Monday, January 11, 2010


Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Here is hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend. For those of you snowed in, frozen solid or simply too cold for words, I hope you stayed warm, in front of a toasty fire and really enjoyed some quality family time.

Today is a simple update post since I have so much going on, I want to update all of you on everything.

1. My Health ~ I was great for about 5 days, no pain, no pain meds and then low and behold on Friday just after someone called and inquired and I actually told them I was doing better, come Friday afternoon, the pain came back. Thankfully I have an appointment today at 4pm PST and hoping to see just what my options are and what is really going on inside.

2. I want to congratulate Chel from Abiding Branch for winning the One Day Way Diet book. If you email me, I can get that off to you as soon as I can. Look for another giveaway this week for Where Is God? once I post that. Great book. I'll probably post it later today so make sure you enter to win.

3. Mea, my niece goes in this week for her eye exam and with so many of you praying for her, we are hoping that God blesses us with some wonderful news. We will know on January 13th, Wednesday so keep lifting her up in your prayers.

4. Steve's Mother is back in the hospital, her third time since I've first blogged about her for her heart arrhythmia again. Since she has diabetes, the doctors have been unable to perform an angiogram to detect what is going on with her rapid heart rate because of her kidneys operating at about 30%. Please pray that God will make this possible so they can figure out just what is going on. For now she remains in the hospital.

5. Kailee's birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks if any of you would love to send along a Birthday card to her, I know she would just love to get something in the mail. Simply email me and I'll send you our address. She is turning the big 11 on January 28th.

Thanks for you many continued prayers for our family and for me. I've definitely felt it over the last few weeks and know that even in the middle of the storm, God's healing waters are still washing over me.


Joyce said...

Hi Kat,

I'll be thinking of you and praying you get some answers with today's appt. Happy Monday!

KrippledWarrior said...

Hope that you feel better soon. And pray that you get some help and good news from the Doc. At least the weather here in SoCal is great.
Luv ya bunches,

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I pray they can get you up and running with no more pain. I will pray for you, your niece and MIL.

Andrea said...

Praying you get "answers" today and that GOD will heal your body. Also continuing to pray for Mea and Steve's mom!

Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Mich said...

prayers for you and your family

hope you have a beautiful week

Mari said...

I'm so sorry that the pain is back. Praying you get answers today. Praying for a good report for Mea and you MIL too!

Crown of Beauty said...

May God's healing touch continue to be felt as you go through this new season, dear Kat.

Congratulations to Kailee on her big 11 on the 28th. She's a blessed child to have parents like you!

And I continue to lift up Steve's mom...for peace, hope and joy to reign in her heart in the midst of what she's going through.

You are loved and appreciated!


christy rose said...

Thanks for the update on every thing that is going on, especially how you are feeling. I am glad that you had a couple of really good days. I pray that you have many more to come and that eventually you are completely free for whatever has brought so much pain.

Amy said...

Hope you get some answers at the doctor.

Denise said...

Praying over all of your prayer needs sweetie, love you.

Darcie said...

We are warming up SLOWLY in our corner of the world and did have a beautiful weekend. Thanks for asking.

Here is hoping that you were able to get some answers at the appointment today.

Jane In The Jungle said...

How did the appointment go?

And I would love to send Kailee a little something fun for her b-day...just send me the addy and her fave colors, the ones hse uses in her room!