight is improving. Patching will probably continue to help. Both of my older girls wore glasses and patched a strong eye for the purpose of strengthening a weak eye. They went through self awareness with it all too. They do not have perfect eyes today at all. They wear contacts but they have jumped from self consciousness to a sense of beauty within themselves as they have grown up. I expect that to continue as they learn more and more how beautiful that they truly are in Christ.

I love, love, love the pics of Caitlyn! I love them all! But I think my favorite is the Hollywood glamor one!

Beth Herring said...

Loved all the pictures. Your brother is very talented!

Still praying for Mea.

Greg C said...

Those photos left me speachless. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. He (and she) both have a bright future.

Kat said...

Great pictures, Kat. Your Caitlyn is so lovely.


The other Kat

LisaShaw said...

Hi precious! Came by to love on you and to tell you I'm still praying for you.

Love the photos!! Great job!!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved the post and continue to pray for you....

SusanD said...

WOW! Those pics of Caitlin are awesome! Your brother is so talented. Thanks for sharing. Still praying here....for you there. Blessings, SusanD

Deborah Ann said...

WHOA!!! Those pictures are out of this world! Your brother has quite the talent! If I ever travel that way, I would love to have some made for my family.

I grabbed the button, and will join you in prayer for Mea...

Joyce said...

What fun pictures! I think the first one is my favorite...your daughter is lovely.

~*Michelle*~ said...

WOWSERS!!!!!! What a beauty!

I love them all....the first is my favorite. What an awesome concept in photography!

thanks for sharing.....

Edie said...

Beautiful pictures! Your son is a very good photographer. My grandpa was a flying tiger in WWII and he wore a hat that looked just like that. :)

Praying for Mea now. Even though she doesn't like wearing that patch now, it really will make a world of difference. She will be glad she did it later in life. I had lasik surgery and could only improve my bad eye from 20/400 to 20/60. A great improvement for me but even 20/60 is very blurry.

Loren said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Those pics are FABULOUS and I cannot wait to show jenna !! She always says she should have lived back in those days! She loves the hairstyles and clothing?? LOL

So sorry I have been away! Have missed you but praying for you everyday ~ I know you know that bc that's just how we are!!

Was so happy to hear you are having a good day ! Not surprised by your love of storms bc guess what!! I LOVE THEM TOOO :0) We truly are sisters huh!!!!

I love you Kat! Happy Friday

Lisa said...

I'm with you on the rain and storms -- LOVE IT! :)

Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and my favorite is also the 3rd photo.


Andrea said...

Dropping in to say: I MISS YOU and PRAYING you are not sick, again!
Hugs, love, and prayers,

Andrea said...

You have an award on arise 2 write.
andrea said...

How gorgeous!

Hope you are doing better my friend...

Joyce said...

Hi Kat...haven't seen you this week. Just checking in hoping you're okay.

Thinking of you...Joyce

LisaShaw said...

Hi there! I came back by to love on you and to tell you that I was praying for you today as the LORD was laying you on my heart.

You are loved!!!

Jane In The Jungle said...

oh Kat....I'm so sorry for Mea but will continue to pray for her to improve.
And those pictures are amazing!!!!!!